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18 Promising Nightclubs & Pubs To Experience The BEST Nightlife in Goa

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 13 min read

Goa is one of the most visited places in India by both international and national tourists. This beach town boasts of amazing beaches, peaceful and beautiful sights to see, the best nightlife and the best kind of parties you can rave to. We are going to cover all elements one by one, but right now we are covering the best clubs to visit when you’re in Goa to experience the best of nightlife in Goa.


1. LPK Waterfront

Love Passion Karma is one of the most exotic clubs in Goa. The name of the club rightly describes the ambiance and the interiors of the club. The club is surrounded by terracotta statues and structures that give it a very exotic and off-beat look. The beauty of the club is enchanting. There is a hill right across the river, over the bridge where you can see a lit “LOVE PASSION KARMA” written. The architecture is historical with music that is post-modern. Saturday is the best day to hit LPK for a great way to spend your Saturday night in Goa. It's one of the best night clubs in North Goa - we just can't deny that!

LOCATION – On the banks of river Nerul, Candolim.
TIMINGS – 9:30 pm to 3:30 am


2. Club Cabana

This club is situated on the top of a hill. Very closely located to the Anjuna’s Saturday Market, it is completely lit with neon lights. It has multi-level dance floors as well as a swimming pool next to the bar where you can sit with your feet dip in water and a drink in hand. This club is called the night-club in the sky. The DJs will have you grooving to everything from disco beats to techno tunes. You park your cars in the parking and a jeep takes you up the hill where the club is. It is one of the best nightclubs in Goa after LPK. If you go to Goa and don’t visit Club Cabana, then your trip is half-wasted. Cubana is definitely one of the best clubs in Goa to enjoy the goa nightlife.

club-cabana-best-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Close to Anjuna’s Saturday Market
TIMINGS – 9:30 pm to 4 am


3. Water’s Beach Lounge & Grill

This lounge facing the beach is one for the high- end parties and celebrities. If you love partying with the rich and famous, this is where you hit. With a scenic view of the Ozran Beach on Vagator, crazy sundowner parties with the best sunset views, amazing cocktails, good crowd and delicious food, Water Beach Lounge & Grill ranks as one of the top places to party in Goa. The best of Dj’s play the best of music here, This is place is definitely not worth missing. Clubbing in Goa is incomplete without going to Water's atleast once on your goa trip. It also has one of the best bars in Goa.

waters-best-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Ozran Beach, Vagator, Goa
TIMINGS – 4 pm to 12 am


4. Tito’s 

Tito’s nightclubs, The Club and Retro Bar, offer state of the art design and cater to both international and domestic tourists flocking to Goa. You can access both the Retro Bar and The Bollywood once you enter the area. The Retro Bar has the music that includes classic rock, pop, and hip-hop.  A large lounge space gives guests a chance to relax and relive the retro age. The Club, also known as Club Bollywood, caters to commercial and Bollywood music fans, with a huge dance floor to accommodate its large crowds. A designated area on the first floor offers private tables with a bar of its own. Your goa trip plan is incomplete without visiting the titos lane as this lane defines the real nightlife in Goa.

LOCATION – Tito’s Lane, Baga
TIMINGS – 9 pm to 4 am  


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5. SinQ Night Club

Located in Sinquerim, Goa, near the Taj Holiday Village. The theme of the place is very upbeat and uber trendy while at the same time calm and relaxing. The property is a combination of four entertainment zones – a chic nightclub, a contemporary Goan Tavern, a poolside deck, and lounge – all rolled into one to create the ultimate party venue. One can choose to party away in the snazzy nightclub or laze around in the outdoor lounge over a few drinks or beat the heat in the pool. For foodies, the poolside deck dishes up wood fire pizzas and barbeque fare. While the Goan tavern offers some of the finest and most delectable Goan specialties and European fare, to satiate the palate. It has to be the top nightclub in Goa - what are you waiting for? Weekend is right here. This is the perfect club in goa to be a part of the nightlife in Goa for couples.

sinq-nightclub-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Sinquerim, Goa ( Near Taj Holiday Village )
TIMINGS – 10 pm to 5 am


6. Cafe Mojo

Introducing you to country's first restaurant to offer an e-beer system known as E-Brew that let's customer pour their own beer by the ML instead of the traditional glass method. It has always received the Times Nightlife Award for Best Bar - 4 years in a row - counts their credibility right? - True to its high values, this pub offers exquisite meals, cocktails, hard drinks and a nightlife to go crazy for. It's a firm favorite with locals as well as tourists located in the heart of Goa. Head to Cafe Mojo for an unforgettable nightlife experience!

cafe-mojo-best-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION: Menezes Branganza Road, Near Apple Corner, Panaji - Goa.
TIMINGS: 11am – 5am


7. Club M – Marbela Beach

Club M at Marbela Beach Resort is one of the top clubs and pubs in Goa where you must stop by through your club-hopping. It has a lounge area where you can chill and a champagne terrace with a cool vibe to have fun with your friends. You can also burn up Club M’s flashy indoor dance floor right next to it with your rave moves. With great live performances as well as international DJs, you’ll find it hard to miss this one out when it comes to visiting the best places in Goa.

club-m-marbela-beach-resort-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION: Morjim
TIMINGS  –  7 pm to 5 am



8. Cape Town Cafe

Situated right in the middle of Tito’s lane, this is a cafe cum club cum sports bar. That has an open area with televisions all over the wall screening sports matches. It gives you the feel of a small yellow hut. There is a small area inside where the Dj plays music and you can dance your night away. You won’t feel like you are in India when you are partying at Cafe Cape Town. It’s a different feeling altogether. It's one of the best places in Titos, Goa for a lively party experiencec.

cape-town-cafe-ctc-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Tito’s Lane, Baga
TIMINGS – 6 pm to 4 am



9. Show Bar

Right beside SINQ Nightclub, you'll find Show Bar to dance your sorrows away after a long weekend. It's time to destress yourself by dedicating your weekend to Show Bar. They've got it all covered for you from amazing music to crazy dancefloor, refreshing drinks to lively crowd - it will be a night to remember for sure! Never miss out on this one when in Goa. You just can't miss out on this one when counting out the most famous clubs in Goa. 

SHOWBAR-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION: Beside SinQ Nightclub, Sinquerim, Candolim, Goa
TIMINGS: 7:00pm to 1:00am

10. Shiva Valley

Known as the Temple Of Trance, Tuesday nights at Shiva Valley are a ritual for many – a holy indulgence that has lasted over 10 years. As the sun sets on the razor sharp horizon of Anjuna beach, the music turns up and the people turn on. Trance devotees from across the world make the pilgrimage to Shiva Valley to be part of a reality that one only manages to glimpse into at the European summer festivals. There are maggi, omlette and tea stalls on the beach for you to grab a cup of tea, a plate of maggi and sit by the beach while enjoying the people gathered there basking away in the high of trance music mixed with sea tidesFYI – It is only open on Tuesdays.

shiva-valley-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Anjuna Beach
TIMINGS – 9 pm to 4 am


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11. Cohiba

Cohiba is a new restaurant and lounge bar featuring live music events, creative fusion cuisine, and signature cocktails. Founded by the partners of Tao in Panjim and the Love Shack in Bangalore, it is located where Sweet Chilli used to be, in Sinquerim (on the road to the lighthouse in Fort Aguada. They have a live music band playing on Saturdays. With great food and an even better service, you would want to eat, dance, groove and enjoy at the same time. 


LOCATION –   Near Taj Vivanta, Aguada-Siolim Road, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa
TIMINGS –4 pm to 2 am


12. Mambos

You goa trip plan is incomplete if you haven't gone to Mambos yet. It's time to upgrade your party scene at Goa and take your friends to Mambos for an unforgettable night. Dance the night away, pole dance to the craziest music ever and have the time of your life. You'll fall in love with the ambience of this place - it will definitely get you in the party mood. When talking about partying in Goa, Mambos has to be the best disc in Goa.

cafe-mambos-best-nightlife-in-goaLOCATION: In Tito's Lane, Baga, Goa
TIMINGS: 8:00pm - 3:30am


13. Leopard Valley

Get in the real party vibe when in South Goa, Leopard Valley is definitely the place to be at. You just can't miss out on the best nightlife in Goa when in Agonda - Leopard Valley has so much to offer! Listen to Live music, dance your heart out and have a night to remember at this crazy party place. But remember it's only open during season time so keep a check as it's temporarely closed during off season in Goa. Nightlife in South Goa comes alive with Leopard Valley, so if you're in the mood to party then head here.

leopard-valley-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION: Agonda Beach Rd, Agonda, Goa 403702, India
TIMINGS:  10am – 3am


14. HillTop

Legendary Hilltop Nightclub is a cult place for everyone, for who Goa and Goa-trance music means one and the same, or nearly the same thing. Especially on New Year nights, the number of tourists )both national and international sometimes reach the heights of 2 to 2.5 k. The audience is various: representatives of different nationalities, countries, cultures and ages make the atmosphere in the club quite liberal and international. The music playing in the club is always on the top: tracks are great and the sound is amazing. Hilltop Nightclub often becomes a place of music experiments conducted by most famous trance-music DJ’s. Such events attract thousands of people who are fond of loud quality trance-music

hilltop-goa-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Vagator
BEST DAY TO GO – Only open on Sundays and somtimes on Fridays and Saturdays
TIMINGS – 4 pm to 10 pm


15. Cafe Lilliput

Café Lilliput is the oldest shack in Anjuna Beach resort: the place is opened since 80s of the past century and can be called the truly iconic facility, where amazing parties are conducted. The place combines the shack, the restaurant, the bar, the nightclub, the cafe and the guesthouse. Café Lilliput has very true fans that spend their whole free time only in it. Most of the tourists, who have visited this place, talk much enthusiastically about the club and, in particular, about the kitchen and the high level of hygiene.

cafe-lilliput-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Anjuna Beach Resort
TIMINGS- 8 pm to 4 am


16. Silent Noise Club

The parties are as much a product of the visitors, the citizens and the location as they are of the organizers; many of who call the idyllic beach townhome. South Goa is very different from the north. It is much more peaceful, with a nice mixture of nationalities, ages and traveler types. Silent Noise thrives because of the location and the location because of Silent Noise. The dream is to help all of Goa in this way by having parties while not breaking the law; that dream isn’t that far away. There are headphones included in the entry cost. You can listen to your own music on your personal headphones and groove to it without knowing what the other person is listening to. Your checklist of best night clubs in Goa is incomplete without adding Silent Noise Club.

LOCATION – Palolem, South Goa
TIMINGS – 7 pm to 2 am


17. Kamaki

The Dj’s from Club Tito’s and Mambo’s head to Kamaki once the party there is over to keep the party on Tito’s lane going. You will come across football fans here, pre-party goers or post-party goers. Kamaki has two bars – one in the outside area and one bar in the club. The outdoor section has live musicians or DJ’s performing everyday from 6 pm until midnight and also two huge projector screens showing International football, cricket matches and Formula One. Kamaki is open all day for drinks and serves Greek and other Mediterranean food from 6 pm till 6 am and has a different line-up of DJ’s who play retro and old skool tracks outdoors from 6pm till 10 pm and house, hip-hop and all other music at the club from 10pm till dawn.

kamaki-best-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – Tito’s Lane, Baga
TIMINGS – 6 pm to 4 am


18. UV Bar

Weekly Routine –  includes a variety of music including special Psychedelic Trance Parties on Mondays and Sundays and techno parties on Wednesday. Along with its buzzing music, fire shows to enhance the party spirit of the visitors. Food and drinks are affordable and will not put much pressure on your pocket. This place located facing the beach also holds trance parties in the monsoon to keep up with the touristy vibe of the place.

uv-bar-nightlife-in-goa_imageLOCATION – North Anjuna Beach, Near Anjuna Flee Market.
TIMINGS – 6 pm to 7 am


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Q: Which is the best restaurant in Goa at Vagator?

A: Thalassa, Antares


Q: Where to go for the best karaoke nights in Goa?

A: St Anthonys, Cohiba, Firefly Goan Bistro Bar, 23


Q: Which are the best breakfast places in Goa?

A: Infantaria, Brittos, The Verandah Restaurant, Artjuna, Lila Cafe


Q: Which are the best beaches in South Goa?

A: Palolem, Ponda, Patnem, Agonda

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