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Add Some Extra Oomph to Your Evenings at These Live Music Restaurants In Delhi-NCR

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Feb. 22, 2024 4 min read

Music is an antidote to any problem! Fill your evenings with musical tranquillity and be a part of the events where every music genre ranging from Sufi to Jazz, Rock Fusion to Techno and Hip-Hop to Electro is played live by various local and popular artists.


While there is a plethora of options to hit with your buddies, we have jotted down some of the most popular live music restaurants in Delhi-NCR that promise to keep your stomach, tongue, and ears happy.


Find out whose playing and choose your place according to your mood.


Image Courtesy: Facebook Official Page


With beautiful interiors and a breezy outdoor seating arrangement, this place makes you drool over it. The ambience is very vibrant with live music and cricket screening. You've got to visit this restaurant if Sufi and Punjabi songs are on your hit list.


Image Courtesy: VenueMonk


With spacious premises divided into a lounge, a sunlit indoor area, an open terrace, and a charming rooftop cafe, this joint is the destination of choice for a variety of needs, ranging from booze-fuelled parties to quiet romantic brunches. The menu offers well-curated choices from Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisines, amongst others, and includes an extensive liquor catalogue and refreshing hookah varieties. It's one of the trending restaurants for attending an amazing live music night.


Image Courtesy: Burrp


The favourite destination for tourists, hard-working professionals, and cosmopolitan residents looking to have a fantastic time. From hand-crafted drinks to savoury dishes, flavour always takes centre stage at Hard Rock Cafe. It also features an ever-changing collection of music memorabilia from all over the world. Choose from their menu selection including handmade entrées infused with local flavours, classic starters, burgers, and salads. Whatever dish you choose is sure to be legendary.


Image Courtesy: Wild City


Located in Hauz Khas Village, a step inside AntiSOCIAL will not only impress you with its live music events, but also the ambience, food and a range of cocktails. Moreover, the place hosts a couple of events regularly like book readings, film screenings and more.


Image Courtesy: The Sunday Guardian


Known for its unique ambience and a hell lot of space, this café in Connaught Place has won the hearts of several Delhiites and tourists alike for its amazing live performances of both Bollywood and English numbers, as well as for its long list of food and drink options.


Image Courtesy: Just Delhiing


With a mesmerising ambience fuelled by beautiful wooden furniture, hanging light bulbs, quirky graffiti, amazing outdoor seating, and live music performances, this cafe is a cute delight in the market. The place is just perfect, be it for a friend's hangout, a romantic date or a casual outing. 



Image Courtesy: Facebook Official Page


Not, in any way, associated with the government, this is a ministry that every booze-lovers cherishes. With mesmerising, beautifully decorated and well-furnished premises, the joint presents an indoor as well as outdoor seating space carrying a mind-blowing ambience. On the menu are delicious multi-cuisine preparations, a wide range of beer and other liquor choices. On top of that, cordial services and reasonable rates easily justify the high ratings it gets.


Image Courtesy: TrueLocalz


We have just fully dived into the musical seas to find the best places with live music in Gurgaon. Toybox Gurugram is the best place to chill with your pals over a beer. While they offer a variety of cuisines, Lock & Key actually brings in the crowd with their richly flavoured pasta and pizzas that go great with their peppy live acts. This place has people coming back for more for their live music performances - What else are you looking for?



Image Courtesy: We Are Gurgaon


Now, this is an interesting name for a place that immediately attracts you. It offers quick service, a full bar, and toothsome food. And what else? Crazy music scenes where you won't help but automatically sway to the buzzing beats. A fluid and covial lounge bar with rustic décor promises something great for every mood. This is a great choice for a weekend hangout with friends and family that you shouldn't miss if you are looking for live music restaurants in Gurgaon.


You can thank us later for sorting out your mid-week plans!


Q1: What are some popular Delhi street foods?

A1: Popular Delhi street foods include chaat, samosas, golgappe (pani puri), and kebabs.


Q2: Where can I find the best butter chicken in Delhi?

A2: You can try the best butter chicken at iconic restaurants like Moti Mahal and Karim's.


Q3: What is the specialty of Delhi's Mughlai cuisine?

A3: Delhi's Mughlai cuisine is known for its rich gravies, tender meats, and aromatic spices.


Q4: Which area in Delhi is famous for its Paranthe Wali Gali?

A4: Paranthe Wali Gali, famous for its stuffed paranthas, is located in Old Delhi.


Q5: What is the must-try dessert in Delhi?

A5: Rabri Falooda, a creamy dessert made with condensed milk, noodles, and flavored syrup, is a must-try in Delhi.


Q6: Where can I taste authentic Delhi-style biryani?

A6: Gali Paranthe Wali and Karim's are popular places to savor authentic Delhi-style biryani.




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