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Try These 19 Alcohol Brands, You'll Never Go Back To Your Old Swill: February, 2024

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 202415 min read

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When it comes to alcohol, everyone has different choices. Some like the sweet-bitter beer while some prefer the tartness and freshness of the wine. The sales of super-premium and craft spirits continue to sizzle whatever the occasion is but, aren't you getting bored sipping those same usual drinks?
There has been an entry of many new drinks in the Indian market which all the spirits lover need to try. For young millennials, it's also time to seek out new craft and super-premium drinks. Here is the list of 19 new and best beers, gins, whiskeys, and wines in India that you need to try right now.



1. Hopper Blonde Beer

Based out of India, but brewed in Belgium, Hopper is s true Belgian Lager made with 100% Malt to ensure undiluted assurance of the quality of beer. A crisp fresh Witbier with a pleasant bitterness achieved by using only the finest Aromatic Hops, Hopper Blonde has a smooth, soft and rounded aftertaste8 days of fermentation and 30 days of maturation guarantee a natural clarity, taste stability and a very accessible flavor with an attractive body.


Image Courtesy: Behance


Currently Available: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai

Price Of Hopper Beer In India: ₹185 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Hopper Beer In India: 4.3% ABV


2. Moonshine Meadery

The first of its kind, Moonshine Meadery is apparently Asia's first Meadery. Though it can be debated that mead technically does not fall under the beer category it is still gathering a fan base due to its sweetish taste and easy to drink capabilities. In a coffee, apple cyder-Wine, and traditional varietals, it’s readily available in Pune and Mumbai. They soon plan to diversify and pour all across the country.


Image Courtesy: Res Cloudinary


Currently Available: Pune and Mumbai

Price Of Moonshine Meadery Beer In India: ₹220 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Moonshine Meadery Beer In India: 4% ABV


3. Chimay

It is an authentic Trappist beer and is recognized by the International Trappist Association. Chimay is brewed within the walls of Trappist Monastery, under the supervision of monks who are also responsible for making and then marketing the beer. The first beer was produced by the monks of Chimay in 1862 and it was in 2013 that it was marketed for the first time. Currently, only 2 versions are available in India - Chimay Gold Blonde Ale and Chimay Red Dark Ale.
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Currently Available: Mumbai

Price Of Chimay Beer In India: ₹550 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Chimay Beer In India: 4.3% ABV


4. Delirium

Delirium is one of the most popular Belgian beers out there and is easily recognizable due to its pink elephant logo and ceramic bottles. A trip to Brussels is incomplete without a trip to the Delirium Café which serves over 2000 beer! It has an incredibly high volume of alcohol and is exported worldwide. The two flavors available in India are - Delirium Tremens Belgian Strong Blonde Ale and Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Strong Dark Ale.
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Currently Available: Delhi and Mumbai

Price Of Delirium Beer In India: ₹580 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Delirium Beer In India: 8% ABV


5. Simba

This beer was set up so that the makers could brew the beer they would like to have - flavorful, authentic and made with high-quality ingredients. Simba beer is made in small batches using finely crafted recipes and not formulas. The packaging of this beer is dark and simple yet very attractive.
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Currently Available: Delhi and Goa

Price Of Simba Beer In India: ₹110 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Simba Beer In India: 5% ABV


6. Sommerweisse

Erdinger is an iconic German brewery and for their new wheat beer, they have crafted Sommerweisse which is made through a process which brings out the flavor and mildly aromatic bitterness particularly well. This beer is aromatic but still remains true to the traditional style. They have also designed a special glass for this beer so that the hop aromas and delicate flavors can be enjoyed to the fullest.
Image Courtesy: S clance


Currently Available: Delhi

Price Of Sommerweisse Beer In India: ₹200 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Sommerweisse Beer In India: 4.6% ABV


7. Simona

Established in 2017, Thirsty Beers aims to bring back origin to the art of beer and brews. Simona is Thirsty Beer's second product which is a premium wheat beer offering with aromas of banana and a clove-like spiciness. It is a favorite in summers and is brewed using pure wheat malts and live yeast.
Image Courtesy: stage brewer world


Currently Available: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Goa

Price Of Simona Beer In India: ₹200 (Approx.) for a 330 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Simona Beer In India: 4.5% ABV



8. Stranger & Sons

Aromatic and balanced, lovely with tonic, or by itself on ice! One of the best homegrown craft Gin in India, Stranger & Sons is made using eight locally sourced botanicals like coriander, black pepper, nutmeg and mace from a number of spice farms that are located around their distillery. What makes the gin unique is the fact that it is infused with three types of citrus peels from fruits grown in their personal garden. It gets its unique taste from the flavourful Gondhoraj lemons sourced from Kolkata. May not be typically new but is, by far, the finest gin to come out of India, and your next trip to Goa would be incomplete without a bottle of this being brought back to impress the social circle. Beyond just a simple, classy bottle of indigenous craft gin, Stranger & Sons is an ode to everything this country has to offer, including its people.



Image Courtesy: Le mill India


Currently Available: Goa and Maharashtra

Price Of Stranger & Sons Gin In India: ₹1,855 (Approx.) for a 700 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Stranger & Sons Gin In India: 42.8% ABV


9. Greater Than

Greater Than is the only London dry gin that is made in India. The botanicals which include junipercoriander seedsgingerlemongrassfennelchamomileorange peels are sourced from India and around the world and makes it quite citrusy. It has already become a huge hit and has a perfect balance of zest and zing.
 Image Courtesy: Tipsy Drifter


Currently Available: Goa and Bangalore

Price Of Greater Than Gin In India: ₹1450 (Approx.) for a bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Greater Than Gin In India: 40% ABV


10. Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin

Soon after the launch of Greater Than, the team (Nao Spirits) started working on Hapusa. Distilled in India with foraged Himalayan Juniper and locally sourced botanicals, Hapusa is a gin that is uniquely Indian. In Sanskrit, Juniper is called ‘Hapusa’, and it is this which gives their Gin not only its name but its untamed aroma and flavor. Found near the snow line in the Himalayas, this elusive Juniper Berry imparts a beautiful structure around which the rest of their botanicals are purposefully arranged. These botanicals are sourced from various parts of the country to bring together its varied flavors, cuisines and cultures to make this a real journey in a glass. From the Pine forests in the Himalayas, your taste buds venture along the banks of the Hooghly River, through the monsoon forests of Tamil Nadu and finally end their journey in the lush spice farms of Goa. Gentle citrus on the nose, mingling with earthy spice and fresh leaves, strong flavor of lime citrus coming through on the palate, disappating to a sweet finish is what best defines the Hapusa. 


Image Courtesy: Ginnatic


Currently Available: Goa, Bengaluru and Delhi

Price Of Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin In India: ₹2.600 (Approx.) for a 700 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Hapusa Himalayan Dry Gin In India: 43% ABV



11. Monkey 47

Monkey 47 Gin comes from Germany's Black Forest. It is a highly complex dry gin whose flavors demands serious attention. This gin has been produced since 2008 and is made mainly of cranberries. An absolute high-class spirit, it has a robust flavor. The number 47 comes from the number of vegetable ingredients that goes into this gin. This gin makes sure that you keep coming back to it for more and more.
Image Courtesy: Cool Shop


Currently Available: Mumbai and Delhi

Price Of Monkey 47 Gin In India: ₹4800 (Approx.) for a 500ml bottle 

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Monkey 47 Gin In India: 47% ABV


12. Stars Of Bombay

This gin is a 2015 small-batch addition to the Bombay’s bestselling gin Bombay Sapphire range. Star Of Bombay gin is presented in a modern and beautifully packaged bottle with exquisite detail. The botanicals in this gin are similar to that of in Bombay Sapphire, this being more punchier and earthy.
Image Courtesy: Novella Magazine


Currently Available: Karnataka, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi 

Price Of Stars Of Bombay Gin In India: ₹5700 (Approx.) for a bottle 

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Stars Of Bombay Gin In India: 47.5% ABV



13. Belstar Cult Prosecco

Prosecco is an Italian white wine and the new addition to the Prosecco portfolio is the Belstar Cult Prosecco which comes from the grand old house of Bisol. The sweetness varies from very dry to medium-sweet and has rich fruitiness which is balanced with crisp acidity. Apart from the taste, the luxurious bottle will make sure that you are coming back for it.new_beers_gins_whiskeys_wines_india_belstar_cult_prosecco_image
Image Courtesy: Tannico


Currently Available: Mumbai

Price Of Belstar Cult Prosecco Wine In India: ₹865 (Approx.) for a bottle 

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Belstar Cult Prosecco Wine In India: 11% ABV


14. J'NOON

J'NOON range of wines emerged when passion met inspiration. This is the first collaboration between Jean-Charles Boisset and Kapil Sekhri in the Indian wine industry where the wines are made on Indian soil and then are served all over the world. J’NOON is an artistic take on the Urdu wordJunoon’, meaning 'passion' and is a limited edition collection with only 2400 bottles of red, white and sparkling wines.
Image Courtesy: Napa Valley Register
Currently Available:
JCB No 47- Mumbai and Delhi NCR, ₹3500
J’NOON WHITE- Mumbai and Delhi NCR, ₹2500
J’NOON RED- Mumbai and Delhi NCR, ₹4000


15. Michter's Bourbon

This is US's number one Bourbon from Michter's Distiller in Louisville, Kentucky. Michter's Bourbon whiskey is made in small batches, which means no more than two dozen barrels. Top quality stuff, brimming with caramel, vanilla and fruit notes, the sweetness comes first and it ends with smoky flavors. This whiskey has simple and classic packaging and is enjoyable with few cubes of ice.
Image Courtesy: Doctor Trace


Currently Available: New Delhi, Maharastra, Chennai, Rajasthan, Bengaluru



16. Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A medium-weight single malt, Aberlour’s character balances malt, fruit and a distinctive blackcurrant note. It is a whisky which gains in weight and toffee-like sweetness as it matures and has sufficient depth to be able to cope with Sherry cask maturation.


Image Courtesy: Diineout


Currently Available: Delhi and Kathmandu

Price Of Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky In India: ₹4900 (Approx.) for a 700ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky In India: 40% ABV


17. Ballantine's

Blended with fifty single malts and four single grains, Ballantine's is slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla Perfect for mixing to start the night. The first-ever Ballantine’s recipe Start the night with a Whisky that's stayed true to its original recipe since 1910 and since then the brand has won many accolades and awards for its products.


Image Courtesy: amazon


Currently Available: India

Price Of Ballantine's Whisky In India: ₹1700 (Approx.) for a 1L bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Ballantine's Whisky In India: 40% ABV


18. White Walker by Johnnie Walker

A limited-edition whiskey from Johnnie Walker, inspired by the absurdly popular television program, Game of Thrones, this whiskey features malts from Clynelish and Cardhu, among others. The bottle has a temperature-sensitive graphic that will spell out the words “Winter is here” when it's at the right temperature for serving. Starts with a thin hint of orange Fruit Pastilles and dried apricot and then tuned with a toffee, vanilla pod and ginger snaps. Rich on the palate more vanilla again, this time paired with cinnamon and almond with a hint of fresh cherry and cut oak heat and finally finish with lingering peppery malt and festive spices.


Image Courtesy: newsapi


Currently Available: India

Price Of Ballantine's Whisky In India: ₹4450 (Approx.) for a 750 ml bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Ballantine's Whisky In India: 41.7% ABV


19. Jameson Caskmates

Jameson Caskmates is an Irish whiskey overall having an interesting twist to an old favorite. This whiskey is partly aged in Stout barrels due to which it has strong coffee and cocoa characteristics. On the palate, it initially tastes sweet and is quickly complemented by the subtle touch of hops and cocoa beans. It is a unique and interesting Irish whiskey which you need to add on your tasting list now!

Image Courtesy: Gourmet Basket


Currently Available: Delhi and Mumbai

Price Of Jameson Caskmates Whisky In India: ₹2500 (Approx.) for a bottle

Alcohol By Volume Percentage of Jameson Caskmates Whisky In India: 40% ABV

Now don't wait and head over with your gang and enjoy these new varieties of alcoholic drinks and thank us later! These drinks will lift your mood up instantly and you are not gonna regret trying these. Available in few cities now, they are gonna spread to other parts as well very soon.
So, until next time - Bottoms up!


Q. Which cocktails are low on alcohol?
A. Spritzes, Shandies, Americano, Tom Collins
Q. Which alcoholic drinks are good for health?
A. Beer, Red Wine, Whiskey
Q: What are craft alcohol brands in India?
A: Craft alcohol brands in India are small-scale, independent producers known for their artisanal approach to brewing, distilling, and blending high-quality alcoholic beverages.
Q: What types of craft alcohol are available in India?
A: Craft alcohol in India includes craft beer, artisanal spirits, and unique blends like craft cocktails, often crafted using traditional methods and local ingredients.
Q: Are craft alcohol brands in India regulated?
A: Yes, craft alcohol brands in India are regulated by the government to ensure quality, safety, and adherence to legal standards in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages.