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15 Outfit Ideas To Look Pretty In Pastel

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20249 min read

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If you managed to break into my house and take a peek at my closet, your eyes will be greeted with about 50 different shades of black. Yep, I'm that person. I firmly believe that nothing can ever be the new black, and whenever I'm out shopping, I inadvertently tend to reach for darker shades. But one class of colours I'm willing to make an exception for, is pastel. I don't know what it is about a powder pink, a lovely lavender or a magical mint, that's not only exceedingly pleasant to the eyes, but also undeniably soothing to the soul. And taking into account the resurgence of pastels every time spring and summer roll by, it's a timeless trend that's worth mastering! 


Pastel, when done right, can leave you with a refreshing, bright outfit and make you feel tres chic. And given the vast variety of tones within the category of pastel, there's a lot you can tinker with. From an all-pastel look to a subtle pastel pop in accessories, there's a multitude of ways to sport the happy colours. And we decided to enlist our favourite 15 such outfit ideas, to help you harness the power of pastels. Here we go! 


1. Lilac Outerwear On A Basic Outfit 


Price @ INR 1699


Image Courtesy: Myntra


The simplest way to include a pop of pastel in your outfit is to opt for outerwear in your favourite pastel shade. We'd particularly recommend going for a lilac jacket, shrug or blazer, because of how in-vogue the pastel shade has been this year. Don a basic tee and jeans outfit underneath for a casual partially-pastel ensemble, or a white blouse and black slacks to bring vibrancy to your formal look! 



2. Mint Green Top With Lilac Bottom (Or Vice-Versa!)


Price @ INR 699 for Mint Green Top

Price @ INR 399 for Lilac Bottom



Image Courtesy: Myntra


In the world of pastels, mint green and lilac/pastel blue go remarkably well together, because both the shades have cool undertones. So an easy way to incorporate this pastel colour combo into your look is to pair a solid pastel green top with simple lilac trousers or vice versa. You don't necessarily need to stick to pants, and can opt for a bottom piece like a skirt or a pair of paper-bag shorts, for a dressier pastel look. However, do remember to be mindful of whether the pastel shade you're choosing is flattering for your complexion. For instance, if your skin has warm undertones, it's better for you to opt for warmer pastel shades like reds, oranges, yellows and blush pinks. 



3. Pastel Oversized Blazer With Barely Seen Shorts 


Price @ INR 2,795 


Image Courtesy : Ajio


Channel your inner Instagram influencer with this ultra-trendy glam outfit. A pair of basic short shorts or skirt under a large solid pastel blazer is one of the hottest looks under this fashion category. If that seems a tad too daring for your taste, you can also opt for a pastel blazer dress with a cinched belt. Accessorise with minimalistic gold chains around the neck, and put your hair in a stylish updo! 



4. Monochrome Pastel Look


Price @ INR 1,039 for T-shirt

Price @ INR 2,199 for Bottom



Image Courtesy: Ajio


First off, let me clear a very common misconception. Monochrome doesn't just indicate black and white outfits, the word actually stands for pairing together different hues of the same colour. Bearing that in mind, a monochrome play on your pastel outfit would make for a  totally vibrant and funky look. Keep the accessories neutral, or pick the lightest shade of the pastel colour of your choice. 



5. Multi-Pastel-Coloured Print With Complementary Solid Pastel 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


If you're on the hunt for a pastel look that is guaranteed to grab eyeballs, this is the one for you. An outfit that consists of a quirky print combining multiple pastel colours on one piece, and the second one in a solid complementary pastel shade, perhaps the most dominant one in the print, is an ensemble made for the runway. Keep the accessories bare-minimum, and let your funky pastel combo steal the show! 


6. Pastel Yellow With Blue Denims


Price @ INR 319


Image Courtesy: Ajio


For those who'd rather go for something more understated, this is a pastel pair that won't ever fail you. A beautiful muted pastel yellow, thrown on top of a pair of classic blue denims, is an extremely simple yet effective way of giving the pastel trend a shot. You can amp up the experimental factor in your outfit by opting for an edgy pair of ankle boots, or a gold chunky chain around the neck. 



7. Pastel Wide-Leg Bottoms With Neutral Top 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Again, if wearing pastel on pastel doesn't seem like your thing, you can always safely go for a pastel and neutral pairing in your outfit. We'd recommend picking a bright pair of pastel high-waisted wide-leg trousers, with a simple neutral cami or blouse tucked in. In our humble opinion, beige and bubblegum pink is always a brilliant idea, creating a look that's guaranteed to attract a slew of compliments! 


8. Pastel Colourblocking Top With Basic Denims


Price @ INR 699


Image Courtesy: Ajio 


I think the perfect middle point between a simplistic pastel look and an exceedingly bright outfit can be achieved by opting for multiple shades of pastel, but only on one piece of your ensemble. Look for a top with a geometric boxy print with contrasting pastel shades, for an easy colour-block trick. As you might've noticed, blue jeans go really well with most pastel colours, and in this case, it will bring out the exuberance of your top half perfectly.



9. Muted Pastel Pink Midi With White Blouse 


Price @ INR 989


Image Courtesy: Myntra


Elegant and sophisticated, yet charming enough to make a fashion statement, this is one of the dressier ways you can play up pastel. There are several tones in the world of pastel, ranging between super-bright and softly-muted and this pastel outfit idea comprises of a shade closer to the latter. A dainty blush pink midi skirt paired with a romantic white blouse is the perfect day-date outfit ever! Feel free to swap the midi for a shorter skirt, or perhaps a pair of trousers. 



10. Pastel Powder Blue Top With White Shorts 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


The best things in life, are the simplest, aren't they? Okay, that might not be an accurate statement to make in the case of other things, but as far as this pastel look is concerned, it certainly rings true. A beautiful powder blue fitted-top coupled with a pair of frayed-hem or high-waisted tailored shorts, makes for an effortlessly chic casual pastel outfit. You can dress up the look by opting for glam accessories, or by sporting beach waves on your mane. 


11. Sheer Rainbow Pastel Shirt Over Basic Outfit 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


Personally speaking, I think this is my favourite take on pastel fashion. I love how there are different pastel colours involved in this outfit, without it becoming overbearing to the eye. A sheer rainbow pastel shirt thrown on top of an all-white outfit, or a white tank and basic denims combo is an uncomplicated, relaxed pastel-fashion hack! 


12. Colour Blocking With Multiple Pastel Shades 



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


Bring out the diva you know is living inside you, by going for a super-model-esque colour-block technique in your pastel outfit. Make sure your top, bottom piece and shoes are three different shades of vibrant pastel for a very sharp, up-to-date look. Keep every other accessory simple, and pull your hair back in a messy bun letting soft tendrils frame your face. 


13. Muted Pastel Power-Suit 


Price @ INR 1,679


Image Courtesy: Myntra 


I very strongly believe that every single woman needs a reliable power-suit in her closet, that can instantly bring out the boss-babe in her. And if your power-suit happens to be in a pastel shade, well, a hundred extra fashion points! Again, you can go for a brighter pastel suit or something more muted, for a feminine and fierce board-room outfit. 



14. Pastel Accessories 


Price @ INR 399


Image Courtesy: Ajio 


Still new to this whole pastel fashion business? Don't worry, you don't need to dive head-first, you can simply test the waters by starting small and opting for pastel accessories in your regular looks. A pastel pair of heels, a vibrant pastel hand-bag or perhaps a gorgeous pastel knitted scarf, a singular element of the happy colour can make a helluva difference, and turn your outfit from drab to fab real quick!  



15. Pastel Eye-Makeup



Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


The easiest one on this pastel look-book. Go ahead, try it out, you won't be disappointed! That being said, we'd strongly suggest first-timers go for softer pastel colours, or your eye makeup can end up looking garish. 

If it were up to me, I'd certainly paint the world pastel! Or black. There's no in-between.