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10 Best Places For Mountain Biking In India For A Thrilling Adventure

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

Mountain biking is another adventure sport that can definitely take your earth away with off-road cycling experiences. Mountain biking is not much of a difficult sport but if you don't know how cycle then it can be a tough thing for you. You basically have to ride your bicycle at rough off-road terrain that is adventurous yet a bit dangerous if you take it too casually or don't know how to ride a bicycle. Here we have some places in India for an amazing mountain biking experiences. 


Manali is also popularly known as the "mountain biking capital" it offers various types of riding experiences as per the need of the rider at its beautiful mountain range. It has all the kind of terrains for the riders who want big mountain riding or the ones who want challenging climbing ride and a lot more like that. It is also the destination for the riders who want to go on the long ride to the leg Ladakh for some extraordinary experiences of mountain biking

Best time to go mountain biking in Manali: June – September




Leh is very popular among all the sort of riders all over the world. It has some breathtaking mountain terrains to thrill the riders and give them a beautiful experience in mountain biking. It has some exemplary mountains that attract a lot of free riders to test their riding skills on the terrains of the Himalayan range. Riding in leh also gives you an immense pleasure of visiting the highest motorable range "KhardungLa" and also various beautiful picturesque landscapes etc. The amazing biking experiences of Leh has attracted a lot of famous riders like Andi Wittmann, Kelly McGarry, etc. to get along with their bikes to experience the mountains here. If you ever travel to leh then try coming by road, and it will be ; it's experience for you

Best time to go mountain biking in Leh: June – September



Uttarakhand is a little world of its own in India which is full of mountain trails within. One of such is in the Pindari glacier of Uttarakhand which offers you an extraordinary experience of mountain biking with some exceptional terrains to ride on. This glacier is found in the upper regions of the Kumaon Himalayas which is another element that gives it the Himalayan beauty and charm of nature. Tracy Mosely has also visited this place for biking with her whole crew to experience the exemplary capabilities of the region. Though you can always go biking on your own, the place offers you professional bikers for making the hunt easier for you. 
Best time to go mountain biking in Pindari: October-February 


There is nothing better than biking in the arms tea plantation and greenery. Munnar situated in Kerala offers you an opportunity to ride through the terrains of the tea vegetation on the beautiful mountains of south India. It is a complete bliss for the bikers to experience pleasurable mountain biking along with the allure of the mother nature. 

Best time to go mountain biking in Munnar: September-March



Located 6 hours away from Bangalore this place attracts a lot of bikers to ride on the beautiful trails of Coorg. If you love all mountain terrains, then this is the best place in India for you to visit if you are a die-hard biker. You can also visit nearby villages for extremely beautiful coffee farms and beautiful ladies as well. So all the mountain bikers who are dying for a blissful mountain biking experiences. 
Best time to go mountain biking in Coorg: June-September

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However difficult the name of the place must sound this is one of the most less challenging Mountain biking itineraries in India where you don’t have to be an expert mountain biker. Thango offers a truly a fascinating and awesome view of the Sikkimese Himalayas, and you'll love each and every second of your journey through the mountains of Thango. The best time to experience the track and trail mountain biking in Thango is during March-May or October-December.places-mountain-biking-india

Best time to go mountain biking in Thangu: March-June



Mountain biking in Gharwal is all about long downhill rides to steep uphill climbs. During this trial, you'll be looking at the beautiful views of the Himalayas and remote mountain villages. Gharwal mountain biking would be a mix of adventure and visiting some of the most prominent Himalayan pilgrimage spots of the country.places-mountain-biking-india

Best time to go mountain biking in Gharwal: March-August



About 100 km from Bhalukpong, Bomdila is at the entry point of Western Arunachal Pradesh. You'll see the panoramic settings of the lofty ranges of the eastern Himalayas while enjoying the mountain biking in this small town on the mountain slope. Bomdila is a destination which is known for its scenic route along with its historical Buddhist monasteries and apple orchids. It also attracts the adventure sports seeker with its numerous trekking trails.places-mountain-biking-india

Best time to go mountain biking in Bomdila: March-June



Any adrenaline junkie must know that Darjeeling is one the best destinations for mountain biking in India. Darjeeling is situated comfortably at the height which is more than 6,800 ft which is why it is one of the best cycling routes in India since it has some beautifully contoured and winding roads, some are just dirt trails. Due to these reasons, Darjeeling is a growing interest in both locals and tourists.places-mountain-biking-india

Best time to go mountain biking in Darjeeling: September-March



The route in Pondicherry is a verdant paradise that any environment loving biker will dig. There are cloud forests, rainforests and the usual lush marvels that South India affords its visitors and which makes the landscape constantly evolving. This place is a wonderland for the scenic view and best route, either way, it's a guaranteed treat.places-mountain-biking-india

Best time to go mountain biking in Pondicherry: November-February

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Hop on your bike and go through these best mountain biking destinations in India.



Q - What is the magnetic hill in Leh-Ladakh?

A - Magnetic Hill is a gravity hill located near Leh in Ladakh, India. The hill is alleged to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill and force passing aircraft to increase their altitude to escape magnetic interference; in reality, the effect is an optical illusion created by the gravity hill.


Q- What is the altitude of Leh-Ladakh?

A - 3,500 m

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