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A Party That Moves With You Through The CIty Only At Delhi's Pie Pub Crawl!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 6, 2019 4 min read

An Unconventional Party That Keeps On Moving!

Ever thought of partying on the move? What about bar-hopping with a bunch of interesting strangers? That too, with a lit bus as the craziest party venue? No? Boy, do we have some news for you! 



What Is A Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a unique running party which involves a group of folks hopping across multiple pubs in one night, usually commuting in a party bus or any other accommodating vehicle. This group of party fanatics dash through the city in one night, with the primary objective of having a set number of drinks at each pit-stop! Picture a road-trip with a group of intriguing individuals, and throw copious amounts of alcohol into the mix, and there you have a typical pub-crawl! 



But, Do We Have Pub Crawls In India? 

A pub crawl is inherently a Western concept, that many enthusiasts have tried to inculcate in India. But there is an organising team whose efforts to bridge the crawl gap in India's nightlife scenes stand apart from the rest. 


Delhi duo Aditya Kaushik and Nitesh Punihani started a social media community to put together groups of party enthusiasts who were enamoured by the concept of a pub crawl. What is now known as Pie Pub Crawl, is self-owned group instituted and nurtured with the sole objective of diversifying Delhi's nightlife events. Spurred on by the lack of awareness within the Indian party community with regard to sensible drinking and pub culture, Pie Pub Crawl has made its mission to organise periodic small, moderate, as well as massive pub crawls in and outside Delhi. 



How Did It All Start? 

With the idea in place and subsequent keen efforts to execute it in the best way possible, Pie Pub Crawl came into existence in the 1st half of 2017. Aditya and Nitesh organised their very first pub crawl on 14th July 2017, and suffice it to say, there has been no looking back since.


In the past two years, this enterprising duo has managed to orchestrate several close-knit crawls, some based on a theme like Halloween or New Year along with a few massive crawls comprising of more than 50 individuals split into two groups. In the process of changing the party landscape of Delhi and the country at large, Aditya and Nitesh managed to generate curiosity amongst the people and establish a cohesive community that drinks together, parties together and crawls together! 



What Makes Pie Pub Crawl Different? 

  1. Complimentary drinks, snazzy pub venues, a funky party bus and fun with fellow party aficionados at all-inclusive, cheap rates
  2. Most authentic pub crawl experience offered in the territory of Delhi NCR 
  3. Frequent periodicity of the crawls, so there's another chance always waiting! 
  4. Special festival theme-based crawls like Halloween and New Year 
  5. Interesting dress codes and plenty of opportunities to get clicked in your #ootd




What Can I Expect From Pie Pub Crawl? 


If You Are A Party-Lover 

  • Gathering, travelling and interacting with diverse party-goers 
  • Visits to the best pubs in town 
  • Complimentary drinks and additional discounts 
  • A groovy party bus for commuting and other purposes 
  • Special party elements like an onboard tattoo artist 


If You Are A Pub Owner 

  • Large crowds of customers at one go 
  • Generating a substantial chunk of business within a limited period of time
  • Free brand promotion 
  • Recognition for newly opened outlets and bars




How Can I Get In Touch?

For more information on prices, dates and other details, you can reach out to Pie Pub Crawl on: 



Phone Number: +919953148452 (Nitesh)/ +918860276202 (Aditya)

E-Mail ID:

So, now that you know about this unconventional party scene, all that's left for you to do is get in touch with the organisers and sign yourself up! See you on the move!


Q. How many complimentary drinks do we get?

A.  Your one-time charge for the crawl is inclusive of 7 complimentary drinks. 


Q. How big are the crawl groups on an average? 

A. On an average, each crawl group comprises of 20-25 individuals.


Q. How often are these pub crawls organised? 

A. A crawl is organised once every month. 


Q. Are there any special offers for couples or groups? 

A. Since the pub crawl is already a budgeted event, there are no additional offers. 


Q. Are stags allowed? 

A. Yes! Stags are more than welcome. 


Q. Is there a dress code?

A. Occasionally, a dress code is prescribed for some of the crawls. 


Q. Is the Pie Pub Crawl safe for women? 

A. Absolutely. The organisers scan every profile carefully and conduct a thorough background check before taking any bookings. 

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