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Acquire The Fashion Obsession With These Date Worthy Dressing Hacks For Men

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 3, 2020 7 min read

You Can Have Anything In Life If You Dress For It - By Edith Head - I Added - Especially That Everlasting First Impression On Your Date!


Dressing up sharp, pressed, crisp & clean is as essential an element of your dating game as is choosing the venue, coming up with great conversations and anything pivotal to expressing your love. Even if you're one of those who hardly pay any heed to your physical presence, this occasion calls for a reason to dress up good. 


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For the lovely ladies among, there can be a plethora of options to choose from, but when it comes to the handsome hunks among, we restrain to the same old things in our wardrobe. And that can be better, by choosing the right colours and combinations to go with.



Flair Them Hair

Long wavy hair look good, but when riding a bike without a helmet, and which is potentially life-threatening as well. On a date, you wouldn't want to compete with the beautiful lady sitting across, and hence trimming up is one of the best things to go with. Short hair look cute and completely organised all day long and you won't have to worry about them through the day as well, the cut keeps em in place. You have a round-shaped face, an oval or with a "V-finish" jawline, it goes well with almost every kind of shapes.


Image Courtesy: Short Hairstyles


And even if you have long hair and you don't wish to cut them for a date, then tie them up perfectly, use a little hair gel or wax to complete the look, we know that a man-bun would look equally astonishing with a chic casual look that you'll go with today.


Shirts That Flirt

Choosing the perfect shirt is an art, there may be that black shirt that you wear almost everywhere and that looks good as well, but you would need to ditch the choice this once. Go for something bright instead, a T-shirt would work just as fine if the colours do justice to it. So choose a shade of whites or those pastel colours that go well with almost everything you through beneath. Tuck it in or keep it out, the colour would work wonders. 


Image Courtesy: Luca Faloni


Also, keep one thing in mind to not experiment with the style or type of shirts you usually wear. Choosing something offbeat and new does not always do the trick. You need to keep it subtle and go for something tried and tested for your body type. A little variation like choosing a mandarin collared option is still fine, but changing the shape to slim fits and body-hugging options can sincerely ruin the entire look and your comfort level. 


Delve In The Denim

Yeah, you'll be going with a pair of nice denim jeans today. They are comfortable, go with every colour and they never go out of the fashion trend. Chinos and pants can work just as fine, but you may not feel as confident as you would in a pair of jeans. So don't, just stick to the jeans and put the best foot forward at your date.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Go for a washed-out option if you can't find anything else, and try sticking to shades of blue, they are the safest bet at pairing up with any other colour. Also, choose not to try those ripped, torn and worn out ones, they do look cool, but not on every occasion. On dates, you need to put yourself across as a mature yet fun to be with kind of person, and a pair of casual jeans would work just as fine, not ripped.


Boots To The Roots

Shoes can make or break your impression at any given point. And you can't afford to go out on a date without them, slippers, loafers, slip-on shoes, just keep miles away for those when dressing up for a date. Instead, go for a nice pair of boots if you happen to have them in your wardrobe, brush off any dirt or dust, give them a nice clean-up and you're good to go. But still, the trick lies in keeping things comfortable and eventually making you confident about yourself. So if you feel a pair of sneakers or those nice running shoes is what you are comfortable in, then go ahead with those. Just make sure that those are clean enough to be worn. 


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One of the coolest things you can do is replacing the shoelaces with new ones. It won't cost much but would bring out the entire look of your shoes. Getting them clean from the professionals would also help for not much money to be paid. 


Layering Up

Jackets add so much oomph to your entire look. Worn over a white shirt or a tee, or even above those pastel hues, a great denim jacket would complete the look. Layering up is the key to looking cool and Zippers line up at the front while you need options for the same. Choose those dark colours if not a denim jacket, but do not go with anything loud or bright. Contrasting the shirt is the key when choosing a layer of jacket above. 


Image Courtesy: D Marge


Just make sure to ditch the jacket if it's not needed for the weather outside. You'll look like you've gone way beyond the need while dressing up. 


Accessorize Your Way To Cool

Accessories are like those touch acts which make your personality shine out, but again, overdoing it and loading up on the bling is not suggested. So instead, just go with a cool watch, a sturdy wrist gear or a bandana for those long hair if you can carry it. Sunglasses would work just as fine, as far as it's bright sunny outside. 


Image Courtesy: My Epic Deals


If you don't feel comfortable for such things, and if you've never gone with anything as such, then don't. Your attention is to be entirely on her and not on anything you wear, so skip accessorizing if you've not done it before.  


There are no specific ground rules to dressing up for a date, but feeling comfortable in whatever you wear. There's no trick apart from wearing something that makes you feel confident. And only when you feel comfortable and are confident, can you think about anything else. For the rest is on luck and your overall personality that makes for a perfect date. 


Things To Keep Miles Away From


Carefree Hoodies

See, your outfit portrays the amount of effort you put into the date, and a hoodie is something more than just casual, it's being effortless at dressing up. Instead, if you need to put on something warm, go for a jacket and layers beneath. 


Image Courtesy: Presspia


Loud Patterns

Loud and crazy patterns do grab attention, but for all the wrong reasons. And choosing not to go with these won't make your look boring and dull, but classy and worthy. So choose something plain and mildly patterned if you're really into those. 


Image Courtesy: Mr Porter


Suffocating Ties 

Dates are supposed to be eased up moments and ties speak contradictory to it. Until your date is right after your office, don't go with a tie. Even if it is, then remove it before heading out.  


Image Courtesy: Bolt Threads


Useless Hats OR Caps

Hats and caps are for specific places and outdoor sports, you sure won't be going on a trek or for a polo match to need a hat or a cap on your date and so just leave the idea at home. Simply go with the new haircut you can get for a much lesser price-tag.


Image Courtesy: GQ




Q. What is more preferable for a date, a deodorant or a perfume?

A. Well, they both serve a different purpose altogether. Deodorants are for those who sweat a lot and perfumes make for that fragrance you need to put on. While on a date, you surely won't be sweating as much, and hence going for perfume is prefered.


Q. Would twining my outfit with the girl's work well?

A. See, dressing up is something personal and twining with your date is preferential to many. So if the two of you think it to be a good idea, then go for some contrasting themes for each other.  


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