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Chaitra Navratri 2024 Colors: Outfit Ideas for Men in 9 Vibrant Shades

By Aniket

Updated - April 9, 2024 5 min read

Navratri, the nine-night festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, is not just about devotion but also an extravaganza of vibrant colors and fashion. Each day of Navratri is associated with a specific color, and understanding the significance of these colors can add depth to your celebrations.


Which Colour for which Day?

Navratri, the nine-night festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, is a vibrant celebration of colors and fashion. Each day is associated with a specific color: Yellow for knowledge, Green for nature, Grey for balance, Orange for energy, White for purity, Red for passion, Royal Blue for trust, Pink for love, and Purple for power. Embracing these colors with traditional outfits and accessories adds depth and joy to the festivities, allowing one to honor tradition while looking stylish and festive.


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the symbolism behind the nine Navratri colors and provide outfit ideas and accessories for men, ensuring you look your best during this auspicious occasion.


1. Yellow (Day 1 - Pratipada):

Yellow signifies knowledge and learning. Rock a vibrant yellow kurta with white or off-white pyjamas. Add a Nehru jacket in a complementary shade for a contemporary twist.


Significance: Symbolizes purity and the beginning of a new journey.

Outfit Idea: A bright yellow kurta paired with white churidar and mojaris.

Accessories: Opt for a traditional yellow pagdi (turban) and a gold wristwatch.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 1399rs



2. Green (Day 2 - Dwitiya):

Green represents nature and fertility. Choose a rich green kurta set and pair it with golden or cream-colored dhoti pants. Enhance the look with ethnic accessories.


Significance: Represents growth and prosperity.

Outfit Idea: A green bandhgala suit with beige trousers and brown shoes.

Accessories: Add a green pocket square and a stylish brooch to complete the look.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 1899rs



3. Grey (Day 3 - Tritiya):

For a contemporary yet classic look, choose a charcoal grey kurta with silver detailing. Team it up with white pyjamas and a statement stole for a sophisticated appeal.


Significance: Symbolizes the balance between light and dark.

Outfit Idea: A grey Nehru jacket paired with black jeans and black leather boots.

Accessories: Complement the outfit with a sleek black belt and silver cufflinks.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 2499rs




4. Orange (Day 4 - Chaturthi):

Embody the spirit of festivity in an orange kurta with intricate threadwork. Combine it with beige bottoms and ethnic juttis for a striking, cohesive look.


Significance: Represents energy and enthusiasm.

Outfit Idea: An orange kurta with intricate embroidery, paired with white pajamas.

Accessories: Adorn a statement orange turban and ethnic juttis.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 1599rs



5. White (Day 5 - Panchami):

White symbolizes purity and spirituality. Opt for a crisp white kurta-pajama set or kurta with churidar. Accessorize with a colorful dupatta or stole for a pop of contrast.


Significance: Symbolizes purity and peace.

Outfit Idea: A crisp white kurta-pajama ensemble with silver embroidery.

Accessories: Add a silver wristwatch and a white silk stole for a sophisticated touch.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 1699rs



6. Red (Day 6 - Shashthi):

Red symbolizes strength and passion. Embrace this color with a red kurta paired with white pajamas or churidar. Add a contrasting dupatta for an elegant touch.


Significance: Represents power and the triumph of good over evil.

Outfit Idea: A bold red sherwani with golden embellishments, paired with churidar.

Accessories: Accentuate the look with a red turban and gold jewelry.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 799rs




7. Royal Blue (Day 7 - Saptami):

Blue signifies calmness and trust. Opt for a royal blue sherwani or kurta with intricate golden embroidery. Team it up with white or beige bottoms for a majestic look.

Significance: Symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

Outfit Idea: A regal blue Indo-Western outfit with intricate embroidery.

Accessories: Enhance the look with a blue pocket square and a stylish brooch.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 3299rs



8. Pink (Day 8 - Ashtami):

Embrace the softer side of Navratri in a pastel pink kurta set. Opt for minimalistic embellishments and pair it with white or cream-colored bottoms for an understated charm.


Significance: Represents love and femininity.

Outfit Idea: A pastel pink kurta with golden motifs, paired with cream-colored dhoti.

Accessories: Choose a matching pink safa (turban) and traditional mojari shoes.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 999rs



9. Purple (Day 9 - Navami):

Indulge in the richness of purple with a deep-hued kurta and a draped kurta-style jacket. Complete the look with golden accessories and juttis for a majestic presence.


Significance: Symbolizes power and ambition.

Outfit Idea: A rich purple kurta-jacket set with intricate embroidery, paired with black trousers.

Accessories: Complete the look with a purple pocket square and a bold wristwatch.


But This look :

navratri look

price: 2995rs


Understanding the significance of Navratri colors can make your celebration more meaningful. These outfit ideas and accessories for men in each color will help you embrace the festive spirit while looking stylish and traditional. Whether you choose to follow tradition or add a modern twist, let these vibrant hues enhance your Navratri experience. Happy Navratri!


Q1: What are some traditional Navratri outfit ideas for men?

A1: Traditional kurta with dhoti or churidar, paired with a contrasting dupatta, is a classic choice.


Q2: Can I wear modern clothing during Navratri celebrations?

A2: Yes, you can opt for a fusion look like a kurta with jeans or trousers for a modern twist.


Q3: Are there specific colors I should wear during Navratri?

A3: Yes, each day has a dedicated color; for example, red on the first day and royal blue on the second day.


Q4: What accessories can enhance my Navratri outfit?

A4: Accessories like turbans, mojris (traditional shoes), and a statement necklace can add a festive touch.


Q5: Can I wear a sherwani during Navratri celebrations?

A5: Yes, a sherwani in festive colors with intricate embroidery is a perfect choice for special occasions during Navratri.


Q6: Are there any specific fabrics suitable for Navratri outfits?

A6: Light and breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen are ideal for Navratri outfits, ensuring comfort during celebrations.


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