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A *Crystal* Clear List Of The 8 Hottest Jewellery Trends

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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It could be something as dainty as a pair of pearl studs, or as dazzling as a gold choker studded with rubies, but the right jewellery can make a helluva difference to a woman's outfit and confidence, in equal proportions. Most of us women grew up playing with the contents of our mother's jewellery box, charmed by the crystals that lay in all their glory, stacking our wrists with bangles double the size of our wrists. But now that most of us are at the age of starting our own flowing jewellery collection, it's reasonable to want to know what our options are, and what is being sported on the fashion runways. 




This year we've seen different kinds of bling, some that faded as soon as they arrived, and others that grabbed on to the spotlight and refused to let go. To help you understand what the latest jewellery trends dictate, and make an informed decision about the ornaments worth investing in, let us take you through the 8 biggest jewellery trends we've spotted so far in 2020. 


1. Modern Pearl Necklaces 

This year, the runways have been studded with pearls. But not the kind you'd associate with your grandmother. The pearl jewellery trend is here to stay in 2020, but with a contemporary twist. We're looking at edgier pearl necklaces like black chokers dotted with pearls, metallic earrings with pearl details, and even hairpins speckled with small pearls. So basically the elegant jewellery classic, with a modern makeover. 


Image Courtesy - Jewellery Domain


2. Colourful Gemstone Earrings 

Once upon a time, there were a select few gemstones that were considered to be in vogue, including emerald, ruby and sapphire. But the new Millenium is all about gemstones with a splash of colours. Embellished earrings with multi-colour details have been all the rage in the jewellery trends of the year, with both simpler designs and those with a touch of extravagance making the rounds. Even in the case of necklaces, we've seen more than a few with rainbow diamonds. 


Image Courtesy - A&N Luxe Label


3. Chunky Chains 

One of the biggest jewellery trends of 2020, has been a surge in oversized, chunky chains. We're taking thick metallic chains, layered necklaces with chains varying in sizes, and big chain chokers. Gold and its variations like rose gold, yellow gold and white gold have been sported a lot, but silver isn't too far behind either. If you're more minimal in your style, you can opt for thinner gold chains around your neck.  


Image Courtesy - Lyst 


4. Single Earring 

Gone are the days when earrings were only worn in pairs. The jewellery trends this year have seen a resurgence in the fad of wearing a singular earring. Keeping one ear bare, and the other flashing a statement earring, we've seen several celebrities flaunting their trend quotient on social media. Even the runways have been speckled with the solo earring jewellery trend. If drop earrings aren't your thing, you can sport a cuff on one ear as a chic, minimal jewellery choice. 


Image Courtesy - Vogue 


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5. Bolder Hoops 

Let's be honest here, hoops can never go out of fashion. But if you saw the 2020 latest trend variation, you'd spot bigger, bolder gold hoops, and not just in the good old circular shape. We've seen a lot of irregularly shaped hoops making the rounds, along with chunkier hoops in tortoiseshell. Brown or black hoops with gold accents are trending as well! 


Image Courtesy - Lifestyle Asia 


6. Edgy Cocktail Rings 

Another trend that didn't exactly go out of style, but returned in a bolder format is that of bejewelled cocktail rings. We've noticed a lot of big cocktail rings studded with diamonds, or embellished with stones in rainbow hues. A minimal, classic variant of this jewellery trend is parading a large single gemstone in an asymmetrical shape, sitting atop a thin gold band. 


Image Courtesy - No Strings Attached 


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7. Animal & Floral Motifs 

Pandas, penguins or flamingos, animal motifs are absolutely hot in the jewellery world right now. We've spotted everything you can imagine under this 2020 jewellery trend, from goldfish earrings adorned with neon rhinestones, to pendants in the shape of a pug. The same goes for floral motifs, which have been trending for quite a while and 2020 is no different. Rings and earrings with a mix of metals in floral designs are totally in vogue. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


8. Link Bracelets 

Just like the 2020 necklace trend of chunky chains, we've seen gold link bracelets making the rounds this year. A delicate chain wristband or link bangle looks extremely elegant when paired with a classic watch. It's understated, low-key and super happening if you were to believe the latest jewellery trends. 


Image Courtesy - Victoria Emerson

2020 as a year might have been the stuff of nightmares, but the jewellery trends of the year are so beautiful, it's almost forgivable! Please note I said almost.