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5 Beauty Staples From Disguise Cosmetics You Can Gift Your Loved Ones

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 9, 2020 4 min read

Now the lockdown hasn't been kind to us or our health. While we did get a time out from every hustle-bustle but at what cost? The daily work hours increased, our immunity went through a serious trial and our eating habits changed. And I think I say this for everybody that the worst results were exhibited by our skins. So, I am calling a truce with the situation and throwing out a new plan. A 100% vegan, cruelty-free and wallet-friendly online beauty brand; Disguise Cosmetics has been into business for 2 years now and they have the most amazing beauty products for the ladies, perfect for gifting. 


Need solid data? Here you go...


Why Disguise Cosmetics Over Any Other Brand?


Disguise Cosmetics is basically a home-grown brand that embarked on a journey to enrich our beauty manufacturing industry with a little bit of humanity and a lot of consciousness. Brought to life by three scientists; Desiree Pereira, Shivangi Shah and Lakshay Mohendroo is a simple idea to fashion products like lipsticks, Kajal, serums, etc. from natural oils and other vegan options while bypassing animal testing or usage of living beings. The brand is not only PETA approved but also easy on the skin and your pocket. 



While the world is making sincere efforts to conserve and thrive mother nature, fashion & beauty in India are working side-by-side for not only creating sustainable fashion but also a makeup regime with the most eco-friendly cruelty-free beauty products. And now your loved ones will have them too. 



If you are worried about how expensive of an affair this will be, rest assured, the produce from Disguise Cosmetics goes for INR 500 to 700 a pop. A pretty low price to pay for a formula that naturistic. 



So, if you think this sounds perfect, wait till you check out their impressive products.



1. All-Day Gel Kajal

Price: INR 450


A gel-finish two-in-one pencil that works both as Kajal and eye-liner is a new-age make up essential you got to have. It contains healing and nourishing oils along with aloe for a much needed soothing effect and vitamin E & C for extra skincare. You'll be happy to know that Disguise's gel Kajal is smudge-free, water-proof and even safe for people who wear contact lenses. With the shelf-life of 36 months, this wonderful beauty essential is a thoughtful gift and a conscious effort towards vegan makeup.

All day gel kajal Disguise Cosmetics


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2. Glow Multi-Sticks

Price: INR 600


A multi-purpose beauty product that makes easy work for your eyeshadow, highlighter, lip topper and eyeliner needs all in one single stick. If you think this isn't possible, well, Disguise did it. These sticks are not only practical beauty product but also has all the vegan goodness we talked about. From almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil to shea butter and vitamin E, you name it, they've got it all. One of these in your purse would rescue you from all the makeup emergencies and even keep the skin light and comfortable. While this water-proof product offers a handful of colour choices, Gold Daydream and Copper Dawnbreaker are two of my favourites. 

glow multi sticks Disguise cosmetics


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3. Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Price: INR 700


From hearty colours to healing oils like marula and avocado to even shea butter and vitamin E, these matte liquid lipsticks are a have-it-all kind that you will definitely love. Disguise's lipsticks are known for their vegan ingredients and the well-nourished soft lips that follow. These are richly pigmented, waterproof and free of sulphates. An effortless glide and you have a non-drying matte finish on your lips. You're welcome!

matte liquid lipstick Disguise Cosmetics


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4. Rainbow Glow Oil

Price: INR 700


What is an affordable and useful product your loved ones always forgets to buy? A glow serum. You'll hardly find this in their purse but this is a wonder-product she really needs. More than a serum, its a nutrient stacked facial oil best for skin protection, treat lines and boost radiance. Use it as a dewy base for makeup or massage your face with a drop or two, it clearly works quite well. This lightweight textured serum is also good for reducing sun damage and premature ageing

Rainbow glow oil Disguise cosmetics


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5. Satin Matte Lipstick

Price: INR 500


Ultra-comfortable lipsticks with yummy shades are all the love you need for your day-out after ages. This is something I'd definitely buy for my mom and well, myself also because they are not only easy on the lips but also have a wide variety of super-flattering shades to choose from. While Plum STRICKER, Red MODEL and Blush ACTRESS are the most popular picks, I think Toffee VOCALIST and Nude POET is more of my top two choices. But you feel free to pick your own colours.  

Satin matte lipstick Disguise Cosmetics


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These might just be five products but they are so much better than the cruel, lab-tested products. So, be it a birthday, festivities or just any other plain week, choose Disguise Cosmetics as your one-stop for beauty gifts. 


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