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8 Organic Holi Colour Brands You Can Depend On

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 24, 2021 5 min read

There's no doubt that Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Cheerful gulals, fun-filled water balloons, lip-smacking snacks and the fact that it brings people closer is everything we love about Holi. The satisfaction of chanting "Holi Hai" while turning our dearest one's face black & blue (with colours only!) is unparallel. However, there's a bit of a downside to it. It's hard enough to enjoy the festival under the unforgiving sun that things like artificial colours prepared with chemical solvents and toxic agents like lead oxide, mercury sulphite and copper sulphate give us more reasons to worry. TBH, the sun may not damage your skin as much as those chemical-laden Holi colours would. 


Earlier the same colours were made from flowers and other natural ingredients but as time changed, so did the techniques. Regardless, we're going to dial it back.


This year, why don't you do yourself a favour and make this Holi a bit safer! It's time to use organic Holi colours instead. The good news is, we already have a list of best brands selling organic colours online ready to go. So, chop-chop!


1. Organic India

Price: INR 180 from Amazon

A brand nurturing the power of nature has come up with 100% organic, skin-friendly Holi colours with a beautiful scent and vibrant colours. Their use of natural bases ranging from arrowroot powder to turmeric, cornstarch powder, red rose powder to spinach leaf powder is noteworthy. You can find colours like yellow, red, pink and green in their collection and they don't cost as much. These organic Holi colours not only has Organic India's stamp of approval but they're also easy on your skin and pocket. 

Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. Phool

Price: INR 465

Phool is another brand offering organic Holi colours made from temple flowers and Nirmalya from the Ganges to make your festival brighter, more fun and less harmful. Their organic Gulaal box is a pack of 4 natural handmade colours accompanied by a glass of their premium Thandai. The colours contain the goodness of flowers, essential oils and rice flour. They are chemical-free, light-textured, soft on the skin, easy to wash, leave no stains and has a soothing fragrance. It's an organic Holi colour brand you can easily depend on. 

Image Courtesy: Phool


3. Ahaeli

Price: INR 350

If you are in the need of a premium organic Holi colour set, Ahaeli should be your go-to brand. Their organic colours are non-toxic and require 50% less water to clean. All their colours, be it red, yellow, green or blue are the results of natural ingredients such as kumkum, arrowroot powder, beetroot and indigo flowers. Check out this one-of-a-kind brand for the best quality organic Holi colours. 

Image Courtesy: Ahaeli


4. TWF Flours

Price: INR 299 

Turn your eco-friendly Holi intentions into reality with TWF Flours. This brand offers various Holi combos with vibrant colours and love. All their colours are made from regular kitchen ingredients like wheat, corn, turmeric, saffron, spinach, rose, beetroot, cranberry and so on. They are good for your skin and even if you swallow them by mistake, they won't be as toxic as those chemically-infested Holi colours. 

Image Courtesy: TWF Flours


5. MyPoojaBox

Price: INR 599 for a Pack of 3, INR 120 for a single colour

More than organic Holi colours, this brand is spreading joy with an exclusive box brimming with a pack of 3 gulals, a silver-plated pichkari and a bucket. Trust on MyPoojaBox for organic and safe Holi colours prepared with herbs, flowers, edible materials, fruits and vegetable extracts to make your colour-day celebration unforgettable. What's even more special and OTB is that each colour carries a distinct fragrance inspired by the ingredient used. For instance; Kesari Elaichi Gulal is in fact the colour yellow. Similarly. Lemon Grass Gulal is green, Tusli Pudina Gulal is Blue and the list goes on. 

Image Courtesy: MyPoojaBox


6. Little Canvas

Price: INR 1,250 for a Pack

Little Canvas is known to make happy products for young kids and these organic Holi colours is one of them. But they didn't stop here. The brand also sends a cute storybook with a pack of 4 different Holi colours. Their motive is to promote green and safe Holi among the kids all the while teaching them a little about the significance of every colour. You can find colours like yellow, orange and pink in the mix which not only smells like cardamom but are also gentle on your child's skin. It's also a thoughtful and personalized Holi gift for the younglings of the house. 

Image Courtesy: Little Canvas


7. Nila Jaipur

Price: INR 250

Collaborating with Banyan Roots, an organization empowering the forest-dwelling community of Phulwari Ki Nal in Rajasthan and supporting indigenous farming methods is this amazing brand called Nila Jaipur. They make sure you get a rich colour palette for your Holi celebration which wouldn't have been possible without natural flowers, beetroots, vegetables and herbs. Their brilliant selection of colours is natural, handmade and eco-friendly. These are one such organic Holi colours you need this year. 

Image Courtesy: Nila Jaipur


8. Satavic Farms

Price: INR 150 for a Pack of 5 Colours (50gm each)

Make your Holi safe and healthy with Satavic Farm's agriculturally produced organic Holi colours. In addition to this, these colours are non-toxic, talc-free, lab-tested, eco-friendly and come in a plastic-free packaging Earth would deeply appreciate. The colours are produced by using natural elements such as herbs, fruits and vegetable extracts, flowers and more, and they're super affordable as well. 

Image Courtesy: IndiaMart


Paint the town in any colour you want unless it's organic!

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