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5 Organic Grocery Stores In Mumbai For The Extra Health-Conscious

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 21, 2020 2 min read

You can think of the surge in the demand of organic grocery items as people falling prey to yet another food fad, but what about the scientifically verified health merits underlying this popularity? How will you deny those? 


From the absence of harmful chemicals and GMOs to a rich content of nutrients and powerful antioxidants, organic vegetables and organic groceries bring along a host of health benefits to your plate (pun intended), as compared to their conventionally grown counterparts. Besides, even the process of growing organic food comes bearing multiple benefits, ranging from being environment and soil friendly to supporting biodiversity. So really, is there a reason you should NOT go on a hunt for the best organic grocery brands and top organic grocery products?  



Well, if you're in Mumbai, you're also in luck, for the city is scattered with a plethora of sources of healthy organic food. And on that note, here's a carefully curated list of organic grocery stores in Mumbai city! 



Image Courtesy: Franchise India


Known as one of the leading suppliers of fresh organic food in Mumbai, The Organic Garden lives up to both its name and reputation. From nutrient-rich organic Desi ghee to yummy locally sourced strawberries, all your conscious eating needs will be met by this stellar organic grocery brand. 



Image Courtesy: Agro & Food Processing


With an extensive collection of organic grocery items, Miru is one of your go-to options if you've been looking for a list of organic grocery stores in Versova. Catering to your need for organic dry food provisions like whole grains, along with fresh organic produce, you're likely to discover your miracle organic product if you visit this store! 




Image Courtesy: Live ProviDR 


This store's catalogue boasts of numerous organic grocery products perfect for those with mindful eating habits. This leading organic grocery store has time and again proved its commitment to the notion of farm to fork, by supplying its buyers with healthy organic snacks, grains, vegetables and fruits. 



Image Courtesy: Economic Times 


One of the most diverse organic grocery stores in Mumbai, this shop will furnish you with an assortment of organic staples you need to make a healthier choice. You can expect to get your hands on a number of diet-friendly food options, all of it organically produced and grown. You can rest assured about the quality of their products, for a legion of loyalists swear by this popular organic food store.



Image Courtesy: John Douillard’s LifeSpa


This store in Girgaon offers some of the best quality organic plants that are known for their immense health and medicinal benefits. This store is a one-stop destination that's been the addressing the need for high-quality organic grocery products in Mumbai residents since the year 1988. This is also a great place if you're looking for organic smoothies and fresh juices, like wheatgrass. 

With this list of organic grocery stores in Mumbai, there's no need for another. 


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