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2024 Makeup Trends: Embracing Natural Beauty and Creativity

By Vidhi

Updated - June 13, 20245 min read

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In the ever-evolving world of beauty, 2024 is poised to embrace a return to soft, subtle glam that celebrates and enhances natural features rather than masking them. Leading makeup artists foresee a significant shift towards makeup looks that prioritize radiant, healthy skin with gentle sculpting, flushed cheeks, feathered brows, dewy complexions, and hydrated lips. This trend reflects a desire for effortless beauty that accentuates individuality and promotes self-expression.


Soft Glam: Natural Radiance

According to celebrity makeup artist Shelby Smith, the key to achieving this soft glam look lies in embracing flushed cheeks, feathered brows, and a dewy complexion. She recommends using pops of color on the cheeks and opting for lip liners paired with balms or gloss to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. The emphasis is on subtle enhancements that blend seamlessly with the skin. Using blendable blushes creates a luminous and polished finish.

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Image courtesy: Faces Canada


Blue Hues Make a Comeback

One standout prediction for 2024 is the resurgence of blue makeup. Pinterest's forecast identifies aquamarine shades as a rising trend among Gen Z and Millennials, who are expected to find innovative ways to incorporate this '60s staple into their beauty routines. Searches for "blue eyeshadow aesthetic" and "fun blue nails" have seen significant increases, suggesting a renewed interest in bold and vibrant colors. that enhance the focus on the eyes with application of mascara.

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Image courtesy: Byrdie


The Glossy Blush Revolution

Another exciting development in the makeup world is the transformation of blush textures. Makeup artists anticipate a shift towards glossy and balmy blush formulations that provide a subtle flush and a hydrated appearance. Layering liquid highlighters with cream blush will be popular, offering a dewy glow that complements the soft glam aesthetic. the dewy look can be accomplished by applying tinted moisturizers that are light on the skin and can provide minimal coverage to give that dewy look.

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Image courtesy: Pinterest


Ombré Lips: A Timeless Favorite

Ombré lips, which dominated 2023, continue to hold sway in 2024. This lip trend involves blending different shades of lipsticks to create a gradient effect, with deeper contours around the edges and a lighter center. Whether opting for bold contrasts or subtle gradients, ombré lips add depth and dimension to the overall makeup look. You can use two shades of Lipsticks to accomplish this look.

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Image courtesy: Allure


The Enduring Influence of the '90s

The iconic beauty trends of the '90s are set to continue influencing makeup looks in 2024. Defined brows, neutral eyeshadows, soft contouring, and flushed cheeks epitomize the effortless chic of supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. This timeless aesthetic remains a favorite among makeup enthusiasts and celebrities alike. You can accomplish this look by applying liquid or cream blushes and lip stains also use lip gloss to add that bright shine.

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Image courtesy: Charlotte Tilbury


C-Sculpting: Redefining Contouring

Contouring techniques are evolving beyond the cheeks to include soft sculpting methods that enhance the natural bone structure. Harold James, a global celebrity makeup artist, describes the "C-sculpt technique" as applying blush in a 'C' shape on the cheeks to achieve a subtle yet impactful contour. Use cream blushes for the perfect blend.

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Image courtesy: Sugar cosmetics


Elevated Lashes and Feathered Brows

2024 will see a shift towards natural-looking lashes and feathered brows that frame the face without appearing overly structured. Shelby Smith emphasizes the importance of filling in brows only where necessary, allowing for a soft and natural appearance.

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Image courtesy: Glamour UK


Geometric Liner: Making a Statement

For those seeking bold and edgy makeup looks, graphic liner shapes will take center stage in 2024. Harold James predicts a surge in geometric eyeliner designs featuring sharp angles, graphic lines, and negative space. This trend offers a playful and artistic way to elevate eye makeup. You can also use different colour of mascara apart from black colour to enhance the look.

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Image courtesy: HOLA


Embracing Color Play

Experts encourage makeup enthusiasts to experiment with vibrant colors on eyes and lips, moving beyond traditional black liners and mascaras. Ash K Holm suggests matching eyeliner to outfit colors or opting for unconventional shades like electric blue, emerald green, or neon pink.

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Image courtesy: Bodyography


Ethereal Skin: The Ultimate Canvas

Achieving ethereal skin will be a focal point in 2024, with an emphasis on enhancing natural beauty and radiance. Diane Buzzetta recommends layering soft highlighters to achieve a reflective glow that illuminates the high points of the face. Lightweight foundations and minimal concealer will allow the skin's natural texture to shine through.

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Image courtesy: Pinterest


Monochromatic Magic

Unify your makeup look with monochromatic shades, creating a harmonious appearance using colors from the same palette. Diane Buzzetta advises using multi-use cream sticks for eyes, lips, and cheeks to achieve a chic and modern aesthetic.

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Image courtesy: Pinterest


2024 promises a return to effortless beauty with a focus on enhancing natural features and embracing creative expression. From soft glam to bold color play, these trends invite makeup enthusiasts to explore new looks while celebrating their unique style. Whether opting for subtle enhancements or artistic statements, the coming year offers exciting opportunities to experiment and redefine personal beauty routines.