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7 Best Navratri Thalis In Mumbai To Satisfy Your Cravings | 2024 Edition

By Suhani Gupta

Updated - April 9, 2024 4 min read

The auspicious Navratri season is here, and as we speak, many of us pledge to practise restraint and complete a 9-day fast. But, don't you think it would be easier to munch a bit and sail through the period? 

You might need to abstain from alcohol and meat, but nobody said you can't eat interesting dishes prepared exclusively during the nine days! 

On that note, here's a list of the most scrumptious Navratri thalis in Mumbai we’ve compiled for you!


Image Courtesy: India Chronicles

We found a hub for authentic Gujarati food tucked away in the busy lanes of Mumbai. Soam on Grant Road is adored for dishing out delicious Gujarati snacks and street dishes. For Navratri, they have launched a special festive menu, replete with 17 spectacular Satvik dishes. From filling tidbits like  Farali Pattice, Sabudana Vada, to mini meals like Faraali Oondhiyu and Rajgira Puris, and Sabudana Khichdi, this restaurant in Mumbai has pledged to cater to every taste bud! 


Image Courtesy: Swiggy

 Nope, we're not kidding. Yes, our go-to spot for everything is now serving mouthwatering Satvik dishes, platters, and drinks specifically for Navratri! An authentic Sabudana Khichdi Curd Meal, Royal Shravan Thali with Makhmali Paneer, Sabudana Tikki, and Sitaphal Kheer are among the four choices on the special menu at Navratri Specials by LunchBox.. Well, that’s what we call a perfect meal. 


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Image Courtesy: FoodFellas For You

Does the thought of some special Navratri Kachodis make your mouth water? Well, since thoughts can't feed you, we'd suggest making a beeline for Navaratna Restaurant in Mumbai for the real deal! Their menu has been extended with a new section of Upwas Snacks, which comprises tasty nibbles like Kachodi, Sabudana Vada, and fast-friendly potato chips and French fries. Perfect to grab a quick Satvik bite, if you asked us!


Image Courtesy: Lifestyle Asia 

Time and hunger wait for no one. So, when those pangs hit  you can safely place an order at Faasos. Their Navratri special Sabudana Khichdi meal is nothing short of mouthwatering, prepared while keeping Satvik customs in mind, and served with chilled curd. 


Image Courtesy: So Delhi

Almost every outlet of Chaayos offers scrummy Navratri Thalis in Mumbai. Their drool-worthy Satvik Thali includes lip-smacking  Paneer ki Sabji, Paneer Pakoda, three Kuttu Ka Paratha, three different types of Chutneys, Curd Petha, Aaloo Ki Sabji. And the best thing about Chaayos Navratri Thali is, you can have this yummy affair with luscious Satvik food for less than INR 500. Their tangy Aaloo Ki  Sabji and Curd with Petha will leave a lasting effect on your palate.


Image Courtesy:

Although you can visit any time, in any season, to wallow in the taste of different Indian traditions across the country, but during Navratra their special preparedness for Satvik Navratra Thali will mesmerize you with finger-licking veg-cuisines at pocket-friendly prices. Their Navratri Thali includes soft & velvety Kuttu Pooris, Gulab Jamun, Petha, and Makhana Kheer which is somehow similar to Rabri, a complete flavoury offer in total traditional style.



Image Courtesy: Whats hot

Nestled in the Oberoi Mall, Maharaja Bhoj offers premium veg Thali in Mumbai, especially during Navratri. If you’re on a nine-day fast and done with monotonous Navratri Thali and want to indulge in some delish Navratri Thali In Mumbai, head to Maharaja Bhoj or order from this premium outlet. Their Satvit Navratra Thali includes Rajgira Puri, Sabudana Papad, Samak Pulao, and different types of delicious Curries, Daal, Chutneys, and fresh vegetables. This means you would have high time to gorge on delectable Satvik delicacies at Maharaja Bhoj


What's a festival without a feast? Happy Navratri! 


Q: Is yogurt allowed during Navratri Vrat?

A: Yes, you can consume yogurt, but it should be plain and without any added flavors or preservatives.


Q: Can I have dry fruits and nuts as snacks during Navratri Vrat?

A: Yes, you can enjoy a variety of dry fruits and nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews in moderate quantities.


Q: Can I use rock salt (sendha namak) in Navratri Vrat snacks?

A: Yes, rock salt is commonly used during Navratri Vrat as it is considered pure and permissible.


Q Are there any specific snacks for fasting during Navratri Vrat?

A Yes, certain snacks like Rajgira Ladoo and Samak Rice Idli are specifically prepared for Navratri Vrat.


Q: Can I prepare Navratri Vrat snacks in advance?

A: Yes, many Navratri Vrat snacks can be prepared in advance and stored in airtight containers for a few days.



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