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Rain Proof Your Closet With This Monsoon Wear Guide

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

It's really hard to decide what to wear and what not to during the monsoons since it is essential to look out for the weather before styling yourself for the day. Monsoons bring a lot of downpour due to which the weather turns humid and the roads accumulate a lot of dirt and water. But on the other hand, monsoon is a heartwarming and happy season too where you can experiment a lot to look inevitably admirable and trendy. Let's move forward to know more about how to quintessentially style yourself in monsoon. 


1. What Colours To Wear In Monsoon? 

Solid dark colors are the perfect answer - One should go for solid colors because monsoon can bring the downpour anywhere and anytime. For such case, a solid color top or shirt works just fine even if you end up getting drenched in the rain as it saves your clothes giving a transparent effect. We can say it's the season to drop the pastels as you've gone past the basic summer stage and it is high time you go for dark colors. 


Try going for colors like maroon, dark purple, the electric blue since of these shades turn out to be pretty soothing when it comes to Monsoon wear pick.


2. Keep The Color White Out Of Your Wardrobe

Who likes getting any of their white piece of clothing dampened with dirt and drenched completed in the water? NOBODY and we get it. You've got to avoid white this season to save yourself favorite clothes as nothing could save them from unpredictable weather.

3. What Fabrics To Wear?

Monsoon has an exceptional amount of humidity in the atmosphere, which makes it difficult to choose the fabric to wear in this season. So, when thinking about the same you should lookup for the fabrics which dry up quickly and doesn't keep you damp in water for a long time. This can cause a lot of issues regarding bacterial infections due to acid water. 
Cotton is the first fabric that you should consider best for monsoon. Cotton is light, soft and easily absorbs water and dry up in no time keeps you cool as it creates a perfect flow of air in and out with its efficient fabric. Other preferable fabrics can be Denim, rayon, crepe, and so forth. 

4. A Big No To Skin-Fit Bottom Wear 

It's a nightmare to wear a skinny bottom during monsoons. Imagine getting fully drenched in the rains while wearing a pair of skinny fit jeans or long trousers/jeans - Nightmare, isn't it? Nobody likes to wear clingy jeans during monsoons as the fabric sticks to your skin and makes you extremely uncomfortable and unhygienic. So refer to the point above wear light fabrics which don't stick to your skin and dry quickly.


5. Footwear Essentials

One should definitely think twice about the footwear they are planning to wear for the monsoon season as they've got to have a good grip and are not prone to slip easily. Consider wearing waterproof leather slip-on, floaters or strappy sandals for a comfortable and study wear to get away with this tormenting rainy season.footwear_image


6. Essentials You've To Carry

Your handbag is incomplete without these essentials which will save you from this gloomy weather. Firstly, an Umbrella, a perfume to save you from bad odor, a waterproof pouch to keep your phone safe, and a sanitizer to keep you away from all the dirt. 


7. What To Wear

Enough of telling you - what to avoid, let's talk about what to wear this monsoon to stay up with the trends and look stylish. It's time to take your dresses, shorts and all breezy clothes out as nothing can beat the monsoons as they do. Like,


  • Wear crop tops as they are super breezy and perfect for rainy seasons.
  • Wear cropped trousers rather than the long length ones to save the nightmare of them getting dirty from the edges.
  • Go for midi skirts for a stunning look and slay in monsoons as well.
  • Wear breezy clothes which don't stick to your skin as it leads to getting fungal/bacterial infection when rainwater sticks to your skin.



8. The Right Accessories You've Got To Have This Season

Let's gather up the essential accessories to stack up this rainy season - firstly, a pretty looking headband to save you from a bad hair day. It's perfect to save you from looking all messy and gives a much cleaner look. 

Carry a waterproof bag for starters as well to save your important documents and other items. One can also carry fancy light scarves to save themselves from any transparency if needed. 




Q:  Which are the best destinations to visit in India during Monsoons?

A:  Cochin, Goa, Munnar, Agumbe


Q: What fabric to avoid in Monsoons?

A:  Velvet, Wool, Silk


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