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10 Places In Bangalore We Can't Wait To Revisit After The Lockdown

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 3, 2020 4 min read

While I don't have the liberty to speak on behalf of you, the past few days have tempted me to do some outrageous things, just for the sake of having something exciting to do. While the current lockdown has paved the way for a much-needed pause for all of us, it's also re-introduced us to the feeling of mind-numbing boredom. 


After all, working from home, and resting from home, and basically living your entire life from home can get real monotonous real quick. And before you know it, you've learnt exactly what to expect from all your days, that begin to blend into one another. Okay, stop. What you need right now, is a mixture of hope and distraction. And what better way to get just that, than to mentally revisit our favourite spots in the city? 


So to help you finalise your post-lockdown plans STAT, here's a round-up of the best places in Bangalore we are heading back to the minute we get the green signal! 



Image Courtesy - Shout Lo 


If Bangalore is the hub for pubs and start-ups, Toit can be held accountable for the first bit in the city's reputation. Known for its yummy freshly brewed beer that comes in a wide variety of equally enticing flavours, we can't wait to resume our post-work drink ritual at Toit in Indiranagar! 



Image Courtesy - LBB


Popularly known as one of the best breakfast spots in Bangalore city, A Whole Lotta Love boasts of warm interiors, flavoursome dishes, and the smell of old books in the air. We are yet to come across pancakes as decadent as the banana chocolate ones at this popular cafe in Bengaluru, and that's exactly what we are ordering the minute we step foot again. 




Image Courtesy - Christmas Holiday Season


If there's one specific imagery that has helped us get through these days of isolation, it's been that of a crazy Saturday night spent with our best buds at Byg Brewski. With magnificent interiors and exteriors alike, the already evident charm of this place comes especially alive on weekends when the younger crowds of Bangalore come out to party. 



Image Courtesy - Nagarjuna Restaurants 


Okay, we are salivating just as the thought of getting our hands (and eager mouths) on Nagarjuna's iconic South Indian thali again. One of the best restaurants in Bangalore for when you're craving scrumptious food, but don't want to spend a fortune, Nagarjuna will always be our random Thursday dinner with the family spot. 



Image Courtesy - Hungry Forever  


Rustic charm, a laid-back atmosphere, and a rack full of books to scan through, DYU Art Cafe, nestled in the quaint streets of Koramangala has everything we love, and more. This gorgeous Portuguese style villa converted into an open, vintage cafe, houses some of our best memories in the city, and the thoughts of their mouth-watering pasts have been swarming incessantly in our heads. 




Image Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle


Hands down, the best place in Bangalore for some pocket-friendly mid-week beer binging, Bob's Bar in both Indiranagr and Koramangala, is the go-to hangout spot for many a group of close friends. And when you consider the reasonable menu, the magical open-air interiors, and the accompanying refreshing Bangalore breeze, it becomes starkly clear why. 



Image Courtesy - Whatsup Life 


We know Bangalore is littered with an array of charming book cafes, but Dialogues takes the cake for being the most whimsical. One step into Dialogues, and you are transported to a magical world of words, poetry and meaningful solitude. Besides, their unique order anything from the kitchen system is enough to have us running back. 



Image Courtesy - Trover


Unique cocktails, delightful brews, and a mesmerising dining experience all await our return to the crowd-favourite Arbor Brewing Company on Brigade Road. Every weekend this place transforms into a giant happening party, and we haven't been able to stop craving a sip of their truly lit LIIT. 




Image Courtesy - Pinterest


Our top pick for when we are feeling a tad fancy, Shiro is an opulent Japanese restaurant by day and an insane party spot by night. The stunning interiors will leave you star-struck, and we strongly suggest you give Shiro's crispy Sushi a try the next time you visit. Needless to say, you'd have trouble staying away after that the way we do now! 


Image Courtesy - Booking


Nope, no fancy words for this one. I just can't wait to run to Empire at 3 AM for a last-minute pack of cigs, and a plate of steaming Dosas, again. 

It's so close...I can almost taste it! 

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