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Guys & Girls, Pledge To These Skincare Resolutions In 2021

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 25, 2021 8 min read

Someone wise once said (I think it was Dr Seuss?), "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." But while this optimistic thought may apply to most pleasant events of the past, the departure of 2020 is certainly not one of them. In fact, on the contrary, the last lap of this hellish year has everybody on the planet flying high, simply because it's finally over! What we feel about it happening in the first place, is probably best left undiscussed. 


And also, it's unimportant. Because somehow, either by the grace of God or the resilience of mankind, we managed to endure a year that felt like it was directed by David Fincher. Now, all that's left to do is sit tight during the last couple of days, and hope with all our might that 2021 treats us a bit more kindly. Oh, and make some promises to our ourselves, for ourselves. 


I'll be the first to admit, the cynic in me loves to criticize the whole notion of "new year, new me". It is, after all, rather illogical. But I'll also be honest about my new-found realisation - fresh starts are so important. And if it is the beginning of a pristine new year that moves you to change for the better, well, go for it! I know going to the gym and eating clean are going to occupy space on your list of new year resolutions, but we'd also urge you to think about your skin for a moment. While you're inculcating positive habits in your 2021 life, don't forget to pledge to dedicated skincare. Just like a healthy diet and a fitness routine, improved skincare habits will help you unleash your best version come next year. 


Not sure what your beauty promises for the new year should be? Well, we've compiled a list of 10 crucial new year skincare resolutions that'll help you put your best face forward in 2021! 


1. I Will Clean My Face Thoroughly Before Bed


Image Courtesy - Freepik


It could be to rinse off the makeup from your face, or just remove traces of dirt, sun exposure and pollution, but washing your face properly before bed is absolutely critical for every single person. Through the day you're exposed to several elements, many of which have damaging effects on the skin. When you go to bed without a cleansing routine, you allow the accumulated grease and grime to clog your pores, which leads to acne and your skin not getting necessary nutrients. So, if you want to start investing in skincare one small step at a time, start with a mandatory cleansing session right before bed, every night. 

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Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash From Mamaearth @ INR 399 




2. I Will Exfoliate My Face Twice A Week 


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For the glowing, clear skin of your dreams, a simple face wash won't suffice. Twice or thrice a week, you need a deeper skincare step that clears up dead and damaged skin cells along with excess oil, for improved skin texture, complexion and shine. This is where exfoliation comes in! Using a scrubbing or exfoliating product suited for your skin type will help you get healthier, brighter skin that glows from within. That being said, do not over-exfoliate your skin either. 

Product Recommendations 


Green Tea Gentle Revival Face Scrub From Plum @ INR 395 




Naked and Raw Coffee Face Scrub From mCaffeine @ INR 349 




3. I Will Give My Skin The Nourishment It Needs 


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Along with regular cleansing and exfoliating, you also need to give your skin the nutrients and nourishment it needs to thrive. A quality moisturizer for your face and body will be your skin's BFF. Moisturising your skin regularly helps it stay soft and supple, while warding off both excessive dryness as well as oiliness. It helps your skin retain its ideal balance of moisture and nutrients, and may also help in reducing breakouts and acne by soothing skin irritation. 

Product Recommendations 


Hydrating Face Serum Cream From Arata @ INR 560 




4. I Will Never Step Out Without SPF 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Middle of summer or peak winter, your skin needs to be protected against sun damage 365 days of the year. Even if we kept surface concerns like tanning and sunburn aside, exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can adversely affect your skin, leading to premature signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and at the extreme end, skin cancer. So as a critical skincare resolution for 2021, promise yourself you won't leave the house without slapping on a sheen of SPF on your face and exposed body parts. 

Product Recommendations 


Ultra-Light Indian Sunscreen with SPF 50 From mamaearth @ INR 499

Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ @ INR 549 




5. I Will Keep Myself Sufficiently Hydrated


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Considering more than half of our bodies comprise of water, the importance of keeping yourself hydrated isn't hard to gauge. Along with other health benefits, regular and sufficient consumption of water is key to avoiding skin concerns and keeping your skin in top form effortlessly. Your body needs a minimum of 2 litres of water every day to function efficiently, the perks of which trickle down to your skin's health by maintaining moisture levels, promoting adequate circulation of nutrients, and increasing blood flow. 


6. I Will Keep My Body Moving 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Again, the fact that regular exercise is critical to your physical and mental well-being, isn't exactly a revelation. Despite that, most of us continue to live largely sedentary lives, confined to our desks during the day and lounging in bed at night. Especially with 2020 restricting all of us to our houses, the necessity of establishing a daily workout regime is now more than ever. If that isn't enough incentive to exercise, do remember what role it plays in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Exercise increases blood flow which leads to better circulation of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, and thus enhances your skin's brightness and complexion. 


7. I Will Detox Periodically 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Junk, processed food, sugary drinks, alcohol and cigarettes - these are some of the things that lead to a gradual build-up of toxins in your body. These toxins cannot be eliminated through the skin, so giving your body a periodic detox is your best bet for boosting its health significantly. Once your body flushes out these toxins, you'll also notice how much healthier and happier your skin looks. So in 2021, resolve to have a detox day at least once a week, when you monitor your diet and consume detoxing drinks and fruits. To create your own detox drink at home, you can browse through a myriad of simple recipes online. 


8. I Will Include Healthy Supplements In My Diet 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Your diet is definitely the most important source of nutrients for your body, but there are certain gaps that supplements can help in covering up. Most adults don't get their necessary supply of nutrients from the food they eat, and certain vitamins and essential amino acids don't enter your body in enough quantity through your diet. So making use of regular dietary supplements is an effective way to compensate for these deficiencies. When your body gets all the nutrients it needs, the positive effects reflect on your skin as well. Some nutrients that you can supplement include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & B12, and Zinc. 


9. I Will Unwind With A Home-Spa Session Once A Week 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


There's a reason stress has been dubbed as a silent killer, it genuinely debilitates your physical and mental health. All of us need to take a break from our hectic schedules and just unwind, at least once a week. An at-home spa session combines the long-lasting benefits of thorough skincare and relaxation of the mind and body. So, as you get ready to enter 2021, make sure you schedule one such session every week. In fact, why not start putting together your home spa kit, as we speak? 


10. I Will Declutter & Clean My Beauty Products & Tools Regularly


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Now, this one may or may not be as critical for the men as much as it is for the ladies, but if you have a stash of makeup at home, be mindful of decluttering that counter along with cleaning your tools every so often. Expired makeup can lead to an array of skin problems, and dirty makeup sponges and brushes will cause bacteria to accumulate on your skin and thus, make it prone to acne and breakouts. Here's a guide to prepping your makeup kit that you can refer to for healthier skin in 2021! 

So, are you ready to make your way to brighter, better skin, one small resolution at a time? Happy new year! 

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