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Monsoon Special: Minimalist Skincare Routine for Oily Skin that Actually Works

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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The creation of natural oils under our skin is intended to provide a protective layer on the skin's surface. However, if the production of these oils is high, you must take precautions.


If your skincare regimen has been a bit daunting recently, this piece might be a game-changer for you. You may have already made your skincare regimen difficult by adding a new product launch every week and reading about various active ingredients every other day.



You don't need a thousand layers of skincare products every day. Using too many skincare products might do more damage than good, and it can make things worse if you're using items you don't understand. Here comes the critical requirement for an oily skin skincare programme that is both simple and effective.


STEP 1:  Cleansing


We must use an oil-free face wash that does not clog the pores to eliminate the excess sebum and dirt deposited on the skin's surface and in the big pores. Because oily skin is prone to acne, you should use a gentle face wash (ideally soap-free to avoid stripping the skin's natural oils). Consider utilising a product that contains tea tree oil, which is ideal for acne-prone skin.


Here is our favourite:

Oil Free Acne Wash For Acne Prone Skin With Salicylic Acid By Neutrogena 


175 ml @ INR 552


Best for:

Providing deep cleansing without over-drying your skin.


Image Courtesy: Amazon



STEP 2: Toning


Following the cleanser, apply a toner. A cleanser alone may not be sufficient to remove all of the dirt from your skin. A toner aids in the removal of any remaining particles. It also maintains the pH balance of your skin. A cleanser unclogs your pores (opens them), but a toner helps them shut so that oil production may be regulated. A toner also helps to hydrate the skin to some level and prepares it for the serum, acids or treatments, and moisturiser that follows. You must never forget that alcohol-based toners are a complete no-no! Alcohol, in the longer run, will dry out your skin and make it sensitive.


Here is our favourite:

Green Tea Alcohol Free Toner By Plum


200 ml @ INR 351


Best for:

Removing dead skin cells from the top layer of your oily, acne-prone skin. 


Image Courtesy: Plum Goodness



STEP 3:  Serums


This step is totally optional, but if done on a regular basis, it will benefit oily, acne-prone skin. Serums are designed to be absorbed into the skin faster and more effectively than moisturisers. Many people believe that serums should not be used on oily skin. If you choose the proper serum, it may be moisturising without being oily.

It doesn't sit on top of your skin or clog your pores because it's a mild formula. There are numerous serums for different skin problems, such as adding moisture, glowing, fighting symptoms of age, and so on. All you have to do now is pick one that addresses your skin problems.


Serums containing hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and salicylic acids are excellent for oily/acne-prone skin. You may also use apple cider vinegar to reduce sebum production and exfoliate the skin gently.


Here is our favourite:

Ubtan Face Serum by WOW Skin Science


30 ml @ INR 599


Best for:

Keeping pigmented, dull and dry skin at bay.


Image Courtesy: Amazon



STEP 4:  Moisturizer


People believe that oily skin does not necessitate the use of a moisturiser. This is a common misconception that I'd want to debunk today. Moisturising is necessary for all skin types. People with oily skin just need to be more selective when selecting a moisturiser. The ideal types of moisturisers for oily skin are water-based, oil-free, and have a light texture.


Moisturisers are designed to hydrate and restore your skin. That treatment is also required for oily skin. Irritation, blocked pores, breakouts, and even an excess of sebum can all occur from skipping the moisturiser. Green tea, Vitamin E, C, and B5, as well as Hyaluronic acid, are excellent for oily skin, whereas petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and paraffin should be avoided.


Here is our favourite:

Biotique Bio Winter Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Cream


15 gm @ INR 199


Best for:

Killing acne and reducing marks with redular use.


Image Courtesy: Amazon



STEP 5:  Sunscreen


A decent sunscreen is a must-have for daytime skincare. It's like leaping into the ocean without a life jacket if you go out in the sun without sunscreen. Not only will it tan your skin, but the sun and UV rays can also cause significant skin damage without notice. Blemishes, sunspots, and black patches can occur if you don't apply sunscreen. Regardless of whether the day is sunny or cloudy, you must apply sunscreen every time you leave the house during the day.


Here is our favourite:

Re'equil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel SPF 50


100 gm @ INR 625 


Best for:

Since the sunscreen is both water and sweat-resistant, you can go long hours under the sun without so much as a drip. 

Image Courtesy: Re'equil



So, that was it for this post. I hope this information aids you in developing your ideal minimalist skincare regimen that is simple to follow daily. Take care and be safe till then!