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Janpath Market Delhi: Shopping, Timing, Speciality

By Aniket

Updated - June 18, 20248 min read

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Janpath Market in Delhi is a must-visit if you love shopping. It's a bustling and famous bazaar near Connaught Place that attracts many tourists every year. The market offers a wide variety of products, ranging from affordable to expensive.


One of the highlights is the Kashmiri stuff, including handmade Kurtis, Pashmina shawls, woolen scarves, and complete suit sets. Additionally, you can explore leather footwear, carpets, cotton garments, ethnic dresses, and home decorative items to spruce up your living space.


As you stroll through the market, you'll notice two types of vendors – those with fixed prices and those open to bargaining. If you're good at negotiating, you can score some souvenirs for your home at discounted prices. Overall, Janpath Market is a fun and lively place catering to diverse shopping needs, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.


Janpath Market, Delhi Magicpin

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How to reach Janpath Market Delhi for Shopping

Janpath Nearest Metro

  • Take the Orange Line and get off at Shivaji Stadium.
  • It's a 15-minute walk to Janpath Market or take an E-rickshaw.
  • Metro cost: INR 20 to INR 60 per person.


  • Catch a local bus from the airport.
  • Get off at Palika Kendra; Janpath Market is 9-10 minutes away.
  • Bus ride cost: INR 18 to INR 26 per person.


  • Janpath Market is about 19 km from the airport.
  • Use Ola/Uber or a rental taxi for a 20-minute ride.
  • Taxi cost: INR 700 to INR 800 per person.

Janpath Market Timing

  • Entry: Free for all visitors.
  • Janpath Market Timing: From 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day.
  • Recommended Exploration Time: Plan for 3-4 hours to make the most of your visit.


Why Janpath Market is Famous?

Janpath Market is famous for its diverse range of offerings, including traditional Tibetan style paintings, wooden artifacts, statues, glass artifacts, Gujarati handicrafts, pillows, and Gujarati style kurtas. In essence, the market is renowned for its wide variety of items, ranging from personal accessories to a rich collection of crafts sourced from various destinations worldwide.


5 things to Do at Janpath Market, Delhi


Tibetan Market

  • Buy antique jewelry, precious stones, and colorful beads.
  • Explore traditional rings, wooden artifacts, glass items, and beautiful paintings.
  • Discover statues of all sizes and Buddhist sculptures depicting stages of Buddha's life.


Gujarati Market

  • Add vibrant colors to your wardrobe with handbags, kurtas, pillows, and bed sheets.
  • Shop at reasonable prices for traditional attire like lehenga choli or Zari-bordered sarees.


Flea Market

  • Experience typical street shopping with enthusiastic shopkeepers.
  • Find trendy items, possibly first copies of popular brands like Zara.


Food Delights

  • Explore various food joints and roadside eateries.
  • Enjoy coffee for a boost or indulge in mouth-watering Momos, a star attraction of Janpath Market.


Overall Tips

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tibetan and Gujarati Markets for unique shopping experiences.
  • Embrace the lively chaos of the Flea Market for affordable trendy finds.
  • Delight your taste buds with diverse food options, from coffee to iconic Momos.



Shops in Janpath Market, Delhi

1. Tibetan Market

Located in Janpath Market, the Tibetan Market dazzles with knockoff jewelry, semi-precious stones, and Thangka paintings. Patient explorers may uncover antique gems, while Tribal Arts and Tibetan Arts beckon as recommended stops.

Janpath and Tibetan Market | Delhi


2. Gujarati Market

Adding a splash of color to Janpath, Gujarati Market, near the metro, showcases vibrant craftsmanship. Explore embroidered clothing, colorful bags, and even Afghani earrings for a unique cultural shopping experience.

8/12 — JANPATH — Gujarati Market. Another section of Janpath Lane Market… |  by Lost Kyte | Medium

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3. Main Market

At the heart of Janpath, Main Market offers a diverse array, from contemporary fashion to reliable quality in Leather Smith and authentic silver at Chaandi. Despite slightly higher prices, it's a shopper's paradise.

Janpath Market, Delhi - History, Timings, Entry Fee, Location - YoMetro

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4. Street Market

In the bustling Janpath Street Market, discover trendy fashion reminiscent of Sarojini. From flowy pants to chic accessories, this market caters to the latest styles, providing a vibrant and diverse shopping experience. 

Unveiling the Magic of Street Shopping in Delhi | magicpin blog


6 Best Restaurants in Janpath Market, Delhi

1. The Atrium

The Atrium invites diners to a casual European culinary journey. With an ambiance that complements its European menu, this restaurant is a perfect blend of relaxation and gastronomy. Savor delightful dishes while enjoying the ease of a casual dining setting. The Atrium is your gateway to European flavors in the heart of Janpath Market.

The Atrium

  • Cuisine: European
  • Type: Casual Dining
  • Cost for Two: ₹500
  • Highlights: Serves Alcohol, Breakfast, Seating Available


2. Eau De Monsoon

For a quick culinary escape, Eau De Monsoon in Janpath beckons with its delightful fast food offerings. As you step into this casual dining spot, be prepared for a burst of flavors that define the essence of fast food. Affordable and open now, Eau De Monsoon is a go-to choice for those seeking quick and tasty bites in the vibrant Janpath area.

Eau De Monsoon

  • Cuisine: Fast Food
  • Type: Casual Dining
  • Cost for Two: ₹500
  • Highlights: Open Now, Offers Fast Food Delights


3. The One+ 21

Step into the world of fine dining at The One+ 21 in Janpath, where continental, Italian, fast food, and desserts converge to create a culinary masterpiece. With a menu curated for those seeking an elevated dining experience, The One+ 21 promises not just a meal but a journey through diverse and delectable cuisines.

The One


  • Cuisine: Continental, Italian, Fast Food, Desserts
  • Type: Fine Dining
  • Cost for Two: ₹2000
  • Highlights: Open Now, Offers a Variety of Culinary Delights

4. Nero - Le Meridien

As the night falls, Janpath offers a vibrant nightlife experience at Nero - Le Meridien. Indulge in finger foods and let the ambiance set the mood for a memorable night out. With comfortable seating and an air-conditioned environment, Nero invites patrons to unwind and relish the flavors of their finger food specialties.

Nero - Le Meridien


  • Cuisine: Finger Food
  • Type: Nightlife
  • Cost for Two: ₹3300
  • Highlights: Ac, Seating Available, Perfect for Night Out


5. Le Belvedere - Le Meridien

For those with a taste for Chinese delicacies in a luxurious setting, Le Belvedere at Le Meridien is the epitome of fine dining in Janpath. Savor the richness of Chinese cuisine amid an elegant ambiance. With alcohol service, live music, and comfortable seating, Le Belvedere promises a sophisticated culinary affair.

Le Belvedere - Le Meridien


  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Type: Luxury Dining
  • Cost for Two: ₹4000
  • Highlights: Ac, Serves Alcohol, Live Music, Elegant Ambiance


6. Ganesh Chaat Cafe

A delightful journey through street food at Ganesh Chaat Cafe in Janpath. Offering a casual cafe setting, this eatery specializes in affordable street food delights. Open now and perfect for a quick bite, Ganesh Chaat Cafe brings the charm of street flavors to Janpath Market.

Ganesh Chaat Cafe

  • Cuisine: Street Food
  • Type: Cafe
  • Cost for Two: ₹100
  • Highlights: Open Now, Affordable Street Food Delights




FAQs on Janpath Market, Delhi


Q1. Is Janpath Market a popular shopping destination in Delhi?

Ans: Yes, Janpath Market is a bustling and famous bazaar near Connaught Place, attracting many tourists every year with its wide variety of affordable to expensive products.


Q2. What are the highlights of the Tibetan Market in Janpath?

Ans: The Tibetan Market dazzles with antique jewelry, precious stones, Thangka paintings, and offers a unique shopping experience with two recommended stops – Tribal Arts and Tibetan Arts.


Q3. How can one reach Janpath Market from the airport?

Ans: From the airport, you can take the metro (Orange Line to Shivaji Stadium), catch a local bus to Palika Kendra, or use Ola/Uber or a rental taxi for a 20-minute ride.


Q4. What are some recommended eateries near Janpath Market?

Ans: Some recommended eateries include Mealodrama Modern Bistro, 1911 Restaurant, Saravana Bhavan, and The Spice Route, offering a variety of cuisines to suit different tastes.


Q5. What are the opening hours of Janpath Market?

Ans: Janpath Market is open every day from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, with a recommended exploration time of 3-4 hours to make the most of your visit.