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Here's A List Of 5 Places In Mumbai Serving Sadhya Meals

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 21, 2024 4 min read

Dubbed as "banquet" in Malayalam, Onam Sadhya is a multi-course feast of Kerala origin usually served on the last day of the Annual Harvest Festival or Onam. It's a 10 day-long celebration which is finally concluded with clean houses, lit-up markets, new clothes, dances, fireworks and a hearty meal called Sadhya. I for one was astonished... and you'd be too when I stumbled upon the piece of information which clarified that one meal of Onam Sadhya usually harbours up to 25 courses at a time. And authentically speaking... it is mostly served on a banana leaf.


It doesn't get better than that...


But we'll definitely try. So, for the people who aren't in the premises of real action, that is Kerala and are currently residing in Mumbai, here are 5 places you can happily visit in your city to gorge some of those delicious Onam Sadhya Meals.  



*It's highly advisable to make your bookings and reservations at least a day or two in advance. Preparing an Onam Sadhya meal can be a tedious affair, so inform the restaurant about your visit, well ahead in time!*



Image Courtesy: The Goan Girl


This place is Just Kerala in Mumbai... no, no seriously. For a restaurant to serve Sadhya dishes all year long is not an easy task but these people are doing it with love and perfection. Their menu has 18 dishes which is what you get in a single Sadhya Meal. Authentically Sadhya is enjoyed with vegetarian dishes only but here you are subjected to two other variations; Fish Sadhya Thali and Non-Veg Sadhya Thali. Don't forget to save the room for dessert because I hear they are soul-satisfying. 


Price: INR 383 to INR 460 (plus taxes)



Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


South Of Vindhyas is back with their legacy of sit-down buffet celebration this Onam and this time it's much more elaborate. From authentic Keralite dishes to traditional, cosy ambience... this place will flood you with flavours and happy vibes that you might miss out on if you decide to stay at home this Onam. The 3-day long celebration will begin on 29th August and will last till 31st August where you'll be served Sadhya meals all day long provided you book your meal a day prior. 


Price: INR 1800 to INR 2000 (plus taxes)



Image Courtesy: LBB


If there is little Kerala in the midst of the hustle-bustle of Mumbai, it's Dakshin Culture Curry in Mahim. This place is preparing a variety of traditional dishes which when packed and delivered with rich flavours and hygiene will bring the real joy of Onam at your doorsteps. As a part of their Onam celebration, they serving and also home-delivering Sadhya meals with both veg and non-veg options at affordable prices starting...31st August till 2nd September this year. Don't forget to place your orders 24 hours prior to your visit to enjoy Onam hassle-free.


Price: INR 525 for Veg (plus taxes) & INR 595 for Non-Veg (plus taxes)



Image Courtesy: Zomato


Getting a chance to satiate your festivity cravings at Lalit Refreshment - Taste Of Kerala every day and especially on Sundays during lunch hours (only) is no more than a blessing by God himself. Onam or not, their Sadhya meal is to die for which by the way comprises of delectable Keralite desserts as a small part of the big-man feast. Fair warning; the place isn't open for dine-in but you can always order online or take-away from the restaurant. Still, I mean, how often do you come across a restaurant that'd do so much for you?  


Price: INR 400 (plus taxes)



Image Courtesy: magicpin


If you wish to travel back to your house in Kerala or catch a whiff of your grandmom's Sadhya recipes, Adipoli is the place to be. From entering the restaurant to devouring your Sadhya meal, this restaurant will serve you the best of best that too all year long. But there's a catch... Adipoli has a special policy of providing this heavy treat on every 2nd & 4th weekends (Saturday's and Sundays) from 12 PM to 4 PM (lunch hours) with 12 to 14 dishes at a time. The place is super affordable and you can even order a Special Kids Thali for the younglings of your house. Happy Onam!


Price: INR 399 for adults & INR 149 for kids 


Now that you're acquainted with the best Onam Sadhya Meals in Mumbai, don't wait. Go place your order or book your tables now before it's all over.

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