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This Outlet In Delhi Is Selling The Rarest Drug Called OXYGEN For Just 299 Bucks

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Here's a great start-up idea for you guys! Trust us, you really gonna need it in future & we are genuinely concerned (Don't forget to consider us as one of your founders when you become successful).


*drum rolls*

For the purest concept of all time because it is called Oxygen Dispensing Setup, or you can call it whatever you want to. But the whole fix-up is to supply pure oxygen to Delhiites because; Smogal Warming (yeah we made it up, but the problem is real)


For a city where Police need security & Lawyers are begging for justice, scarcity of pure oxygen isn't big news. Although you will realize it in a few years that it indeed was breaking news. But it will be too late, so you better start prepping today. Scared much? Don't be because this million-dollar idea will be a HIT for sure!!


And you'd be surprised to know that there is already a venture right here in d-town which is providing like, 90% pure Oxygen for 299 bucks only.


OxyPure Oxygen Bar, Saket

If you find yourself Select City-walking like a normy shopper, you might come across this teensy little bar called Oxy Pure. The name itself will pull you in for an O2 drag and you will leave happy, stress- free & relaxed. Now that's the kind of drug we need in our city. Since us, Delhi peeps live at one of the most disadvantaged centres of the subcontinent with absolutely no source of sea-breezy de-polluting air & a lot of goons trying to infect the whole environment as if it's their own Baap Ka Maal. 

OxyPure Oxygen Bar, Delhi

Image Courtesy: Money Control


What to Expect?

Just don't go in there and ask for an oxygen mask because it's for Hospitals and not for rejuvenation bars such as this. So, first things first, as you enter the bar you get to choose from the 7 aromas of air. Wait, how is this possible? With Oxy Pure working like oxy-ninjas you can. 

Choose aromas at OxyPure Oxygen Bar

Image Courtesy: Deccan Herald


Here are them different aromas you can pick from:

1. Spearmint

2. Lemongrass

3. Orange

4. Cinnamon 

5. Peppermint

6. Eucalyptus

7. Lavender


Who would've thought that someday there will be something like artificial breathing which will also have heterogeneous aromas? Technology & science have surely reached on another level while we are just sitting here still trying to figure out the best excuse to take an off from our offices. 


Once you've committed to your prefered incense, they will hand you a disposable tube which will look something like this (see the picture) which you'd be inserting in your pair of nostrils. If you feel ticklish at first, it's okay, it's normal & just don't laugh like a moron. 

Image Courtesy: The National


What next? Now you just have to sit back & wheeze in the freshly prepared oxygen for 15 mins straight. 

15 mins of Oxypure Oxygen bar

Image Courtesy:



Cost & Timings

A 15 min slot will cost 299 bucks for a single person. And it's highly unlikely that you'd need any more time with this oxygen because let's face it, you gotta live a life in the gas chamber (Delhi) itself. So treat this clean whiff of air as a refreshment for your lungs. 


OxyPure is open from 10 am till 10 pm all week long, so you can go ahead and treat your hardworking lungs the way they are meant to be treated.

Cost and Timings at Oxypure Oxygen Bar, saket

Image Courtesy: India Today


Since we've bestowed all the important information about the outlet serving oxygen by the minute, we'd really like to shine some light on the different reasons to actually give this Oxygen Bar a try.


Ready or not, here we go...


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bottled O2 Over Delhi O2

You know the fight's getting real when we can give you more than 3 valid points to try out this new way of inhalation & you just can't argue with that. So, let's get down to R.E.A.S.O.N.S


1. Radiant Skin 

Clean air purifies your skin naturally & make you look brighter and more radiant. Imagine what that 90% of purer oxygen would do to your skin? 

Radiant skin

Image Courtesy: Giphy


2. Sleeptight You Little Termite

It is said that a good amount of oxygen intake helps your brain to take a time out which collectively enables you to have a goodnight sleep like a baby. We are familiar with your disruptive sleep pattern, hence advising you to breathe fresh.

Good sleep

Image Courtesy: Giphy


3. Get Over That Depression 

Presence of green space within a mile of your house will reduce the chances of depression in your humble abode. By this fact we can safely determine that more oxygen (As a result of greenery around your house) leads to better mental health which in turn dwindle the possibility of depression or at least help you cope up with it. 

Not today depression

Image Courtesy: Giphy


4. Happy Gut Makes You Happier, Somewhat

This clearly is a fancy way of saying that better the quality of the air you breathe in, happier the digestion system will be. A human body is a complex mechanism of a lot of different processes but they are interlinked, like our lives on this Earth. So oxygen isn't just a respiratory thing, it is quite an important part of digestion too.


Image Courtesy: Giphy


5. Bye! Bye! Hangover

It's okay to accept that you have hangovers every now & then. And it is always better to find a cure which is naturally available in different aromas (You guys know what we are talking about. If not, OxyPure's multi-aromatic pure oxygen)

No hangovers

Image Courtesy: Giphy


If all of these reasons aren't good enough then let us give you an ultimate one; God wants you to use it. He might have to use it himself if he ever decides to fly-down to d-town.  





Q. Is artificial oxygen safe?

A. Yes, it involves a pretty simple process which is both innovative and safe.


Q. Who all can make use of this oxygen bar?

A. Anyone and everyone can try this out and it is most beneficial for the people with asthmatic & other breathing issues.


Q. How many places in Delhi can serve pure oxygen like this?

A. Until now there is only one place; OxyPure Oxygen Bar, Saket.


Q. Is Oxygen consumption safe for children?

A. It's totally safe for everyone and you can always ask the expert present at the centre while you are getting it done.


Q. Can we take it home if we pay extra?

A. It is a complex setup and the wise thing to do is to leave the process in the hands of experts.


Q. Can we make a similar set up at home?

A. It is best not to try it put at home until you are a chemistry scientist. 


Q. Is there any special discount for senior citizens or children?

A. There is no exception for the price.