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Experience The Thrill Of Climbing On Top Of A Mountain Over The Weekend-Nag Tibba Trek

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Get to experience the thrill of a summit climb in just a weekend in a trail like Nag Tibba! This trek begins from the small village of Pantwari, which is reached after a 6-hour drive from Dehradun. Adventure lovers and mountaineers are drawn to it as its summit offers panoramic views of snow-clad peaks of the Central Himalayas in the distance. 

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Nag Tibba lies in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, which are found to the north-east of Mussoorie. The peak is at an altitude of 3048 metres. 


Things To Carry

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Trekking gear: How can you imagine trekking without a sporty and comfortable trekking gear? Go for good quality, but resist the shiny bleeding-edge trekking toys. Good trekking gear is the first thing that should come to your mind while packing for a trek. 


Water Bottle: Carrying a water bottle is a must. When you are trekking, your body dehydrates but most times due to the cold or cool temperature, you do not realize you are sweating. So, do keep on sipping on water to keep your body hydrated. 


Munching from time to time: You can munch on dry fruits, chocolates, energy bars come handy and are easy to consume. 


Torchlight or Flashlight: First-time trekkers often forget to carry a torch as they do not realize the importance of having a torch or flashlight. It is a lifesaver when you are trekking at night. So, don't forget to carry a torch!


Sunscreen, Sunblocks, and Lipbalms: This can be forgotten easily as there are so many other things to worry while going on a trek. Do pack the sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays and while trekking and traveling. 


Medical Kit or First-aid Kit: You must be aware of the fact that there'll be no medical help in the mountains while trekking. So, you need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. 


Miscellaneous: Soaps and hand sanitizer, Hiking shoes, Walking stick, Flip flops to offer rest to your feet.



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Nag Tibba can be done anytime during the year. The weather in the summer months (April – Sept) varies from 8-25 degrees and drops down to -5 to 15 degrees in winters (December to March). Check the weather conditions before leaving and pack accordingly.


Things To Keep In Mind During Nag Tibba Trek

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Though the Nag Tibba trek is an easy one but still there are a few things that you should keep in mind before going on this trek. These are a few things that should be kept in mind while trekking to Nag Tibba: 


1. Make sure you are fit enough for the trek as most of the safety issues thrive amongst those who are unfit and unprepared for the trek. So, make sure you meet the fitness requirement for this trek and you have the ideal BMI.


2. Make sure you stay hydrated and carry nutritious food along with you on the trek. Apart from this, snacks or packed lunch is provided wherever the trail before a meal break is likely to be long. 


3. Make yourself aware of the mountain sickness which means that the entire trail is within the tree line, so the possibility of AMS is extremely low. And the maximum altitude on the trail is just about 3000m at Nag Tibba top, and you don’t even camp there.


4. Take the safety gears, high-end trek equipment, high altitude first aid kits and most importantly the right information. 


5. Consider hiking poles to take the stress off your knees and thighs.


6. Your safety on the trail is your own responsibility. Stay on the trail and don’t take shortcuts on switchbacks.


Best Time to visit Nag Tibba 

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Though Nag Tibba is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Nag Tibba is late September – March. However, mid-November – March is the best season for Nag Tibba trek. So, make sure you are well aware about the weather conditions before you decide to go for Nag Tibba trek. 


How To Reach Nag Tibba 

By Air:

The nearest airport to Mussoorie is the Jolly Grant Airport that is situated 60 kilometers from Mussoorie. This airport is connected with well-metalled roads. Taxis are conveniently available from the airport to the city of Mussoorie.


By Railway:

Dehradun Railway station is the nearest to Mussoorie at a distance of 36 kilometers. There are two trains that run between Delhi to Dehradun and vice-versa on a daily basis. Mussoorie is located 36 kilometers from Dehradun Railway Station. The two major trains that connect Dehradun with other major cities of India are the Shatabdi Express and Mussoorie Express.


By Road:

Mussoorie is well connected with motorable roads. The ISBT Kashmiri Gate is the place to go to for luxury and normal buses from Mussoorie to other cities.


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Q. How to reach Nag Tibba by bus?

A. Nag Tibba is located about 57 km from Mussoorie with 13km trek. You can also reach Nag Tibba via Dehradun either by booking a cab or taxi or you can come to Mussorrie from Dehradun and start from here.


Q. How to start trekking?
A. Start brisk morning walks followed by jogging at-least a month before the start of your trek. Choose the correct footwear and walking socks most importantly. Build leg strength and increase your walking training. Train on similar walking terrain using backpacks and walking poles. Kee yourself hydrated.


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