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Encounter Cloud Nine At The Happiest Music Festival - NH7 Weekender Returns To Pune For Year 10

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 6, 2019 8 min read

Year 10 Of The Happiest Music Festival

Celebrating an eventful decade full of prime music and top-tier artists, the happiest music festival of the nation is back for its 10th edition! Bacardi NH7 Weekender has been one of the most prominent music festivals in South Asia for the past several years, with line-ups bejewelled with artists so phenomenal, watching them live is almost a matter of privilege! Hauling in devoted fans from every crevice of the country, the NH7 Weekender was created by Only Much Louder as a multi-city music festival with the flagship event in Pune. This year, after enchanting the folks at Meghalaya, this grand music festival is making its way back to Pune city in November with headlining acts like Chet Faker, Opeth, Kodaline and Hariharan in store! 



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When & Where

Friday, 29th November 2019 to Sunday, 1st December 2019 

3 PM to 10 PM 

Mahalakshmi Lawns, Pune (Get Directions


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Star-Studded Affair

The line-up for the 10th-anniversary edition of NH7 Weekender in Pune is all shades of awe-struck and awe-some! Some of the biggest names in prospect include: 


1. Nick Murphy FKA Chet Faker

The biggest center of attraction at this year's NH7 Weekender is the headlining performance by none other than Nick Murphy, formerly known by the stage name of Chet Faker. With charting tracks like "Talk Is Cheap", "Gold" and  "Into You" coupled with his viral cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity", Nick Murphy has been a treat for every music fanatic's ears, within and outside the scope of national boundaries! He has even collaborated with some iconic artists like Flume, Marcus Marr and Bonobo! Need a reason to witness this sensational singer live in action? Watch the Youtube video for the live version of Talk Is Cheap and you won't help but book your tickets ASAP.  


Image Courtesy - Ticketfly


2. Opeth

All the metal enthusiasts in the house, here's a taste of heaven for you! The historic Swedish progressive metal band, Opeth is venturing on a voyage to our very own Pune! With their classic compositions incorporating different melodic elements ranging from acoustic guitar passages to death metal growls, Opeth has over the years, manufactured a unique sound in the genre of metal that acts like a siren call for all metalheads within the surrounding territory!


Image Courtesy - Opeth


3. Kodaline

A shining star in the list of dominating contemporary artists, Kodaline is an Irish rock band that has featured in several national and international charts over the past few years. With singles like "High Hopes", "All I Want" and "Latch" enamouring crowds all over the globe, Kodaline has made it's larger than life presence felt! This powerful band has garnered several prestigious accolades, and is now all set to make us groove at the NH7 Weekender 2019!  


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Renowned for the measured intricacies of their compositions and soulful poetic lyrics, Kokoroko is an Afro-beat eight-piece band. With nothing other than producing melodious music on the agenda, Kokoroko has managed to establish the perfect blend between West African rhythm and jazzy, improvisatory flair! Their ballads are powerful and soul-stirring and give rise to a unifying feeling of community when played!


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5. A. Hariharan: Soul India 

The renowned Indian playback and ghazal singer, Hariharan is coming to NH7 Weekender this year, with his charting numbers in languages like Hindi and Telegu. A pioneer in the genre of Indian fusion music, Hariharan has captivated us with his renditions of new-age Hindi compositions. If you're a fan of powerful Indian music of the decades gone by, NH7 Weekender is bringing the legendary Hariharan to the town of Pune!


Image Courtesy - Metro Lyrics



If your taste in music is eccentric with just the right amount of punch, the pioneering underground trio of PENGSHUi should definitely be on your radar. Fusing together the eclectic hues of punk, grime, metal, bass and beats, PENGSHUi has commanded over the world of contemporary rock music with its own flavour of live bass and drums thrown in together with powerful vocals and a slamming rhythm section. Combining different elements of different genres, PENGSHUi has just started establishing dominance in international music and by the looks of it, aren't going anywhere anytime soon!


Image Courtesy - The Grace


7. Sid Sriram 

The Indian-American music producer, playback singer and songwriter as well as A.R. Rahman's favourite prodigy child, Sid Sriram has successfully proved his merit in the genre of Indian R&B Music. Primarily captivating crowds in Southern India, Sriram gained country-wide popularity with the song "Adiye", for which he received several national accolades. 


Image Courtesy - BunjilPlace


8. Midival Punditz 

The iconic brain-child of Delhi-based musicians Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, Midival Punditz is currently enjoying the position of a premier fusion band at the fore-front of Indian electronic music. With a unique style revolving around Bhangra, Oldschool Jungle, Electronica and Indian classical music, Midival Punditz is reputed to be in the league of leading artists in the nation.


Image Courtesy - Platform Mag



9. Indian Ocean 

Introducing the band Indian Ocean to any Indian 90s kid is a fool's errand. Widely recognised as the trailblazers of the fusion rock genre in India, Indian Ocean has swept us with waves of rhythmic, experimental, fusion music. Their contribution to the music of today as we know it has been tremendous and watching them live at the NH7 Weekender this year will make up for those bygone beautiful days of the 90s decade. 


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10. Ritviz 

We doubt there exists an Indian who hasn't yet grooved to Ritviz's Udd Gaye! With ground-breaking tracks in the genre of Indian electronic music, Ritviz, the musical prodigy child from Pune has produced some unforgettable numbers that are here to stay. Considering he is a part of the impressive line-up at this year's NH7 Weekender, we are expecting a huge, happening, spanning over a weekend kind of a party!


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In addition to the aforementioned musicians, several other celebrated artists are also joining the NH7 Weekender such as Sid Sriram, Garden City Movement, Bhayanak Maut, Parvaaz and Raja Kumari!


Beyond The Music 

Looking for things to do at the NH7 Weekender after you're done with grooving? We've got you covered. From bone-tingling comedy to delectable options in the category of food and beverages, widely spread artwork to campfires under the moonlit sky, the NH7 Weekender will provide you with a plethora of engaging activities to lose yourself in over the weekend. Their comedy line-up is also equally enticing as the one for music, with names like Aadar Malik, Bassi, Biswa, Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian making us want to teleport immediately to the venue!

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Some Noteworthy Points 

  • After booking your tickets, you will receive your wristbands at the box office during the festival. These wristbands allow you to access all the stages and are extremely crucial for staying within the festival territory. If you misplace or lose your wristband, you will not be provided with a replacement which could seriously hamper your festival experience. 
  • Children below the age of 10 are allowed to enter the festival for free. Individuals under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times. Lastly, the under 21 tickets are only valid for individuals born on or after 2 December 1998. 
  • Remember to carry an official, valid government-issued photo ID proof. You may not be allowed to enter the premises in the absence of one.  
  • Alcohol will only be served to individuals above the legal drinking age, upon display of a valid government-issued photo ID proof. 
  • Please be mindful about buying tickets only from official authorised vendors. Any outside ticket or wristband will not be accepted by the organisers. In addition, the tickets available online are only for the main music festival. Entry to any pre or after-party will have to be managed by the individual himself/ herself. 



Q. Can I buy my tickets from someone I know? 

A. Any ticket bought from an outside vendor/seller except for the official vendors may not be recognised and you might be denied entry. 


Q. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

A. No, the NH7 Weekender tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable in nature.


Q. Can I bring my children to the NH7 Weekender?

A. Yes, you can bring your children to the NH7 Weekender. Children below the age of 10 can enter the festival for free. If your kid is older than 10, you will have to purchase a ticket for him/her. 


Q. Will this event have parking facilities?

A. Yes, this event will have parking facilities. However, you will have to take accountability for the safety of your vehicle as well as personal belongings. The organisers will not be responsible for any damage/ theft incurred, whatsoever. 


Q. Can I carry cigarettes/ alcohol/ substances? 

A. No, you cannot. There will be strict frisking at the time of entry and if you are found carrying any item that may be considered inappropriate or illegal, you may be denied entry. 

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