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10 Most Beautiful Places in India You Must Visit At least Once

By Architi Batra

Updated - Nov. 25, 2021 7 min read

India has breathtaking scenic beauty and diverse range of beautiful places that is unmatched by any other nation on the planet due to its varying geography all over. You would want to capture each and make it your desktop background. In a world of Instagram, this is your aesthetic! So checkout these 10 most beautiful places in India where you can treat your eyes, soul, and camera. 


1. Pahalgam - Jammu & Kashmir

The state of Jammu Kashmir is blessed with the most scenic beauties. Rightfully called 'The heaven on the Earth' this place though politically sensitive, does not prevent travel lovers from exploring it. Each and every corner is heaven to your eyes and one such place is - Pahalgam. Also rightly known as the 'Mini Switzerland of India' this place has vast stretches of green land, freshwater rivers and chilling lakes in midst of all with snow peaked mountains as the setting. Not only that, the place makes for various great adventure sports and animal ridings too. The sheshnag lake is the perfect place for camping.


Image Courtesy: Travel Triangle



2. Cherrapunji - Meghalaya

High above misty valleys and foaming rivers, in midst of swirling clouds lies Cherrapunji in the heart of Meghalaya. It is a stunning location as all year round has only one season - Monsoon. Cherrapunji has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the wettest place on earth. But that does not disrupt and travel because the interesting fact is that it rains mostly at night. Day-to-day activity is not really disrupted by the rain. The plunging waterfalls from forested clifftops are a sight not to miss.

Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor



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3. Sand Dunes - Jaisalmer

A desert safari tour in the Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer on winter mornings, music & dance programme in the desert camps and camel rides are what make this place unique and different from rest of the country. Being in Rajasthan brings a sense of luxury and gives a sense of living in royalty. The dusky sunsets on the horizon of all that sand is a sight one can't miss. 

Image Courtesy: India Thrills



4. Kufri - Himachal Pradesh

Kufri is a tiny hill station above Shimla. Apart from the picturesque view, it offers especially in winters surrounded by all the snow-covered mountains, it is famous for trekking and hiking trails. Adventure seeking travelers have numerous options for sports and activities they can participate in. Its beautiful environs and the cool refreshing atmosphere attracts everyone. It is rightfully known as the 'Paradise of Snow'.

Image Courtesy: Tour My India



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5. Backwaters of Kerela

The Kerala backwaters are a chain of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. This scenic destination offers coconut palm-lined coasts & rolling hills of tea to diverse wildlife. It is by far the most beautiful places you'll ever visit.  The place also holds the annual snake boat races which are a great source of entertainment for locals and tourists alike. The lush green landscape, diverse wildlife, and houses and villages that line the backwaters make a journey along these waterways seem like a journey through another world. It is the most relaxing thing you can do while enjoying authentic Indian seafood and a chilled beer. Don't miss it!

Image Courtesy: Japji Travels



6. Havelock Island - Andaman & Nicobar

Havelock Island is a part of India’s Andaman Islands. This beautiful desktop worthy landscape is a natural paradise with beautiful white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs, and lush green forest. This island, with beautiful sandy beaches fringed with the green canopy of the rain-fed forests, beckons everyone to enjoy the frolic and fun at the azure sea. It is an ideal holiday destination. This island is the only place in India which offer scuba diving.


Image Courtesy: Holidify



7. Ketti Valley - Tamil Nadu

Located in Tamil Nadu state, the Ketti Valley is the second largest valley in the world. The valley has a spectacular view of the big and blue sky and mountains. The Nilgiri mountains or blue mountains are part of a larger mountain chain known as the western ghats, It is the best place for hiking, bird watching, and trekking. Another beautiful valley in this region is elephant valley situated near Kodaikanal.

Image Courtesy: India Tourism



8. Valley of Flowers - Uttarakhand

Th Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers, richly diverse wildlife and the variety of flora. The breathtaking scenic beauty of the place transports you to another world altogether. The gentle landscape of the Valley of Flowers National Park is part of the rugged mountain wilderness of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserves, located in West Himalaya of Uttarakhand. It is just a big vast colorful sea of flowers. The place is also a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE

Image Courtesy: Trekkers of India



9. Kanyakumari - Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of the mainland of India and is most popular for its spectacular view of sunsets and sunrise. The place is the meeting point of 3 water bodies- Bay of Benga Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea which altogether makes the place more special. The city’s beaches are also the only beaches in the world where you can experience both sunrise and the sunset. The various temples in this beautiful city of Tamil Nadu are frequented by thousands of pilgrims and the pristine beaches attract a huge no. of tourists to the city.

Image Courtesy: Travel Triangle



10. Rohtang Pass - Himachal Pradesh

Rohtang Pass- a gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, remains one of the most spectacular destinations in the entire Kullu region. This picturesque pass is located around 51 km away from Manali, at a height of 3980 meters, on Manali Keylong highway. This mountain slope is so beautiful that people from every corner of the country visit this place to take part in adventure sports such as skiing, ice-skating, paragliding, etc. The Rohtang Pass is open for tourist from April to October and the permission to travel on this highway is given by the Indian Army, once they clear the snow. It has various attractions apart from the snow-peaked mountains and valleys - Temples, Falls, and sanctuaries.


Image Courtesy: Travel Triangle



So mark your calendars and start planning a new checklist. These are the one's that you can't afford to miss out on! 



1. What is the best time to visit Rajasthan?
The months of November to February are the best time to visit Rajasthan.


2. Is Kashmir safe to visit and if yes, then when?
This picturesque region is prone to civil unrest and violence. Some places are declared off-limits for tourists permanently. It is always better to check the situation always before visiting but not all year round is it in the state of unrest. Summers are usually the best time but if you want to enjoy snowfall, opt for winters.


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