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We Tried Paul Penders' Natural Skincare Products!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 19, 2020 4 min read

Sometimes I honestly think my skin has a mind of its own. Just the other day, I found myself desperately scrounging around for an ultra-hydrating lotion, to fight the sudden dryness winter introduces my skin to. Which reminded me that not too long ago, I was looking for the lightest tinted moisturiser so I don't sweat profusely throughout the summer season. You see what I mean? One moment, my skin is so clear, I want to take a hundred selfies just to document the occasion. The very next day, some 5 random pimples appear out of nowhere. So, when it comes to skincare, is there any winning at all? 


For the longest time, I thought the response to that question is a very big no. Until, of course, I paused mid-product-application to seriously look at what I choose to put on my skin. The answer was chemicals, an assortment of unknown chemicals. In the process of treating my dark spots or my under-eye circles, I was bringing other kinds of concerns to my share of skin woes, by applying one supposedly promising chemical after another. It's not hard to see how that approach can go wrong. Don't be mistaken, I still wanted to treat my skin and practice good skin care habits. But I also didn't want ingredients I don't know the purpose of, or can't even pronounce the names of, to be absorbed by my skin on a regular basis. 


And that kids, is how I met my preference for natural products. It's been a long-standing love affair, one that has stood the test of time, age, and even expired makeup. I've come to adore products that not only make my skin look good but also feel great. And those that harness the best of all-natural ingredients to do so. Did you say rosemary, lavender, tea tree oil or shea butter? Well, count me in! 


Somewhere along this natural beauty journey, I discovered the brand of Paul Penders. I'll be absolutely honest here, it's a brand I had been meaning to take a gander at for quite some time. But somehow, ended up never getting around to actually doing it. So naturally, pun intended, when Paul Penders took the plunge on my behalf, and sent a bunch of products over for me to try, it was like all my lucky stars had miraculously aligned.


Okay, enough poetry. I know you're interested in the verdict, so that's exactly what I shall give. Let's get on with it? 


1. Paul Penders Rosemary & Calendula Cleansing Milk 

I decided to put this product through a daunting test. I wanted to see if it would be able to clean up a full face of heavy makeup. So following the instructions, I poured some of the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and proceeded to swipe across my face. Now, I use some pretty heavy duty kohl and the rest of my makeup is also smudge-proof, so I wasn't expecting any of it to be gone at once. But I was left feeling pleasantly surprised because most of it truly was. Above all, my skin felt really soft and refreshed, and the subtle aroma of rosemary was utterly delightful to the senses! I also used it a couple of more times, just to see how it felt on bare skin. And after each usage, my face was visibly cleaner and somehow more toned. 




Paul Penders Cleansing milk

Image Courtesy - magicpin


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2. Paul Penders Lavender Body Lotion

As I said earlier, as much as I love the season of winter, it usually isn't too kind to my skin. So this was the perfect time for me to find this product in the mail. And the only word I can use to sum up my experience with this one, is impressive. I'm very averse to moisturisers that leave too sticky a residue behind, and this lotion successfully ticked off the checkbox in that department. Another reason behind why I loved this lotion, is that it's extremely hydrating. Many lotions I've used, tend to get absorbed to quickly and my skin goes back to being dry. But the hydrating effect of this one lasted a solid couple of hours after application. Definitely my favourite product of the lot! 




paul penders lavender body lotion

Image Courtesy - magicpin



3. Paul Penders Calming & Soothing Mist 

With its blend of 22 organic herbs and chamomile extract, this mist stood out to me as highly promising at first glance. And thankfully, the product did deliver on the promises to a considerable degree. I'm not going to go to the extent of deeming this a transformational, miracle product. But as far as facial mists go, this one is remarkably refreshing. My favourite quality was definitely the earthy smell, which proved to be an instant mood-uplifter. Also, after a series of applications, I noticed that my skin wasn't as irritated after I took off my mask, as it used to be. A quick spray before the mask went on seemed to protect my sensitive skin, and curb its tendency to react. 




Paul penders mist

Image Courtesy - magicpin

All in all, the final verdict would be me urging you to try the brand. Seriously, the benefits you'll derive after using these all-natural ingredients, is so much more satisfying, and also lasting in the long run! 

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