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Panchayat Season 3 Review: High on Emotions and Surprises with Supporting Cast

By Aniket

Updated - May 28, 20245 min read

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"Panchayat" Season 3, directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra and written by Chandan Kumar, brings viewers back to the quaint village of Phulera. The season starts with the transfer of Abhishek Tripathi, the Panchayat secretary, setting the stage for new developments. Within minutes, viewers are drawn back into the familiar yet ever-evolving world of Phulera.



Panchayat 3 Ratings

The reception to "Panchayat" Season 3 has been overwhelmingly positive, with critics and audiences alike praising its emotional depth, engaging storytelling, and standout performances. The series has received an average rating of 4 stars


Panchayat 3 Review

This season, the narrative is rich with emotional ups and downs. From moments that make you laugh out loud to scenes that bring a tear to your eye, the show covers a broad spectrum of human experiences. The themes of handling grief, community support, and the importance of unity are explored in poignant detail. The show’s ability to evoke such a wide range of emotions while maintaining its breezy, comedic tone is a testament to its excellent writing and direction.



Political Intrigues and Rural Realities

Season 3 takes a deeper dive into the political landscape of rural India, reflecting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. The storyline is replete with grassroots-level politics, corruption, and bureaucratic challenges. Abhishek, fondly known as Sachiv Ji, finds himself more entangled in the village’s political dynamics than ever before.


The main dramatic conflict centers around the lack of proper roads in Phulera and an MLA’s attempt to settle scores with the Pradhan, played by the ever-reliable Raghubir Yadav. This political rivalry injects a fresh dose of drama and tension into the series, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats without resorting to sensationalism or excessive violence.


Musical Magic by Anurag Saikia

Anurag Saikia’s music plays a crucial role in setting the tone of the series. The background score and title track beautifully complement the unfolding drama. The music seamlessly transitions from instrumental to rock, enhancing the emotional resonance of various scenes. Whether it’s the playful whistle when Sachiv Ji and Rinki share a moment or the poignant melody during a scene of communal solidarity, the soundtrack elevates the viewing experience.


Spotlight on the Supporting Cast

One of the standout features of Season 3 is its focus on the supporting cast. This season adopts a fresh narrative approach, pushing supporting characters to the forefront while allowing the lead actors to take a backseat. This shift not only breathes new life into the series but also highlights the depth and versatility of its ensemble cast.


Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan Sharma

Durgesh Kumar’s character, Bhushan Sharma, emerges as a significant force this season. Previously a peripheral character, Bhushan now poses a real threat to the lead characters’ positions. His development into a formidable figure in the village’s political landscape is one of the season’s highlights, showcasing Durgesh Kumar’s talent and adding a new layer of intrigue to the series.


Other Notable Performances

The saying "no role is small" truly applies to "Panchayat" Season 3. Actors with smaller roles also shine brightly. Sunita Rajwar as Kranti Devi, Pankaj Jha as MLA Chandrakishore Singh, Ashok Pathak as Vinod, and Bulloo Kumar as Madhav all deliver memorable performances. Additionally, the introduction of Bam Bahadur adds another interesting dimension to the story.


Heartfelt and Authentic Storytelling

The beauty of "Panchayat" lies in its simplicity and authenticity. The show’s depiction of rural life is both heartwarming and realistic, avoiding the clichés and over-dramatization often seen in other series set in similar locales. The directness and simplicity in storytelling allow the audience to connect deeply with the characters and their experiences.


Season 3 excels in portraying the gradual evolution of its characters without being preachy. Manju Devi, played by Neena Gupta, undergoes a significant transformation, emerging as a more competent and politically astute Sarpanch. Her support for her daughter Rinki’s aspirations adds a touching dimension to her character. The changes are depicted naturally, emphasizing the characters’ growth as part of their everyday lives.



A Season of Surprises

"Panchayat" Season 3 is full of surprises, with unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers engaged. The show’s ability to blend humor with serious themes is impressive. Whether it’s the light-hearted moments between characters or the more intense political confrontations, the balance is maintained perfectly.


The series also addresses pressing social issues subtly yet effectively. The lack of infrastructure, the bureaucracy’s inefficiencies, and the villagers’ resilience are woven into the narrative, making the show not just entertaining but also thought-provoking.