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10 Places You SHOULDN'T visit in India During Monsoon Season

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

India remains hot most part of the year which is why we wait for monsoon to arrive so that we can travel to lush green lands and witness the scenic landscapes of South India and North Eastern India. Although monsoon is the most desirable time for travel, there're a few places which one must avoid as they become unsafe due to heavy rainfall. Keep the following places in mind: 


1. Mumbai

The charm of the city starts to fade away as the heavy rainfall causes floods in several parts of the city. Traveling from one corner to another in this ever bustling place becomes near impossible, thereby making it a bad choice to visit during the monsoon. One wouldn't be able to get out of their accommodation without getting drenched in rain, let alone enjoy the beauty of the maximum city. Mind you, the rains here are not your usual rains, they are non-stopping.


Best time to visit: November-February


2. Uttarakhand

As pretty as Uttarakhand it, it is highly advisable NOT to visit the state during monsoons. It is considered to be one of the country's most flood-affected areas, especially after the disastrous floods there in 2013. Landslides causing heavy destruction in the area makes it a dangerous choice to go during the monsoon. Not only that the Linking roads gets blocked at times and commuting then is a big NO. There have been certain incidents of cloudbursts as well which have been recorded in the past which makes the situation chaotic and force travelers to halt the travel.


Best time to visit: March-June


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3. Cherapunji 

Already the wettest place on earth, Cherapunji is a really bad idea if looking to travel during the monsoons. You might think how would 'monsoon season' make any difference in a place like Cherapunji which is fed with rains throughout the year anyway! But it does because of the frequency and intensity of rainfall which increases during the monsoon, making it a bad choice for your travel. Not only so, but the town also faces acute shortage of water and the locals have to travel a great distance in search of fresh water. 


Best time to visit: September-January


4. Assam

Another spectacular state in the northeastern region which gets heavily drenched during the monsoon, thereby making it difficult for anybody to step out and travel. Thunderstorms known as Bordoicila are very common in Assam causing heavy rainfalls - clogging most of the routes. The heavy showers often lead to landslides and localities gets flooded leading to major waterlogging which makes it difficult for even locals to manage. Why put yourself in such a situation? Monsoon season should definitely be ignored as much as possible.


Best time to visit: November-March


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5. Orissa

Orissa is known to be highly flood-prone area anyway and the risks are even higher during the monsoon. Hence, we'd say avoid visiting this place during this time. We don't mean to scare you but there were a number of deaths caused by floods due to the coastal area, heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms which took away several lives along. We recommended not visiting Orissa during monsoons - waterclogged roads are definitely not welcoming.


Best time to visit: November-February


6. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a beautiful place but faces severe roadblocks when it rains heavily. This hinders the joy of scenic tourist attractions which makes it pointless to visit the place during monsoon. Crazy Traffic, Sudden Landslides, Blocked Routes are definitely the right reasons to stop you from travelling to Darjeeling, foggy weather also makes driving difficult in the hills. It's better to be safe than sorry as Darjeeling is prone to landslides.


Best time to visit: October-March


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7. Sikkim

Although Sikkim's scenic beauty fascinates everyone but rains make roads terrible to step out and therefore, the monsoon is a bad time to visit this north-eastern state. It's skeptical to believe but Yes, Sikkim experiences water-shortage and drought despite the monsoon rains so one can imagine how bad it can get visiting a place already struggling their survival amentities. Pick a different destination as double the tourists - double the struggle it takes for them to cope up with such issues.


Best time to visit: March-May or October and Mid-December


8. Chennai

From July to September, the city is drenched in rains, making it a bad call for you to travel to Chennai during the season. The city gets flooded during the monsoon is Chennai. The traffic makes it extremely difficult to visit any of the tourist attractions. VisitChennainnai during monsoons will be all about relaxing in your accommodation. 


Best time to visit: November-February


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9. Amboli

Amboli is a hill station in the Sahyadri range, which is known for receiving the highest annual rainfall in Maharashtra. The hill station is surrounded by thick forests, numerous waterfalls and steep valleys, and hence receives incredibly high rainfalls of 750 CM. Also known as the 'Queen of the Hills', it receives the highest rainfall in the month of July and August. In terms of yearly rainfall, it comes at the 5th position in the category of the highest rainfall in India. There are chances of landslides due to which traveling here is not advisable during rains.


Best Time To Visit - December To Febuary


10. Goa

As much as you would like to experience Goa during rains, we would suggest you not to do so because almost all the beaches are flooded with high tides. It is life threathning to swim on the beaches during the season. Not only that, all the water activities are closed here as well. There will be no shacks, no flea markets and definitely no water sport. It would be a pure waste to head to the city during monsoons.


Best Time To Visit - October to March


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Q: Which are the best places to visit in Monsoons in India?

A: Agumbe, Karnataka, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, Lahaul, Andaman – Nicobar Islands.


Q: Which are the wettest months in India?

A: July to September


Q: What are the essentials for surviving monsoons in India?

A: Waterproof shoes, rain cover for bags, umbrella, rain coat and light fabric clothing which can dry easily.


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