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Squid Game But With These 12 Movies

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 18, 2021 6 min read

Here's your "green light" to watch Squid Game & more today! One of Netflix's most-watched thriller series, Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series revolves around a contest among 456 players, all drawn from different walks of life but each deeply in debt, play a series of children's games with deadly (literally) penalties if they lose. But it's their only chance to win a 45.6 billion won cash prize. 


Since its release in September, Squid Game has garnered a lot of attention. It has become one of the highest-ranking TV series even in India. I watched it a few days back and I am happy to report, it is worth the hype. Well, except, it finishes way too soon when you binge. 


So to help you cope, here are 12 awesome movies that are just like Squid Game.


1. The Hunger Games Film Series

Squid Game, but it came first. The Hunger Games film series is a collection of science fiction dystopian adventure films based on the trilogy of novels of the same name by the American author Suzanne Collins. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Every year, in the ruins of what was once North America, the Capital of the nation of Panem forces each of the 12 districts to send a boy and girl tribute between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in the Hunger Games, a nationally televised event in which the 'tributes' fight each other to the death until one survivor remains. It's a deadly combination of excellent storytelling and disturbing events. 


2. Exam

Squid Game, but psychologically thrilling. Exam is a 2009 film depicting alternate Britain where eight mandatory candidates appear in an employment assessment exam. Or so they thought. The plot gets gripping when these candidates are locked in a room for 80 minutes for the test, except, there are no questions on the sheet.


Image Courtesy: Unsung Films


But there are three rules: The candidates must not talk to the invigilator or the armed guard at the door, must not spoil their paper, and may not leave the room. If they do, they will be disqualified. Spoilers alert, there was a question.


3. The Cube

Squid Game, but a scientific experiment. In this science fiction film, a group of strangers awakens in this mysterious structure, cube, without any knowledge of how or why they are there.


Image Courtesy: Amazon


In order to escape from the prison (cube), they must band together and use their combined skills and talents to avoid the traps and navigate out of the maze, while also trying to solve the mystery of what the cube is and why they are in it.


4. Jumanji Film Series

Squid Game, but hilarious. Jumanji is an American fantasy adventure comedy film inspired by a 1995 film series of the same name.


Image Courtesy: Los Angeles Times


Made better with the dream team of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, this comedy movie is about four very different high school students who get trapped in a multiplayer game called Jumanji. Their mission is to save Jumanji and themselves from an evil villain. If you loved Squid Game, you will appreciate this one. Fair warning: it's super funny. 


5. The Invitation

Squid Game, but bizarre. The Invitation is a 2015 horror film with a gory plotline.


Image Courtesy: The NY Times


The movie begins with Will and his girlfriend going over to his ex-wife's house for a party where they meet all their old buddies. When one of their friends don't show up, and others begin to disappear and die, Will's intuition that there is something wrong with the house and its host gets even stronger. Was he right? Find out in this spine-chilling movie. 


6. Coherence

Squid Game, but in other dimensions. When a group of old friends meet for dinner in North California, some strange occurrences put a damper on the party. And that don't include the blackout and their hidden secrets. It was the night of Miller's comet passing by the earth which in many theories was supposed to create a disturbance.


Image Courtesy: SBS


Spoiler alert, it did. And if you thought Squid Game got ugly, wait till you are through with this film. 


7. Saw Film Series

Squid Game, but with more splatter. Saw is an unforgettable film franchise created by Australian filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell in 2004.


Image Courtesy: Screen Rant


It consists of nine feature films that primarily revolve around the fictional serial killer John Kramer, also called the "Jigsaw Killer" or simply "Jigsaw". Rather than killing his victims outright, Karmer traps them in situations that he calls "games" to test their will to live through physical or psychological torture and believes that if they survive, they will be "rehabilitated". 


8. Maze Runner - Trilogy

Squid Game, but in a maze. Maze Runner is a North American film trilogy, consisting of science-fiction dystopian action adventure films based on the novels of the same name by James Dashner.


Image Courtesy: Empire


The film features Thomas and a group of young boys trapped inside a maze with no recollection of their lives outside. Their aim is to collect those fragments of memories and get out of the maze. But what happens when they do? It's a game that will frustrate you more than the characters, but the end is totally worth it. 


9. Unfriended

Squid Game, but with a ghost. Unfriended is a computer screen supernatural horror film that revolves around six high school students in a Skype conversation that is haunted by a student, who was bullied and committed suicide.


Image Courtesy: Variety


The film is told almost entirely through a screencast of a MacBook where the supernatural power takes control and forces them to play "Never Have I Ever". The result is gruesome and deadly. 


10. Escape Room

Squid Game, but with clues. Escape room is a psychological thriller where either one uses clues to escape the room or they die.


Image Courtesy: Variety


Six people from different backgrounds are summoned to participate in the venture for a million dollars. These people have to use their mental abilities and general awareness to get out. But it's not easy and unlike any other "escape room" experience, it's extremely fatal. 


11. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 

Squid Game, but based on a real video game. Black Mirror's Bandersnatch is an interactive science fiction film that follows a young programmer Stefan Butler, who is adapting a fantasy gamebook into a video game in 1984.


Image Courtesy: Superinteressante


However, we as viewers have the prime role to play. Everything we decide will eventually determine the ending of the story... or so it seems. 


12. Matrix - Trilogy

Squid Game, but in real life. Soon to add another masterpiece to its list of sequels, this is an epic science fiction film series conceptualised by Wachowskis, a sibling team of photographers in 1999.


Image Courtesy: The Indian Express


Starring Keanu Reeves, the movie depicts a dystopian future in which humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality, the Matrix, created by machines to distract humans from a gruesome truth. But there will always be some-ONE who can save you. 


If you enjoyed all the episodes of Squid Game, these movies like Squid Game will definitely make an impact.




Q. Movies like Squid Game on Netflix?

A. Black Mirror - Bandersnatch, Jumanji, Ready Player One.


Q. Korean shows like Squid Game on Netflix?

A. Alice in Borderland, My Name.


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