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Let's Steal A Glance From The Backstage Of The Millennium City - 15 Signs You Work in Gurgaon

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Lol! Lol! Lol! Well Enough For Now...! You might be wondering why this begins with a sinful and nasty laugh? Well... Because I too live in Gurgaon and Work in Gurgaon. Like you and many others, I too experience through the same traumatic schedules and usual daily problems. Problems are natural but we still love our Millennium City...!

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With hundreds of working spaces sprouting up in Gurgaon each day, there is almost a little chance that anybody can escape the millennium city. We're certain that most of you are reading this sitting inside one of those glass shielded buildings. Whether it's Cyber City or Golf Course Road that your office is located in, we're all in the same boat. Of Course, nobody can feel and ease your pain of spending a major part of your day in those "can never escape" shielded buildings. Read on as we gonna jot down the 15 signs that prove you work in Gurgaon, just so you know you're not alone.


1. Weather Conflict

Warning! The weather is intense here! No matter how congenial and delightful the weather is in Delhi the moment you de-board the Delhi metro at Sikanderpur,  Gurgaon welcomes you with scorching heat and a storm of toxic dust.  

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2. Homey F1 Race

No matter what time it is in your wristwatch, each time you cross the road in Gurgaon, you'll 'almost' get run over by a car. If not the present one, then definitely by the next one. C'mon, it's a "Grand Prix Motor Race"! Do you expect any better? And they are even more brutal when they're driving on the wrong side. 

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3. Mother Nature's Nasty, and little Creatures

More than cars, you'll be scared of pigs. Yes, pigs - lots and lots of them. Nasty, Dirty, stinky and a little too friendly.


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4. The Reflection Theory

If the burning sun isn't enough to ravage your day already, the shiny and monstrous glass buildings all around reflect all the sun on you until you literally turned into ash.

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5. Mall, Theka or Patanjali Store ― Where is Your Fate

Like the people of Gurgaon say, if you throw a stone in the air, it will either hit a "Sharab ka Theka" or a shady mall. Oh, God! They are actually too many. The kind of people you spot at either of the places are pretty much same. BTW no one ever noticed that Patanjali was always there, right next to those "Thekas" to offer some organic Daaru.

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6. Luxury Dining or Nothing

 If God forbid, you fall sick at work or feel like eating out, good luck finding a local market. It's either a mall or nothing. 

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7. It's Building Since Decades

There's always something or the other getting constructed around you. You're so acquainted with those construction noises that silently and literally creeps you out now.


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8. Miles To Go Before You Reach

The metro stations are far and a few and the offices, too many! Wherever you come from, you have to change at least three modes of transport to reach the area your office is located in and then you have to walk. Walk a lot, amidst all the intense dust, crowd and racing vehicles.


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9. The Roads Are As Complex As Colgate Zig-Zag

The roads in Gurgaon are even more uneven than Morgan Freeman's teeth. Regular roads have potholes. Gurgaon roads have craters! This is how it feels like driving your car on them. And in case you fall into one of them, God saves you!

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10. A Safari Ride Through The Valley of Hell

You have definitely heard of third-degree torture in the Bollywood movies, but do you know what the third-degree torture is for a common Office boy in Gurgaon? Torture that they resort to in hell? They make people travel in Gurgaon's Public Transport. You have 3 best options to choose from! We don't know if it's best for you or not, you have to...!


Alternative 1:

Board on a share auto that makes 10 people sit in a space meant for only 3. You'll be so close to the guy sitting next to or in front of you, that not only will you know which deodorant or oil he applies you might also accidentally kiss him in case the tempo driver decides to apply the brakes all of a sudden. Well, I never that fortunate enough! 

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Alternative 2:

The public bus! Do let us know when you get a seat any day, just because there's no way you're going to get a seat. So, good luck while hanging out of it. 

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Alternative 3:

Private Transport! Ola, Ubers, Autorickshaw, there are several options! But they charge so much, you have to make sure you're carrying your checkbook with you all the time. 

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11. Those Humiliating Kinds of music

If you do survive the claustrophobic attack in the shared rickshaw, there's no escaping the loud music booming in it. From "Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal" to "Kamariya" and from "Kitna Haseen Chehra" to "Raja Raja Kareja Me Sama Ja" the DJ driver has the most ridiculous playlist ever! Guess what is worse? after a year of traveling in the tempo, you find yourself humming along to those songs one fine day. Damn! This is Insane! 


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12. Either The Time is Idle or The Vans Are Not Moving 

Oh! I just forget to mention about those fierce traffic jams. No matter what time you release yourself from work or where you live, there's no way you're reaching home before Ten. Even in case you're about to reach, you'll be halt by any "Daru ka Theka" and time flies there.  

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13. Half Flood During Monsoon

Come rains and you'd literally need boats to travel in Gurgaon. Better to join swimming classes in advance! 

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14. Get Friendly With Heat and Darkness

Get your inverter installed in advance because of no matter you have AC or Remote control cooler, come summer and you go craving for the electricity, until unless you stay in an apartment. Have you paid your electric bill? 


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15. 24X7 Thekas - The Saviour of Mankind

There's one last thing in Gurgaon that eases every pain at least a little - probably the only saving grace of the city and that, my folks is the abundance of 24x7 "Thekas".


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