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These 5 Organisations Let You Volunteer Virtually From Anywhere In The World

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 29, 2020 3 min read

Remember when the list of things upsetting people worldwide, featured things like the Game of Thrones finale? From that, to a pandemic causing people to lock themselves in their house, humanity has certainly experienced a lot. But regardless of the challenges mankind has encountered over the years, the power of kindness and empathy has always unfailingly worked to alleviate the trouble. 



Now, more than ever, the world needs us to chip in, and do our bit. We desperately need all the helping hands we can possibly get on board, and the inability to step out of our houses, should be no reason for us to not help those less fortunate than us. Which is why, we bring to you, this list of 5 organisations that let you volunteer virtually from anywhere in the world. 


Image Courtesy - Pexels 


1. CRY 

If you’ve always been passionate about the rights of underprivileged children, but time constraints in your daily schedule have held you back from acting on it, here’s an opportunity custom made for you. One of the most prominent Child Rights organizations in the world, CRY, is now letting you register for their virtual volunteering programmes, with the only prerequisites being a functional computer, a working internet connection, and an ardent desire to make a difference. 


Volunteer Here 


2. UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) 


With the objective of eradicating poverty and lack of access to resources, the United Nations Development Programme focuses on the sustainable development of more than 170 countries and territories. And with a view to getting skilled and passionate individuals to drive this cause, UNDP lets you volunteer virtually, from anywhere in the world, and from any device.


Volunteer Here


3. We Are Crazy


This unique organisation works towards building essential personal, as well as, professional skills in individuals from diverse backgrounds, by employing their worldwide network of clubs. Their agenda is to enable people from various backgrounds, fields and goals to be self-sufficient, and become confident speakers, leaders and professionals. Their online volunteering opportunity lets you share your skills, and knowledge with those you can educate, as well as learn from interesting people from different corners of the globe.  


Volunteer Here


4. 7 Cups 

This one is for all those who are driven to make a difference in the world by helping people improve their mental health through open conversations with empathetic listeners. This organisation works on providing on-demand emotional health service and therapy, and if you believe your forte lies in lending a patient ear, you can sign up for their online volunteering opportunity and do your bit as a compassionate listener for those struggling with diverse emotional challenges. 


Volunteer Here 



5. iVolunteer 


Unlike the other mentions on this list, iVolunteer isn’t an NGO in itself, but instead works on creating a social network that allows impassioned individuals to find suitable volunteering opportunities online. This network encompasses a number of noble organisations, working towards diverse causes, and seeking eager volunteers across an array of work profiles. 


Volunteer Here

There’s no time for thinking, or contemplation anymore. The world needs you to jump right in, and become an active helper, now. 


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