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The Cosiest Winter Fashion Checklist For Men & Women

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 202411 min read

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As impossible as it seemed at the beginning of the year, we've somehow successfully crawled our way through a better portion of 2021. And now, only the last couple of months remain to be tackled. Not that any strenuous effort is required, this part of the year is always a pleasant journey. The nip in the air has come alive, and sunny golden days are beginning to wane. And sooner rather than later, we'll all be dealing with frosty cold hands, chattering teeth, and instant goose flesh the minute we decide to step out and brave the cold. 


As gorgeous as this chilly patch of the calendar is, nothing can ruin the magic of winter the way freezing to death can. I'm sorry, excuse the exaggeration, but while you might not exactly get Hypothermia, aren't winters so much more wonderful when you're all bundled up in the snuggest of clothes? And if these cosy clothes also happen to be in keeping with the latest winter trends, well, talk about icing on the cake! You know what, consider it done, we're at your service! 


After thumbing through heaps of jackets and sweaters and coats and shrugs, we managed to roster the best from the lot and compile a lookbook just for you. So, now, let's break up my babbling, and get into your list of must-haves for winter wardrobe 2021! 


For Women 


1. Longline Puffer Jacket 

Ward off the bitter winter with this heavy-duty olive puffer jacket. The long length of this jacket is perfect for staying warm from head to thigh, and the added detail of a hood only adds to its utility. The jacket comes with a durable inner lining and some dainty details like a copper zipper and buttons. A must-have if your side of the country tends to get unbearably cold!


We recommend: Roadster Women Olive Green Solid Hooded Longline Puffer Jacket from Myntra @ ₹1,799


Image Courtesy: Roadster On Myntra



2. Graphic Hoodie 

Whether it's to step out for a coffee with the girls or just run some errands on a Sunday afternoon, everybody needs a dependable graphic hoodie to throw on last-minute. This one from Puma is our fav because of the simplicity of the design, and the short-cropped length that amps up its trend quotient tenfold! 


We recommend: Modern Sports dryCELL Relaxed Fit Women’s Hoodie from Puma @ ₹1,919


Image Courtesy: Puma



3. Baggy Denim Jacket 

Perfect for a casual winter evening date, this baggy denim jacket in forest green is undeniably chic while also being super comforting. It features a shirt collar neck design, which coupled with the roomy puffy sleeves together make this jacket one of the most trending winterwear options for women this year. Also, it's super easy on the pocket which certainly helps its cause! 



Image Courtesy: Limeroad


4. Cropped Corduroy Bomber Jacket 

Turn all heads in your direction as you walk in sporting this tres cool cropped bomber jacket in corduroy fabric. The cropped elasticated hemline adds so much to its allure, and the hood makes it both fashionable and practical. But for us, its the unique Corduroy texture that makes it a must-have for this year's winter wardrobe. 


We recommend: SASSAFRAS Women Black Solid Corduroy Cropped Bomber Jacket from Myntra @ ₹999


Image Courtesy: SASSAFRAS On Myntra



5. Bomber Jacket With Fur-Lined Hood 

Bomber jackets have been trending for quite a while, and this year it's no different. We couldn't stop fawning over this gorgeous blush-nude pink number. Along with the stylish jacket, you get a detachable fur-lined hood with a drawstring fastening, for extra snugness. The neutral colour is also perfect for being paired with a number of ensembles, and if you were to ask us, we'd say you should make this your go-to winter outfit for this season! 


We recommend:FORT COLLINS Ashland Quilted Zip-Front Bomber Jacket with Detachable Fur-Lined Hood from Ajio @ ₹945


Image Courtesy: FORT COLLINS On Ajio



6. Classic Levi's Sweatshirt 

You may be cool, but are you sporting a classic Levi's sweatshirt during winters level of cool? If not, you can be! This baggy over-sized number is as casual-chic as it can get, perfect for throwing on top of a pair of faded denims. Our favourite detail has got to be the half raglan sleeves, making the contrast of this sweatshirt really stand out for the eyes. 


We recommend: LEVI'® SWEATSHIRT  Item Number:294440000 @ ₹1,039


Image Courtesy: Levi's



7. Waterfall Shrug 

Before we get into winter-winter, we're all going to have to endure a phase when the weather is chilly the minute the sun goes down, but heatstroke-inducing during the day. For those days, as well as the ones that'll follow peak Winter, this charming Mustard-coloured waterfall shrug is a must-have! Best bit? It can brighten up the drabbest of outfits, easily and almost instantly! 


We recommend: Hypernation Women Mustard Yellow Solid Waterfall Shrug from Myntra @ ₹974


Image Courtesy: Hypernation On Myntra



8. Turtleneck Pullover 

Every woman needs a ribbed Turtleneck pullover to pull through the winter season with, especially when its exactly what 2021 winterwear trends dictate. Thie elegant Mango pullover is ideal for making a classy statement, without doing much at all. We love the nude brown shade, mostly because of the space it leaves open for styling options! 


We recommend: MANGO Women Brown Self-design Turtle-Neck Pullover Sweater from Myntra @ ₹3,233


Image Courtesy: Myntra



9. Knitted Jumper

Another winter season must-have fashion item for women is a go-to knitted jumper. And it really doesn't get more minimal yet sophisticated as this piece from H&M. Everything about this jumper is beyond obsessing over, from the baggy boxy silhouette to the dainty knitted texture, and from the classy beige shade to how soft and cosy it looks! 


We recommend: H&M Women Beige Solid Knitted Jumper from Myntra  @ ₹799


Image Courtesy: H&M On Myntra



10. Cozy Flannel Shirt 

In my humble opinion, flannel as a fabric is extremely underrated and honestly, I'll never understand why. The perfect choice of attire to kick-off the winter season with, is this minimalistic warm flannel shirt in an alluring Navy blue shade. Throw it on top of some trousers for work or tuck into a pair of jeans for a lunch date with the BFF, because the versatility is truly amazing! 


Image Courtesy: MUJI


For Men 


1. Windcheater 

This ultra-lightweight windcheater is one of those must-haves from winter fashion for men, that make you look every bit as dapper as help you in staying warm. Especially if you plan on venturing on plenty of bike rides during the cold season, this one from Wildcraft will come as a life-saver from the biting chill and freezing wind! 


We recommend: Men's Windcheater Grindle from Wildcraft @ ₹1,599


Image Courtesy: Wildcraft


2. Trucker Jacket 

When it comes to building a winter wardrobe for men, a dependable and stylish jacket for dressy occasions cannot be missed under any circumstances! This on is as fashionable as it is comfortable to don, so you can walk into any winter get-together looking suave, and feeling toasty warm. 


We recommend: HERE&NOW Men Olive Green Dyed Denim Jacket from Myntra @ ₹1,919


Image Courtesy: Myntra



3. Solid Quilted Jacket 

What we love about this heavy quilted jacket is that you can either play it down, or dress it up depending on your mood and the occasion. But no matter the case, its utility will remain unchallenged! A solid quilted jacket is an ideal hack to keeping your fashion game going strong, even when it's freezing outside. Add some subtle detailing like these neon zippers, and you're all set to make a winter fashion statement! 



Image Courtesy: Limeroad


4. Classic Levi's Hoodie 

Much like the standard Levi's sweatshirt, this classic hoodie from Levi's is all too important to own for emerging as the ultimate cool-guy around. We can't get enough of the vibrant red colour of this smart outerwear piece, enhanced further by the iconic Levi's graphic in striking deep blue. Oh, and this one is on sale too, so we'd suggest snagging it as soon as you can! 


We recommend: LEVI'S® GRAPHIC ZIP-UP HOODIE  Item Number:170990034 @ ₹1,319


Image Courtesy: Levi's



5. Solid Sweatshirt 

If understated hotness (pun intended) is more your thing, we have the perfect minimalistic winterwear recommendation to make. This oh-so pocket-friendly navy crewneck sweatshirt is as good-looking, as it is versatile. You can use it to layer up by throwing a jacket on top, or flaunt the charm of this simple winter sweatshirt just by itself!


We recommend: Roadster Men Navy Blue Solid Sweatshirt from Myntra @ ₹699


Image Courtesy: Roadster On Myntra 



6. Textured Pullover

Pull all eyes towards you, as you flaunt this sophisticated textured pullover this winter 2021. Another ideal piece for those who like to keep it simple, this striking green crewneck pullover will set you apart from the crowd effortlessly. Wear it with classic blue jeans, or toss on a black bomber jacket over it. 


We recommend: H&M Men Green Textured Knit Top from Myntra @ ₹1,499

Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. Front Zip Polyester Jacket 

Are you sporty, and you know it? Well, let others know too with this dapper Polyester jacket from Puma. The material is built particularly for keeping the cold winds at bay, especially as you go for your morning runs this winter season. And even if you don't exactly identify as an athletic guy, there's no denying how this stylish jacket can amp up any outfit you decide to wear it on top of! 


We recommend: Poly Full Zip Men's Jacket from Puma @ ₹2,599


Image Courtesy: Puma Online



8. Button-Down Cardigan 

Just because we're talking about winter wardrobe must-haves, doesn't mean it all has to be casual. You also need a formal outerwear piece in your closet, especially to pair with crisp cotton shirts underneath. Meeting your girls' parents for dinner, or heading into a client meeting, this button-down cardigan will make you look uber dapper, and also help you keep the temperature in check! 


We recommend: PETER ENGLAND  Self Design V Neck Casual Men Dark Blue Sweater from Flipkart @ ₹800


Image Courtesy: Peter England



9. Textured Semi-Casual Blazer 

There's formal, then there's casual. And then there are clothes that straddle the two categories perfectly. This textured blazer from Limeroad certainly falls under that umbrella of winter fashion for men. Winter season also happens to be Shaadi season, so at least you've got your next dressy outfit in the freezing cold, sorted! 



Image Courtesy: Limeroad


10. The Winter Classic Leather Jacket 

Dare we say anything? Every guy needs a leather jacket, period. Take a girl's word for it! ;)


We recommend: HIGHLANDER Men Burgundy Solid Leather Jacket from Myntra @ ₹1,885 


Image Courtesy: Highlander On Myntra



Go on then, get your virtual shopping carts all prepped up, and keep adding till your winter wardrobe is fresh and exciting! And not to mention, super-comforting in this chill!