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10 Ways To Pamper Your Mum At Home This Mother's Day 2024

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 27, 2024 6 min read

As a writer, I take pride in my ability to put words together fairly easily. But in all the years I've known how to write, not a single combination of words ever seemed worthy enough to describe my mum. Which is why I am going to bite the bullet and admit I won't be able to describe yours. I can't tell you what your mother means to you, you know that very well for yourself. What I can say, however, is that every mother on the planet deserves to be spoilt beyond recognition, showered with attention and affection and celebrated every day of the year. 


I'm sure you try your best to remind your mum how much she means to you, regardless of the date on the calendar. But special days, call for special treatment. And a day dedicated to the celebration of mothers is definitely an occasion to love her extra hard. This Mother's Day, the possibilities of treating your mum might be slightly limited. But there are so many nice things to do for your mom, that don't require either of you to leave your house! After all out of all heartfelt gifts for mom you can possibly think of as mothers day presents, your time will always be the best present for your mom. 


And with that, here's a list of 10 ways to pamper your mum for a meaningful mothers day at home!



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1. Get Her Breakfast In Bed

Every day of your life so far, your mum has either made sure you have, or has reminded you to have your breakfast. So as one of the presents to get your mom for a mothers day at home, you can prepare a lavish breakfast spread and deliver it to her in bed the moment she wakes up. Don't forget to go all out for all the food she loves. 


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2. Give Her An At-Home Spa Treatment

Today is her day, and pampered she will be. One of the best mothers day presents you can surprise her with, is a luxurious and relaxing spa treatment. While a quick booking would have sufficed before lockdown, this time you will have to deliver this mother's day present yourself. So whip out all the face masks, facial kits and pedicure kits you have in the house, and ask your mother to literally kick her feet up and relax this mother's day at home. 


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3. Gift Her A Clean House

We could present you with a mile-long list of the best mother's day presents, but a clean sparkling house will draw appreciation like no other. Before she wakes up on mother's day, make sure to tidy the entire house, put away things she always complains about, wash the dirty dishes, and present her with a spotless home. One of the best, and most practical mother's day surprise ideas!




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4. Give Her A Mini Makeover

So. Much. Fun. Sit your mom down in front of the mirror, get all your makeup products out, and as a mothers day present, give her a mini temporary makeup! Not only will it help you guys bond, but this activity will also make your mom laugh and giggle like she's a schoolgirl all over again! Don't forget to include a killer new hairstyle. 


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5. Bake Her A Cake 

Simple, basic and classic. There are a bunch of nice things to make for your mom, but a cake will always earn a pat on the back. Look up recipes online, make sure you have all the ingredients you need, and whip up a delicious cake for this mothers day at home. If you don't have a few ingredients, don't worry! You can look up alternatives for anything missing in your kitchen!


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6. Have A Movie Marathon With Her 

There might be a movie that holds special importance in your relationship with your mother. Or there might be one you always loved as a child. Or maybe just a few romantic Bollywood masala numbers? The point is you're free to take your pick. But a movie marathon is a great way to spend some quality time, and have a great mothers day at home. 


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7. Teach Her Online Skills

She's always asking you for help with sending this or downloading that but you always shirk it off with "I'm busy right now". Well, let's change that this mother's day! Set up a class on online skills for your mom, and as a mothers day present, teach her all the basics of using the Internet. Prep your syllabus in advance, and download any material you might refer to. Definitely one of the best things to do for mother's day with long-term yields. 


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8. Make Her A Cup Of Tea & Tuck Her In With Her Favourite Book 

As you might be well aware, alone time is essential to preserve one's sanity. But really think about it, when was the last time you mother got to spend time with just herself, doing something she enjoys? As a meaningful mothers day gift, present your mom with some quality alone time. Make her a good cup of chai, and tuck her in bed with a cosy blanket, and her favourite book or movie! 


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9. Get Her On A Video Call With Friends & Family 

We are talking about a virtual family party for a mothers day celebration at home! This mothers day, gift your mom the attention and adoration of everybody she loves, by getting all of them on a conference video call together. This is one of the best presents to get your mom, that will quickly make her realise how loved and special she is! 


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10. Just Talk Endlessly 

Like we've said already, more than any of the mothers day presents you'll ever give her, your time and attention are what she truly wants. All of us get occupied with our regular lives and responsibilities, and somehow those hours spent during childhood talking our hearts out to our mothers, get forgotten about. For the most meaningful mothers day at home, and also the best pick from all the things to do with your mother, just sit down together, and talk endlessly without keeping any track of time. Now this is a mothers day present you will both enjoy equally! 

Home is where my mom is. Happy Mother's Day 2021! 

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