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7 Monsoon Fashion Tips For Men That Will Amp-Up Your Style Game

By Gaurav Sharma

Updated - June 30, 2021 4 min read

Though you can be completely in awe of the beauty of the rains, the idea of arriving somewhere soaking wet is not exactly pleasing for anyone. The season of monsoon looks wonderful, but mostly when it's enjoyed from a window or a balcony. The arrival of monsoon means everything is going to be breezier, windy, and better, but all of this only lasts till the time you’re inside the four walls of your home. Once you step out and get in touch with the dull and dreary weather covering the entire city, you get to experience the challenges of wet weather. 


The rainy season is the trickiest when it comes to wearing your favourite clothes, and the idea of letting your fashion quotient take a backseat might hit your mind quite often. That’s where this blog comes in handy as we have curated the perfect men’s fashion guide for you!


1. Get Cotton Clothing


This monsoon season, you should make cotton your new best friend as this lightweight fabric doesn't cling to your body when drenched and it dries faster, thus making it hygienic and odour free. A cotton shirt paired with chinos will look as good as anything that you usually wear on a bright sunny day. Avoid knits and linens as they tend to shrink in water and you may regret your decision later. Check out this cotton shit from Myntra.


Price @ INR 1274



Image Courtesy: Myntra




2. Say Goodbye To Denim 

Are you having a hard time drying your favourite denim? If yes, then trust me, don’t wear your jeans when it's pouring outside. We know that denim is men’s favourite go-to clothing item but you may want to rethink your decision to wear one when stepping out during the monsoon season, because once it gets wet it's going to take forever to dry. Better replace your jeans with chinos made from quick-dry and lightweight fabrics. Also, wearing bright colours during monsoon season has its own vibe. Look at this piece from Myntra, it's fashionable and affordable at the same time. 


Price @ INR 759



Image Courtesy: Myntra 



3. Shorts Are Better 

Give your shorts the life they deserve as they have spent more time than any other clothes in your wardrobe. It’s high time you take them out. Shorts are one of the comfiest pieces of clothing ever made and if you’re among those men who are not comfortable showing your legs then just wear a nice pair of shoes and let those take over! You can find amazing pair of shorts online, like this one from Teemspirit. Pair these Typographic Print Shorts with Slip Pockets with a nice t-shirt or a light coloured shirt and trust me you are going to rock the world with your dapper look.


Price @ INR 349



Image Courtesy: Ajio



4. Stand Under Your Umbrella

It may sound weird to you but your umbrella is one of the accessories that can make you stand out from the rest. It’s not just one of the most effective weapons to combat the rains but it can also up your monsoon style game. Make sure you get one yourself that fits you and fits in your bag. Go for a non-black colour like this from Johns as they are arguably the most stylish one.


Price @ INR 849



Image Courtesy: Myntra



5. Zip It Up 

Those who are not comfortable with adding an umbrella to their accessories can opt for a waterproof jacket. Yes, you heard it right! Get yourself a good-looking waterproof jacket that can make your look swanky. We know that it is not considered a fashion ‘thing’ in India but don’t you really want to stand out? If yes then go for SPORTS 52 WEAR Zip-Front Hooded Waterproof Jacket for extra protection.


Price @ INR 1372



Image Courtesy: Ajio



6. Watch Out For Waterproof Watches

Include a nice watch in your list of must-have accessories if you like being called a fashion-forward man. If you have already included one, it's time to switch to something classy and water-proof that can survive the rains AND make you look on point. This quintessential luxury item can add the finishing touch to any look that you will go for. If you are not convinced, then check out this waterproof watch from Daniel Klein. 


Price @ INR 2295



Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. Water-Proof Your Shoes

This monsoon season, if you want to treat your feet the same way you do the rest of your body, then get yourself a proper water protective pair of shoes. They are not just comfortable and great for keeping the water off your feet, but are also fashionable and look stylish if paired with the right clothes. Go for dark or bright coloured crocs as they are easily available and will also keep the dirt from the streets away. 


Price @ INR 4495



Image Courtesy: Ajio



This monsoon session, don’t settle for less. At least when it comes to making a fashion statement!


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