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Key Jogging Tips For Beginners To Achieve The Best Results

By Anubha Das

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Jogging is the best way to be fit and it can be part of your amazing workout routine. Though jogging is not only about getting the right shoes and having the motivation to do it. Many joggers do it wrong, but fret not! We bring you the list of best jogger tips that one should definitely know. 


1. Warm Up

The first rule of jogging is to warm up before you start your daily training. Many people confuse with warm up not being important but like starting with any other exercise, jogging also needs muscles to undergo warm up so that you can prepare your muscles for the constant contraction and relaxation. Warming up also helps in reducing the chances of injury during jogging. jogging-tips-for-beginners-warm-up_image



2. Wear Running Shoes

If you are wondering about what is the next most important thing to know before you go start with your jogging routine then it is wearing the right running shoes. We must always keep in mind to wear comfortable running and training shoes so that they help your feet and bones from the impact on the thrust.



3. Push Your Chest Out

Keep in mind to never slouch while jogging. Numerous joggers sluggard and run. In addition to the fact that this is inaccurate, your stance and spine wellbeing endure a shot. Regardless of whether you are running on the treadmill, the street, or a trail, ensure your chest is out, and bears moved back to anticipate spinal wounds and improve your stance.jogging-tips-for-beginners-push-your-chest-out_image


4. Use Breathing Techniques

While jogging always breathe in a particular rhythm and it counts to be one of the most important parts of jogging. While you jog count your steps and likewise your breaths when you inhale and exhale. For instance, take in gradually through your sense about four stages and afterward breathe out gradually through your eye for the following four stages. Likewise, when you are practically exhausted and have a craving for surrendering, begin taking in through the nose and breathing out with power through your mouth. It will help siphon in oxygen and siphon out carbon dioxide rapidly from your body.jogging-tips-for-beginners_image


5. Jog In Different Directions

Always keep in mind that while jogging you must always jog either in a zig-zag way or just lateral motions. Doing this helps train your leg muscles so that you are able to run on any kind of road or trail like jogging uphill or downhill. It also makes sure that you are burning enough calories or not.jogging-tips-for-beginners_image


6. Time Your Steps

The next thing on the list of important jogging tips is to time your steps. Timing the steps is a very effective way to improve your jogging technique and burn more calories. Pro Tip- Make sure that the count of your steps is 30 before you take rest. You can increase the number of steps once you start getting comfortable with your jogging routine. jogging-tips-for-beginners_image




7. Train In Intervals

Running routinely is proportionate to preparing for an up and coming long distance race or some other game. The most ideal approach to begin doing that is to run for 5 minutes and take 20 seconds rest. This interim preparing will enable you to run longer and not get exhausted.



8. Practice Box Jumps

Train your muscles with the help of box jumps so that they strengthen your glutes and things, to make it easy for you to jog for more than 5 miles at a stretch. Box jumps are useful for quality molding and improving muscle power and response time when you are set for your jogging routine.jogging-tips-for-beginners_image


9. Drink Water

Drying out can likewise destroy your muscles. Keep in mind to drink 3-4 liters of water every day. Additionally, keep a little sipper with you when you run so you can keep yourself hydrated and don't surrender rapidly. You should also ensure that you don't drink an excessive amount of water while running. Take a taste or two when you stop or stroll to rest for 10-20 seconds.jogging-tips-for-beginners_image


10. Stretch 

After you get done with your jogging routine you should cool down with the help of some stretches. It is equally important as doing warm up before starting with your jogging procedure. This would help you cool down which will help you protect from having any muscle injury.jogging-tips-for-beginners_image


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Q. If I have an injury, what will I feel while I’m stretching?

A. If you have any pain while performing the stretch, you should stop immediately. It is important to understand the difference between feeling a “stretch” and feeling pain. Stretches should feel like something you can hold for 30 seconds comfortably.


Q. Are There Minimum Age Requirements to Run a Marathon?
A. Most marathons have age requirements, and the minimum age is typically 16 or 18 years old.


Q. Is there any medical condition or fitness certificate required to participate in the Marathon?
A. To run any Marathon race in India, you need to have a medical certificate signed by a doctor to say that you’re medically fit to take part. This includes 5Ks, 10Ks, half, full and ultra marathons.