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The King of Fragrances And Bath Products is About to Open Its First Store in Delhi

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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bath & body works


Bath & Body Works was found in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. They have been big in the field of home fragrances and hand lotions. 



1. With a large presence all over the world, the brand boasts of 1600 stores in the United States and 80 stores across the world in countries like Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.


2. The company is a well-known brand now and have been consistently producing amazing fragrances over the years


3. They are not only known for their soups and perfumes. But, heir hand sanitizers, hair-care products are beyond good. They also offer a range of body washes and body fragrances with different fragrances and fragrant home candles.


4. The oldest scent they launched was a sweet pea, which was launched in 2000 and was a favorite to many, 


5. Their most bought fragrance is Japanese Cherry Blossom which was launched in their American Collection in 2000.


6. They currently have a range of 138 fragrances to choose from. 


You guys are definitely in for a treat with the opening of this store. 


bath & body works Delhi

This brand has been in the picture for over 20 years. Whether you buy a fragrant body candle or a 3-wick candle, they have a large collection to pamper yourself or someone else. 


DLF Mall of India, Noida just is going to be graced with the first ever offline store of Bath & Body Works in Delhi after having 1600 stores all around the world already, Amazing scented candles, body lotions, shower gels, massage oils and other products with different fragrances, we can't contain our excitement. 


WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO | Japanese Cherry Blossom, sweet pea fragrances.

WHERE | DLF MALL OF INDIA, Sector 18, Noida


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