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10 Places In Delhi NCR We Can't Wait To Revisit After The Lockdown

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 2, 2020 4 min read

In addition to being remarkably bored, and video calling our friends every chance we get, the current nation-wide lockdown also has us fondly reminiscing about the places we have frequented over the years. If you've grown up in Delhi NCR like I have, you probably have a cherished memory associated with different spots scattered across the city, the way I do. And while I can't speak on behalf of you, I for one, can't wait to revisit my favourite places in Delhi, the minute this lockdown ends and we are allowed to resume our normal lives. 


If you've spent the better part of this lockdown, making a mental checklist of all the best places in Delhi NCR you can't wait to go back to, we are here to lend some of our assistance. To help you finalise all your post-lockdown plans, along with a list of the things you look forward to, here's a round-up of all our favourite Delhi NCR spots we can't wait to revisit in the future. 



Image Courtesy - LBB


Hands down one of the most romantic places in Delhi NCR, we haven't been able to stop thinking about Diggin's stunning decor and set-up, and the relaxing vibe in the air, since we were told we have to part ways for a while. We can't wait to rush back to this popular Delhi NCR cafe, and click plenty of aesthetic Insta-worthy pictures, while gorging on delicious desserts, especially their mouthwatering Tiramisu! 





Image Courtesy - Minube


Honestly, Connaught Place should have been a whole separate feature on this list of places in Delhi NCR we will rush back to the moment we are allowed to. But if we had to choose one place in CP we miss particularly, it'd have to be the iconic Social Odeon. Abuzz with life during all hours of the day, Social Odeon has been our go-to spot to grab a cold one with the gang for several years. And suffice it to say, lockdown or not, there's no changing that! 




Image Courtesy - Media India Group


The hipster in us has been dying to get back to this whimsical cafe nestled in the crowd-favourite Champa Gali. Jugmug Thela's vintage tumblers filled to the brim with refreshing iced beverages, and the cobblestone pathways lit with beautiful fairy lights are two imageries that keep running through our minds, day in and day out. 




Image Courtesy - Behance


I didn't even need to say anything, the picture of their iconic blueberry cheesecake automatically popped into your head, didn't it? While we can't wait to go back to Khan in general, our nostalgic eyes are fixated on Big Chill and it's decadent dessert offerings. We are eagerly looking forward to a time we can sit on a rustic chair in Big Chill, surrounded by warm, amber interiors and the smell of freshly baked pies. 




Image Courtesy - Tripboba


If you're a live music enthusiast, you've probably visited this fairytale cafe in SDA at least a few times. Known for its soulful melodic evenings and incredible decor, Nukkad is one of our favourite cafes in Delhi for a pleasant, soothing time. We can't wait to spend an evening nodding along to the sweet tunes by the performer of the day, as we feast on some remarkably tasty North Indian preparations.  




Image Courtesy - Zomato 


Rose cafe was one of those Instagrammable cafes in Delhi we'd pay a visit to whenever we craved for something cosy, homely and comforting. This cutesy cafe tucked in the lanes of Saket boasts of chic, floral interiors, and a vibrant yet laid-back ambience round the clock. We especially miss the heavenly taste of their lasagna, home-cooked to sheer perfection. 





Image Courtesy - Delhi Planet


Puppychino has successfully proved its merit as one of the best dog cafes in Delhi, and we wholeheartedly agree. Our mind has been occupied with thoughts of our adorable four-legged friends at Puppychino who we haven't hung out with, in a while. We are just waiting for the green signal, and off we'll rush to Simba and his gang first thing! 




Image Courtesy - Lonely Planet


For some odd reason, the magic in this place only strikes us as more enchanting, as more time passes by since our last visit to this bar in Delhi. Known for its happening weekend nights, the countdown till we can groove to the catchy music at Summerhouse, and guzzle down drink after drink, has already begun in our heads. 





Image Courtesy - Justdial 


If you miss spending lovely evenings over delicious drinks on AMPM's utterly romantic rooftop, welcome to the club! Suffice it to say, this crowd-favourite rooftop bar in DLF Galleria continues to be on our need-to-visit-soon radar. I am especially looking forward to the first sip of their espresso martini after what felt like forever! 




Image Courtesy - Salt & Sandals 


Along with every single place in Sector 29. 



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