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Don't Miss Out On The Chance To Watch Mahabharata - The Epic Tale At Kamani Auditorium

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

This is a piece of super amazing information for every mythology lover!  Puneet Issar (who acted as Duryodhana in BR Chopra's production of Mahabharata) has written the play 'Mahabharata- The Epic Tale', which is the epic from the perspective of Duryodhana and Karan. 


About The Play

Photo Courtesy: Delhi Planet


This Play deals with three main characters Duryodhan, Karan, and Draupadi, who were the Pivotal cause of the conflict. For the first time in history, we unravel the selfless and unconditional friendship and loyalty between Duryodhan and Karan.

Apart from the talented star cast, the music in this play is no less. The Epic Tale highlights that ‘ There is A Little Good in Every Bad and A Little Bad in Every Good ‘.


Date and Time: 27 Jul 3:00 PM - 28 Jul 10:00 PM

Head to: Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House 

Price: Click here for tickets



Photo Courtesy: TATA CLiQ


Kamani Auditorium is one of the most prestigious theatre halls in Delhi. It is a unit of the Bharatiya Kala Kendra Trust which consists of  632 seater Auditorium and has been a host to some of the best National and International Theatrical, Dance and Musical Performances. The Auditorium building is an elegant structure with aesthetically designed Public Areas, Main Hall, Green Rooms, etc. 


The Auditorium is situated in the Mandi House area of New Delhi at 1, Copernicus Marg. Mandi House is well known as the cultural hub of the Capital. The Auditorium is well connected by Bus services a well as the Delhi Metro which has its station just 5 minutes walking distance from the Hall. The outstanding feature of the auditorium is the stage. With a 48 feet depth and a 40 feet opening frontage, it is large by any standards and ideal for all kinds of presentations, ranging from plays, ballets, to the group and solo performances.


Tips To Be A Good Audience Member In A Theatre

There are some unsaid rules that should be followed while watching a play. Here are some tips to follow to be a good audience member: 

Photo Courtesy: accelerator London


1. Come well before the play has started so that you are not disturbing the audience and the artists. 


2.  Sit back in your seat, and sit up straight. This is so because leaning forward in the seats to get a closer look, or leaning to the side to whisper to friends will block the view for the people behind. 


3.  Shushing others is not the right way to make people stop talking as shushing others makes just as much noise as the actual noise being made.


4.  Scene changes are not a break for chatting.


5. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off.



Q. Which is the nearest metro station from Kamani Auditorium?

A. The nearest metro station to Kamani Auditorium is Mandi House


Q. What is the age limit for entry to the play?

A. No age limit 






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