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Best Lakshadweep Tour Packages: A guide for your Journey

By Aniket

Updated - Jan. 12, 2024 5 min read

Are you dreaming of pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a tropical paradise for your next vacation? Look no further than the enchanting Lakshadweep Islands! Make your trip unforgettable with the best Lakshadweep tour packages that cater to families and couples alike. In collaboration with Makemy Trip, we present the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in the lap of nature. So are you ready to plan your 2024 Vaccation for Lakshadweep Holiday? Get insight into the best lakshadweep tour packages. 


Lakshadweep Tour Packages


Image Courtesy: Makemy Trip


Here is the list of Lakshadweep holiday packages of Makymy Trip. Enjoy the Lakshadweep tour packages with magicpin offers. You can save with MagicPin by claiming the coupons. 


1. Lakshadweep Tour Package for Family

Enjoy a 3-night/4-day or 4-night/5-day journey, customizable to suit your family's preferences. Your adventure begins with a warm welcome at Agatti Airport, where a representative will escort you to the exquisite Shore House by Holidays Collections or a similar resort. The accommodation includes all meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening tea or coffee.


Lakshadweep Tour Packages

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Activities & Sightseeing

Explore Agatti Island with a guided tour covering the Agatti Museum, Fish Hatchery, Eastern Jetty, and the Blue Lagoon Beach. Dive into the rich history and natural beauty of the island. The package also includes an excursion to Thinnakara Island, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking views and indulge in the island's serene atmosphere. Don't miss the visit to Rocky Island at Kalpitti, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and thrilling activities.


Lakshadweep Tour Packages

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Lakshadweep Tour Package for Family Price: ₹23,049 per person*



2. Lakshadweep Tour Packages for Couples

For a more extended romantic escape, opt for a 5-night/6-day package, including stays at Quality Airport Hotel in Cochin and Shore House in Lakshadweep. Enjoy private transfers and a guided tour of Agatti Island, making your journey seamless and memorable.


Lakshadweep Tour Packages for Couples

Image Courtesy: Your Travel World


Cruise to Lakshadweep

If you seek a unique experience, consider the Cruise to Lakshadweep package. Set sail from Mumbai on a 4-night cruise that includes all meals at Food Court & Starlight Restaurant, access to the swimming pool and fitness center, entertainment shows, DJ parties, and much more. Discover Lakshadweep with a shore excursion, unveiling thrilling water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.


6 Lakshadweep Cruise Packages - Book Lakshadweep Packages With Free  Cancellation

Image Courtesy: Makemy Trip


Agatti Island Bliss

For those who prefer a shorter escape, the Agatti Island - Relax & Recharge Day package is perfect. Indulge in optional adventure activities, relax by the sparkling shores, and explore the island at your own pace.

Get ready for a fantastic 7-day trip to the beautiful Lakshadweep Islands! These packages are perfect for families, couples, and anyone who loves adventure.



Image Courtesy: Makemy Trip


Lakshadweep Tour Packages for Couples Price: 32,000/per Person



3. Lakshadweep Tour Packages for 7 Days

Ready for a super long holiday in the amazing Lakshadweep Islands? Dive into the beautiful tropical world with our special 7-day trips! These packages are made for families, couples, and people who love adventures.


Lakshadweep Tour Packages for 7 Days


Image Courtesy: Wandders Hub


Make Your Own Plan

You can plan your 7-day trip the way you want. If you're a family wanting a longer holiday or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, you can decide what works best for you.


Where You'll Stay

Stay in lovely resorts like Shore House by Holidays Collections. They're really comfy and make your week-long adventure super enjoyable.


Things to Do

Go on a guided tour of Agatti Island and discover cool places like the Agatti Museum, Fish Hatchery, Eastern Jetty, and the Blue Lagoon Beach. Learn about the island's history and enjoy activities that you like.


More Time to Explore

You'll have extra time to explore Thinnakara Island. Enjoy the beautiful views and have fun doing island activities.


Exciting Trip to Rocky Island

Take a trip to Rocky Island at Kalpitti. It's a mix of relaxing and exciting things to do. Perfect for a sunny day!


You Decide

Whether you're with family, a partner, or just love adventures, these 7-day packages let you choose. Pick from different activities to make your holiday just the way you want it.


Book Your Lakshadweep Adventure

These packages by Makemy Trip are perfect for your Lakshadweep vacation. Don't miss out on the fun - book now and make great memories in this tropical paradise!


Lakshadweep | Best Time to Visit | Top Things to Do | Book Your Trip -  Travel, Stay, Packages, Visa, Activities - MakeMyTrip

Image Courtesy: Makemy Trip


Lakshadweep Tour Packages for 7 Days Price: 31,000 per person



In conclusion, Makemy Trip offers a variety of Lakshadweep tour packages tailored to your preferences. Whether you are traveling with family, as a couple, or seeking a unique cruise experience, there's a package for everyone. Dive into the beauty of Agatti Island, Thinnakara, and Rocky Island, and make your Lakshadweep vacation a memorable one!



Q1: How much does a Lakshadweep Tour package cost?

Ans: The cost of Lakshadweep tour packages varies depending on the duration and type of package. Prices can range from ₹23,049 per person for a 3-night/4-day family package to ₹31,000 per person for a 7-day package, offering a diverse range of experiences.


Q2: Which Lakshadweep package is best suited for my preferences?

Ans: The best Lakshadweep package depends on your travel preferences. For families, the 3-night/4-day or 4-night/5-day package is ideal, while couples may prefer the 5-night/6-day option. Those seeking a unique experience can explore the Cruise to Lakshadweep package, and shorter escapes are catered to with the Agatti Island - Relax & Recharge Day package.


Q3: Do I need a passport for Lakshadweep?

Ans: No, a passport is not required for Indian citizens to visit Lakshadweep. However, travelers need to obtain a special permit, which can be arranged through the Lakshadweep Tourism Department.


Q4: Are the prices mentioned inclusive of all meals and activities?

Ans: Yes, the Lakshadweep tour package prices include meals, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening tea or coffee, depending on the itinerary. Additionally, various activities and sightseeing tours are part of the packages, providing a comprehensive experience.


Q5: Can I customize my 7-day Lakshadweep tour package?

Ans: Absolutely! The 7-day Lakshadweep tour packages are customizable, allowing you to tailor the itinerary to your preferences. Whether you're a family looking for an extended holiday or a couple seeking a romantic getaway, you can choose accommodations, activities, and experiences that best suit your travel style.

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