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Your Favourite Murthal Paranthas Are Just 7 Stations Away With The New Rapid Rail Metro: February, 2024

By Architi Batra

Updated - Feb. 27, 2024 7 min read

If you are a Delhite, you have definitely had those trips to Murthal just for the paranthas and a glass of lassi! Whether it is winters or it has been pouring hard, our Punjabi souls just can't get enough of the place. With the craze just increasing and restaurants and Dhabas adding to the place every other day, the place the perfect hangout spot whether it be with your family or friends. Long gone are the days of a picnic at India Gate, Murthal, Sukhdev Dhaba, Haveli Murthal are the new spots for the Delhites.


Although Murthal in itself is just a village in Haryana and used to be a stopover for people traveling to Haryana, Chandigarh and ahead from Delhi or back to the place, it has become more than just a stopover now. But what is the thing that makes it this special? The Food, especially the paranthas. And not just of one particular place, but it's a well-proven fact that Dhaba food is the real life and energy of us North Indians and Murthal does that the best. 


murthal-north indian dhaba food_image


But what's new and special?

It's the reduced distance between the 2 places into absolutely nothing which is working the magic of bringing back the hype. (THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST NEWS EVER)


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'Rapid Rail' Efficiently Connecting All Parts in And Out of Delhi

The Delhi to Panipat Regional Rapid Transit System (Delhi–Panipat RRTS) is a proposed, 103 km (64 mi) long, semi-high speed rail corridor connecting Delhi, Sonipat and Panipat in the National Capital Region. It is one of the three rapid-rail corridors planned under Phase-1 of the Rapid Rail Transport System of the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC). With a maximum speed of 160 km/h and average speed of 120 km/h, commuters using the system will be able to cover the distance between Panipat and Delhi in just 74 minutes. 


Yes, That's It! A mere time span of 74 minutes will take you to Panipat, where usually by road it takes easily 2 hours. Cutting down all the traffic, red light stops and other shenanigans, Delhi Metro has been the biggest boon to the city ever since past 16 years after it first started working in 2002 and has never ever disappointed us. The facility has upgraded so rapidly and efficiently that now it's stretching it ways to connect other states too. Where the Delhi-NCR regions of Noida and Gurgaon were already pretty well connected, it has started reaching out to other places too. 


delhi rapid metro_image



Stations Under The Delhi-Panipat Rapid Metro Line

The line will start from Sarai Kale Khan station which will allow interchange with Delhi-Alwar and Delhi-Meerut lines, as well as connectivity to the Nizamuddin railway station, Sarai Kale Khan ISBT and Hazrat Nizamuddin metro station. Which is a well thought of plan connecting not the place not only to Delhi but to other outskirts such as Alwar and Meerut on Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh's sides respectively too. There will be a total of 16 stations on the corridor out of which two will be underground and the rest will be elevated.


These 16 stations are as follows: 

  1. Sarai Kale Khan
  2. Indraprastha
  3. Kashmere Gate
  4. Burari Crossing
  5. Mukarba Chowk
  6. Alipur
  7. Kundli
  8. KMP Expressway Interchange
  9. Rajeev Gandhi Education City
  10. Murthal (Sonepat)
  11. Barhi
  12. Gannaur
  13. Samalkha
  14. Panipat South
  15. Panipat North
  16. Panipat Depot

delhi to panipat_image

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Just 7 Stations Between Delhi-Murthal


As this is well clear now, Delhi from Kashmere Gate Metro Station now will also connect to Murthal on the Rapid Rail to Panipat in the easiest possible way. The rapid rail metro will cut down the travel time by a great margin. Sources claim that The Rapid Rail Transport Corporation which heads the Metro projects is working hard on everything from design, construction to the final operation of the project, to help people in getting a better commute which is comfortable and genuinely advantageous to people. 

delhi rapid rail metro_image

So that, the next time you crave for some sinful paranthas or have been planning a much-awaited trip to Murthal but your parents won't let you take the car out such far away? Just hop onto the air-conditioned metro, and enjoy your travel to the land of paranthas. Now, all that awaits is the opening of the Rapid Metro Line to Murthal.

murthal paranthas_image


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Why The Hype?


Are you one of those who regularly spots people checking-in to Murthal on their social media but has never been there and wonders what all the hype is about? Is it a beautiful scenic beauty, is the view nice, is it something special to do there or is it just a spot to go to when you are getting bored? No. Murthal is not just about its famous restaurants like Amrik Sukhdev, Haveli Murthal, Garam-Dharam or Gulshan Da Dhaba. It's not even just about the parathas with white butter, a big glass of buttermilk or a big bowl of curd. As any Dhaba, you prefer you'll get a wide range of variety from the ever classic chole-bhature and dal makhani to the trending and our favorite chaap and Amritsari kulchas and what not. Instead, "the place is not just about visiting,  but it is with whom you visit makes it all special!"

murthal haveli_image

Murthal is a village located near Sonepat and at a distance of 48 km from Delhi was a dense forest which was cleared to build National Highway which initially made it a big stopover for all the travellers to have their meals and cup of tea, but soon turned into a well-running business spot with all the high-quality restaurants and dhabas getting added to it which made it the hype of today. 


murthal food_image


If you are in pursuit of vegetarian staple Punjabi food, Murthal in North India is where you need to be at and with the rapid rail making the travel easier soon, the place is sure going to benefit. But most of all, it's you and we that will jump at the first chance to go to Murthal now that it's becoming so easier. So whether you have been on this crazy food safari nth times or it will be your first, it's going to be a great journey to the place!



Q. How much time does it take to reach Murthal from Delhi by car?
From the Delhi-Haryana border, it takes about 1 hr 5 min to reach Murthal + Added the time it takes for your to reach from your place to the Delhi-Haryana border.


Q. Which are the best restaurants in Murthal?
A. The best restaurants/ dhabas in Murthal currently are:
    1. Amrik Sukhdev
    2. Haveli Murthal
    3. Gulshan Da Dhaba
    4. Mannat Haveli
    5. Pahalwan Dhaba
    6. No.1 Ahuja Dhaba
    7. Jhilmil Dhaba
    8. 70 milestone
    9. Garam Dharam


Q. Where is Murthal located, and how can I reach there?

A. Murthal is a village in the state of Haryana, India, situated along National Highway 44. You can reach Murthal by road from major nearby cities like Delhi, Sonipat, and Panipat.


Q. What is the specialty of Murthal dhabas?

A. The specialty of Murthal dhabas is their stuffed parathas, which come in a variety of flavors and fillings, such as potato, paneer, cauliflower, and more. These parathas are cooked in pure ghee, making them incredibly delicious.



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