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Satisfy Your Hunger With The Platter of Tasty And Lesser Known Indian Cuisine At Delhi

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Want to try something new which is beyond your expectation? The rare combination which will make your jaw drop with hunger? We are up to 10 unknown Indian Cuisine and tasty Indian food which will increase the level of your taste buds.

1. Odia Cuisine

Odia cuisine is the first one listed in Unknown Indian Cuisine and Indian Food. It is a blend of flavors and varieties. Due to its endless, varieties, no one can ever get bored of this cuisine.  The famous attraction of this cuisine lies in  Combination of badi chuda with Garlic and Red Chillies, Khattas(tangy curry), Eggplants cooked in the curd. The rare combinations can actually increase the tastebuds.

The cuisine is actually hidden from foodies, that’s why it is listed in this list. But, trust me if you ever have a chance to try it once. Then you can never resist Odia Cuisine in your life.

Origin: Odisha
Must Try: Dalma lentils served with chilies and mustard
Found in: Odisha Hotel, Maachh Bhatt


2. Telangana Cuisine

Telangana cuisine is famous for its spice. Special ingredients like tamarind, sesame seeds, chilies, and asafetida make the cuisine more delicious. The famous Indian food of this cuisine is Mamsam Pulusu, the slowed cooked mutton decorated with tamarind leaves, the popular combination Jonna roti(millet) with spicy kooda (curry).  And is widely popular for its biryani and Karachi biscuits. 

Origin: Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Must Try: Sugary pharda peni( crisp waffles) and Garijelu served with coconut filling.
Found in: Andra Bhavan


3. Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmir has its own style in expressing its culture. Kashmiri cuisine is the best example of this statement. The rich culinary norm can be summed up in the form of dishes like Gogje Rajma, Dum Alov(Dum Aloo in Kashmiri style).

Origin: Kashmir
Must try: Naan Qaliya, Kashmiri roti with Kabargah and Shufta(desert)
Found in: Wazwaan, Ahad Sons Restaurant, Road Romeo, Chor Bizarre


4. Uttarakhandi Cuisine

The most impressive quality about Uttarakhandi Cuisine lies in its simplicity. Because of this quality, it has made a place in Tasty Indian Food and Indian Cuisine.
Uttarakhand comprises of Garhwal and Kumaon. So the aroma of both places is added in the flavors of Uttarakhandi Cuisine. The main attraction lies in the simple platter of tor ki dal,  til ki chutney, and chainso of Garhwal region. Bhatt ki Churdkani and kachhmauli are famous for Kumaon.

Origin: Uttarakhand
Must try: Kafuli, Bhaang ki Chutney, and Gharwal ka Fannah, Bal Mithai
Found In: Uttarakhand Cuisine


5. Kathiawadi Cuisine

Kaithwadi Cusine breaks all the stereotype that Gujarati food is all sugary. As it is spicy cooked on the wood fire. So all the spicy lover's something has been cooked for you.  The Khichdi from Kathiawar and lasaniya batata is the famous food you can’t miss on.

Origin: Gujrat
Must try: Combination of sev tamatar sabzi and local bhakri bread.
Found in: Suruchi Restaurant, Naivedyam


6. Parsi Cuisine

Parsi cuisine comes with a rare combination of sweet and sour. This cuisine is a must try for all the meat lovers. The Emli-goor- kuchumber and Dhansk add taste to the meal of Parsi Cuisine.

Origin: Parsi Community
Must Try:  Chicken Farsa and Patra ni Machhi
Found In: SodaBottleopenerwalaRustom’s Parsi Bhonu, The Classroom


7. Mappila Cuisine

Mappila Cuisine is influenced by Dutch, Portuguese, British and Arab cooking traditions. If you are a die-heart fan of Mughlai food the blindly taste the Tellicherry Biryani.

Origin: Kerala
Must Try: Arikadukka, Fish Biryani, Kozhi Thalayana
Found in:  Mahabelly, The Toddy Shop, Coast Café


8. Adivasi Cuisine

Adivasi Cuisine is simple, nutritious and an exotic element which can drive you crazy. Their flavors are unique to the taste of the cuisine you can’t even imagine.
The Eri polu( stir-fried silkworm), Pork cooked in fermented bamboo shoots and Jolokia chilies.

Origin: Adivasi community
Must Try: Sattu, Dhuska, tikut.
Found In: Nagaland’s Kitchen, Berco’s


9. Melenadu Cuisine

A distinct cuisine which is worth a try. The meaty curries, tangy pickles, and seafood are the beautiful glimpse of the Melenadu Cuisine. This cuisine will never fail to surprise with its dishes.

Origin: Karnataka
Must Try: Pulimunchi
Found In: Karnataka, Coastal Reef


10. Konkani Cuisine

Flavors of spice, sour, hot makeup Konkani Cuisine. The use of kokum, coconut, tirphal and a lot of unique spice condiments makes the cuisine more special. The Tepla ambat preparation of fish curry is a typical dish. Origin: Konkan region of Goa and Maharastra
Must Try: The combination of kolmbo sambar with kadamb. 
Found In: Incrivel Goa

So, these were the list of 10 delicious Indian food and tasty Indian food. Surprisingly, it is available in Delhi. So don't miss that golden opportunity to experience it. 


Q- Can you name some budget-friendly restaurant which serves multiple cuisines?
A- QD's Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Bukhara Restaurant, Tamra Restaurant

Q-Does these provide the authentic taste of all religious cuisine?
A- These restaurants are inspired by all the religious cuisines.