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Come & Fall Prey To The Magic Of Words At The New Delhi World Book Fair 2020

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Jan. 6, 2020 5 min read

Books reveal those facts about life that we shy away from. When literary wisdom is jotted along the dotted lines, the outcome is a sheer psychological pleasure for all your body mind and soul. Bringing to you the same biblical ecstasy on a highly amplified scale is the World Book Fair 2020 in New Delhi


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A collaboration of more than 500 publishers authors and mindful personalities from all across the world, the New Delhi World Book Fair is unscalable in terms of variety and options for the book lovers among. Love those fantasy fictions, you're in for a treat! Always dug in those DC and Marvel comics, you'll find an entire section dedicated to the same. For those self help motivational book lovers, there's a number of categories up for grab. You'll come across almost anything and everything with a wide variety of options to choose from over here. 

World Book Fair New Delhi 2020

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So don't mistake this for anything else, this is the biggest collection of books and other biblical delights in Delhi



Not Just About Books!


Author's Corner

Your chance for a tete-a-tete with your favourite curator, the Author's corner has always been one of the most visited attractions of the World Book Fair. Come here with your set of questions and suggestions, and who knows, you may even be able to get your copy signed with an answer to your thoughts. This or that, there's nothing near to the happiness of that starlit awe in your eyes after having a word or two with your favourite author.


Children's Pavillion

A book fair is always incomplete without the highly imaginative minds of the little tots among. Bring your little bundles of joy here and introduce them to the world of stories and literary creations that are fun to imagine and even better to interpret with the number of activities being organised for them. From skits and storytelling to workshops and musical presentations, you kids would surely have a gala time when at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2020.


International Events Corner

Searching for some new ideas, inspiration and collaboration from the world? Well, here's an engaging platform to help you diversify your thoughts and amplify your skills by mingling up the ideas and honing them up to things grandeur and worthy of widespread attention.  


Cultural Program

A fair without festivities? Nahh! So there'll be dancing and music to keep things lit up with smiles and good times. Like the previous versions of the World Book Fair, even this once, they are hosting a cultural program for those with little attention span towards books


Book Reading Sessions

Yeah, finally, you'll be at a place where people actually sit down and just read, just read and listen right from the horse's mouth, and when with many other likeminded individuals along, the experience is one of kind and simply a delight for book lovers.  



If you think of yourself to be highly aware of things and event around, you can put yourself to test over here. Participate in Quizes and contests to win exciting prices or just to excite your brain up to a pace, you won't leave without a smile on your face. 


Award-Winning Books Gallery

A Galore of good books, sorry, award-winning books, is simply ecstatic for one and all among. Just to know the names of these, you know, to brag about them later is something you won't mind right? Well, if not to brag, this is a holy grail for booklovers in Delhi. Come here to be aroused by the thoughts and literary expertise of the best of the best among. And trust me on this, you will find something or the other that piques your mood. 


Food Stalls & Local Delicacies

For when you're done scouting food for your mind, it'll be time that you look down to your tummy as well. And you need not worry a bit about that as well. There'll be hoards of food stalls and vendors available at every few steps you take. So bring your own food or buy it from here, just sit with a book in your hand while you nosh it in at a quaint little corner, heaven it will be, you can mark my words on this, simply heaven it will be!  


When & Where

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (Get Directions)

4th Jan - 12th Jan 2020

11:00 Am to 08:00 PM (All Days)

Nearest Metro Station: Pragati Maidan (Blue Line)


Important Information

  • Tickets will be available at the main gate (Main entrance) at INR 30.
  • The ticket would not cover any parking charges, paid parking is available near the Bhairon Mandir Complex, limited slots only.
  • All attendees are requested to carry valid ID proof for identification purpose. 
  • Smoking or consumption of tobacco products is prohibited inside the event premises




Q. Is there an age restriction for entry?

A. No, there is no age restriction on entry to the New Delhi World Book Fair 2020.


Q. Will there be any additional charges levied after buying the entry ticket?

A. No, an entry ticket charge is the only and all-inclusive of taxes amount you will need to pay.


Q. Will parking be available?

A. The event authorities do not endorse parking near the Pragati Maidan premises. All vehicles are to be parked on the owners' risk. Designated paid parking spot is available at the Bhairon Mandir Complex, however, the event Authorities won't take any responsibility of the same. 


Q. I am looking for some academic books, will I find the relevant ones here?

A. Yes, if you are aware of the specific publisher and if they are appointing a bookstall here, then it is likely that you'll find such books here. 


Q. I am looking forward to getting my work published? Will it be helpful if I visit this place?

A. See, that depends, you will get a chance to meet a number of publishers over here, but they will be here to sell and not take on new projects. On the broader horizon, you'll get ample opportunity to learn and optimize your work as per the need. 

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