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4 Lessons We Should Learn From Dystopian Movies

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 30, 2020 3 min read

Some movies entertain us thoroughly, while some others leave us with valuable insights. Then come those deeply unsettling dystopian movies, that somehow straddle the line perfectly. I'm talking movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, where you watch several scenes depicting the darkest figment of someone's imagination, with rapture and the inability to leave your seat. As terrifying as one can be, these movies also show us the horrible turns humanity can end up taking, the possibilities one could consider when thinking far into the future. And when the movie comes with imagery of a pandemic wiping out the human population, and enhancing the intelligence of huge Apes, who go on to become the rulers of Earth, well, it hits way too close to home. Like, yes, my plans for tonight definitely consisted of staying up in bed wide-eyed, thinking about a massive, vengeful Chimpanzee. Thanks for that, Matt Reeves. 



Still, as I said earlier, these movies can also be very educational, if you know what to watch out for. Curious? We've listed 4 such important lessons dystopian movies have offered us, and we should definitely make a note of. Especially now. Because the pandemic bit is already over, next come the monkeys. 


1. The Purge 





What It Teaches Us

So in this movie, the government finds a unique solution to the city's problems of steadily inclining crime rates, which is sanctioning a 12 hour period wherein no law applies Basically everything is legal, including brutal, sadistic murders. What the Purge teaches us, is what absolute freedom can lead to. It shows us what happens when everybody in society gets free reign, including the psychopaths. And that is, the sensible and the conscientious ones hiding in their homes, and the deranged roaming the streets and causing loss of lives as a way of proving their notion of rights and liberation. Sound familiar? "Cough" Murica *Cough* 


Image Courtesy - IMDb


2. Zombieland





What It Teaches Us

Okay, I know it's not a serious dystopian movie with hidden meanings and psychological truths, but considering it deals with an apocalypse, we are gonna run with it. Zombieland teaches us, in the case of a global emergency wiping out millions of people on a regular basis (in this case, zombies) one can never be too cautious. And also, rules are important. As Jesse Heisenberg's character claims in the movie, strict rules and vigilant monitoring, are what keep you alive when a threat to your life can jump out of anywhere. So bearing in mind social distancing is the rule right now, follow it if you want to make it unscathed. 


Image Courtesy - Reel Good



3. I Am Legend 





What It Teaches Us

This movie teaches us a lot of things. One of them being, in the face of an overwhelming sense of loneliness, and lack of familiar faces around you, nothing works as well as routine and finding something that drives you. We see Will Smith trying to numb his misery of being all by himself with a host of strategies, but ultimately what works is a sense of purpose. Routine gives him some semblance of control in the midst of utter chaos, it's what helps him survive being cut off from everything he knew and loved with his sanity preserved. It also gives us some insight into how important emotional connection is to us human beings. Will Smith talking to his dog and caring for him is where we see this implication arise. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


4. Jurassic Park 





What It Teaches Us

Don't reopen places and invite people to those places, when it isn't absolutely safe. Especially if what leads you to go there, is a need to cure your boredom. 


Image Courtesy - The Tallenge Store 

Special mention, The Walking Dead. Stay in the house, man. 

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