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All About magicpin

Here's How FMCG Brands, Retailers & Consumers Can Benefit From magicpin

By Naman Mawandia

Updated - May 26, 2021 2 min read

magicpin is well known to drive discovery that leads to business for local retailers, across categories like restaurant, fashion, beauty, grocery, spa, yoga and gym. To everyone’s benefit, the app has also created a win-win solution for the business ecosystem, including manufacturing (FMCG) brands, retailers, and consumers.


In A Nutshell

Our brand partners pay us a fee to drive sales uptake measured in real-time from PoS receipts (Clients include ITC Foods, Ariel Liquid, Tata Consumer, Dabur, Veeba Foods).


While we share the fees from brands with the:

  • Retailers - based on the uptake they drive
  • Consumers - as savings on the brand product


This is a $1Billion plus revenue opportunity we conform to.


FMCG brands spend Rs 40K Cr on just BTL activities currently with limited accountability of ROI.


Here's How It Works

The retailer reward program enables grocery/ pharmacy stores to earn Rs 5K/ month by promoting partner brands.


With the magicpin software installed in retailers PoS, magicpin rewards the retailer with cash on every additional product sold (bill printed) for partner brands.



How Does The Retailer Know What To Sell Or How To Maximize Earnings?

The Brands Privilege Program by magicpin offers a live retailer dashboard that provides information on the two most important aspects: 

  • The brands he has to sell more to make higher margins/ cash
  • Refer to the leaderboard to understand the status and how they earn more

Image Courtesy: magicpin


What Does The Retailer Do With The Information?

  • For starters, they can promote the brand to customers through in-store marketing, product positioning, customer WhatsApp/SMS marketing

  • They can also use this data to increases the inventory and start stocking new brands

Image Courtesy: magicpin


How Do We Promote A Brand To Our Customers?

We follow a simple process of offering extra savings for our customers. 

Image Courtesy: magicpin


What Do Brands Get?

  • Brands are blessed with sales growth, market share growth, customer trials

  • They also get deep actionable data insights at a micro-market level (market share in-store/ locality/ city, supply & distribution status, basket affinity, repeat rates, brand affinity)

Image Courtesy: magicpin


Not so difficult, is it? We are keen to hear feedback from brands and retailers on what they think, and how we can customise the programme for their growth strategy. Do reach out to Naman Mawandia ( 


We are also hiring across roles in the FMCG team. If you’d like to work with us, shoot your CVs to Aniket Shukla (