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Head For A River Rafting Adventure In India

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

River rafting is one of the amazing adventure sports which really attract a lot of adventure seekers and even the people who are not much into sports with its thrill and jouissance. India has a lot of rivers and water bodies but not all offer you the pleasure of experiencing this amazing water sports but we bring some amazing places where you can easily take the opportunity to have a lifetime experience of river rafting.



The course goes through the extravagant Spiti Valley, the rafting are begins from Paldhar’s Plain at Kiatoe which is a short distance away. Spiti River Rafting has Grade 2 and 3 rapids which will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. You'll witness the beauty of the town area and icy masses in Himachal as a treat to your eye. You'll be covering 180km starting from Tuting to Pasighat. The endpoint is Sumdo, one can spend at least 6 days in the river.

Best Time To Visit
- May To October
How To Reach - Shimla is the closest railroad station. One can employ taxis & Jeeps to reach Spiti. Transports are also accessible to the destination from the station


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If you want to be a part of an extraordinary and extremely challenging river rafting experience then this is the place for you. Toms River offers 10 km of distance to be covered while rafting, the river flows through the remote areas urges the tourist in you to explore the real beauty of flora and fauna in Uttarakhand. You'll be rafting through exciting Class 2 and 3+ rapids, you'll witness beautiful scenery as you negotiate the river. River Rafting level is moderate which is consistent in most of the place when considering to go for river rafting in India.

Best Time To Visit - Apr-Jun, Oct-Dec
How To Reach - Drive from Delhi to Dehradun from there to Tons River Camp - Approx. 5 hr 30 minutes away from Delhi.



Southern Indian always has enough to trigger the adventure junkie in you, similarly, the Barapole river that flows through Coorg offers a mindblowing and challenging river rafting experience. This river has two parts - the upper and the lower section wherein the upper part has Class 4-5 rapids while the lower one has Class 6-7 rapids. It offers up to 150km of distance to be covered by rafting. It's one of the best place in South for best river rafting in India.

Best Time To Visit - Feb to November
How To Reach - It's located 80kms away from Madikeri, one can take a taxi or jeep to reach the rafting area.


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Kameng river is another beautiful river that offers the immense pleasure of river rafting to people. While river rafting in Kameng, you will never drain out of the constant thrill that keeps increasing with every km covered. This river has the capabilities to fill a person with an extraordinary exhilaration while passing through scenic views. It offers a moderate level of river rafting with class 4 rapids. You'll be covering a distance of 25km while rafting.

Best Time To Visit - November to March 
How To Reach - Nearest railway station is Guwahati and the nearest airport is Tezpur and Guwahati from there one can take the land route which is 220 kms away from Tezpur.


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North East has been a treat to our eyes offering us with a number of scenic views but nothing beats the thrilling experience of rafting in the Lohit River. This less-known river has more than just scenic views to offer as you'll experience Moderate level of Class 4 rapids here which is enough to give you an adrenaline rush. You'll be covering a distance of almost 100kms

Best Time To Visit - November to March
How To Reach - The closest railway station is Harmuti in Assam which is 55kms away from Itanagar from where you can take a regular taxi and reach the Lohit river.


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It offers a short distance but worthy enough to experience the real thrill of river rafting while cover 10km in the Kundalike River. Monsoon season is the perfect time to be a part of this adventure sport. This river is sustained by the Mulshi Dam Project. The level of difficulty is quite challenging. It's not just the north region which has magnificient rivers for rafting but also places like Maharashtra and Coorg offer beautiful flowy river to experience the real thrill of river rafting in India.

Best Time To Visit - June To October
How To Reach - From Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, you can get trains to Aurangabad, Amravati, Kolhapur, Nashik, Nagpur, Pune, & so forth through railroad stations



River rafting is a popular adventure sport in Ladakh. If you want to enjoy the majestic view of the mountains while gushing through the waters, then river rafting in Indus River is the perfect challenging sport you need to indulge in. Indus River supports Grade 1 to Grade 5 which is ideal for beginners as well as professionals. Witness scenic views of monasteries and hills as you raft your way through the mesmerizing river

Best Time To Visit - June to September
How To Reach - Ladakh locates 435 km from Srinagar & 495 km from Manali. One can travel by road to Manali from Delhi as well.



The level for river rafting in Kullu-Manali river is quite Basic – Grade I and III Rapids. You'll be covering the distance fo approximately 14kms while witnessing the scenic beauty of Kullu-Manali. You'll be sailing on the stretches of river Beas which is a breath-taking experience in itself. Experience river rafting at it's best in Manali as scenic landscape views will leave you awestruck for sure.

Best Time To Visit - 1st January till 31st December (except 15th July - 15th September)
How To Reach - It's easy to reach Manali as it's easily accessible by Road, Air, and Rail. The nearest metro station would be Joginder Nagar which is 50km away. Bhuntur is the nearest airport from Manali. 



The rafting area - Padum to Nimmo covers a distance of 120 kms, it offers challenging rapids of Grade 3 and 4. Raft through the icy cold water and mesmerizing surroundings for an unforgettable mystifying experience. The waterway guides into Zanskar and gradually streams past the capital at Padum. Zanskar is home for adventure sports lovers as it's perfect for a trek in winters and rafting in summers. Missing out on the thrill of Zanskar River will definitely leave an empty spot in your checklist.

Best Time To Visit - June to September
How To Reach - Leh is the closest air terminal at a distance of approximately 115 km. Flights from Jammu, Delhi, and Srinagar connect Leh via air every day.

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Q: What are the precautions to keep in mind when going for river rafting?
A: Choose a licensed and professional rafting outfitter, Wear a Flotation device, Follow the commonds and proper swimming techniques and remember holding the paddle properly. Wear comfortable clothing - refrain from wearing a saree or skirt. Carry a bathing suit, or quick dry clothes, Sunglasses with retainers, sturdy footwear and avoid cotton clothing.
Q: What is the age limit for river rafting in India?
A: 14 years is the age limit for river rafting in India.

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