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Must Visit Restaurants in Connaught Place, Delhi

By Aditya Ganjoo

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Looking for a bite to grab somewhere in Connaught place? Here’s a list of the top 5 places that will satiate your appetite.

1. The Great Kebab Factory
Calling out to all Kebab lovers! Don’t miss out on the Great Kebab Factory. It’s an Indian speciality restaurant offering a once in a lifetime dining experience. The chef uses recipes combining the ancient with the contemporary. For those of you who are vegetarian, the chefs have introduced kebabs such as tandoori broccoli and subz galouti! The ambience is very pleasant and the service is great.



Highlights: Kebabs And Biryani, Decor
Must-Haves: Galouti Kebab, Mutton Kebab, Tandoori Broccoli
Cost for Two : Rs. 2,800
Cuisine: North Indian
Address: Blu Marina Hotel, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


2. Wengers Deli
The best place to have a quick bite in Connaught Place area is Wenger’s. It’s an old and legendary bakery and therefore never compromises on its standard of quality. It is famous for cakes, bakes and burgers.



Highlights: Legendary Desserts, Pocket-Friendly
Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon Tarts, Tiramisu
Cost for Two:
 Rs. 400

Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts and Fast Foods
Address: A-16, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


3. United Coffee House
A legendary place with British themed decor serving heavenly dishes! The restaurant has up to nearly 1000 visitors a day because of its renowned status and tremendous food. Other than the food, the café is known for its coffee and tea time snacks so if you aren’t all that hungry, you have less filling options too.



Highlights: British Decor, Coffee/Tea snacks
Must-Haves: Chicken Pepper Steak, Mezze Platter, Tandoori Chicken
Cost for Two: Rs. 2,400
Cuisine: North Indian, Europeans, Asian and Mediterranean
Address: E-15, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


4. Vault Café
Multi-cuisine menus served in 5 themed private vaults! With North Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and Continental choices on their menu, you have a vast number of dishes to choose from. The food and service will not disappoint you and the ambience and design of the place will blow your mind. It’s a great and unique place to go with friends for a long night out (the drinks list is quite long!)

Vault Cafe


Highlights: Vault Theme, DJ
Must-Haves: Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Fajitas
Cost for Two : Rs. 1,800

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai
Address: N-19, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


5. Lord of the Drinks
A cool and relaxing lounge with a fully stocked bar filled with a fine collection of alcohol. The food is extremely well priced and sits well with whatever you drink.



Highlights: DJ, Medieval Ambience
Must-Haves: Mezze Platter, Tandoori Platter
Cost for Two: Rs. 1,950

Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, European, North Indian and American
Address: G-72, Radial Road Number 2, Connaught Place (Get Directions)


6. Ambrosia Bliss
Global cuisine and inventive craft cocktails presented in a ritzy setting with several terraces. The menu that offers a variety of dishes and food is quite spectacular. While located in a bustling area, the ambience is charming and pleasant.



Highlights: Cocktails, Terrace
Butter Chicken, Pina Colada, Tex Mex Nachos
Cost for Two: 
Rs. 1,600

Cuisine: Italian, North Indian and Mediterranean
Address: L-51, 2nd floor, Connaught Place (Get Directions)