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B-Town Queen, Jacqueline Fernandez Launches A New Activewear Brand - "Just F"

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Jacqueline has out stunned us already with her acting skills and if one has been following her for a while then you must aware that she is a fitness enthusiast too. We bet you’ll be amazed by her flexibility, strength and skills that she has got through practicing Yoga, Pole Dancing, Pilates and what not. It’s amazing how she has converted her love for fitness and fashion into a whole brand itself - Just F.


Just F is co-created by Jacqueline Fernandez who kept the women of today on her mind while coming with this brilliant collection of activewear which is a perfect combination for women who love fashion and fitness. You’ll be amazed to see the collection as one can wear them to a gym class and then directly go for a party as well - sounds ideal right? The idea is to “free fitness from performance and adds fun to the process” and we totally agree.  



Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Collections: Typesfaced, Ease, Essentials, Opulence, Girlboss, Tetris, Blan-noir



KNOW MORE about the Collection And Lookbook


Finally! Let's get to know about the fabulous collections they have curated for the women of today - We're DROOLING OVER IT! You can easily relate yourself to them and find the one which suits your personality and comfort the most. Pick your favorite as each one of them is designed with utter creativity and perfection keeping every flaw in mind which should be subtracted from the collection. The brand embraces the fusion of feminine style with fitness and fashion.One can either "Shop By Collection" Or "Shop By Category", JUST F has defined their collection 7 different themes which include - Typefaced, Ease, Essentials, Opulence, Girlboss, Tetris, Blan-noir. Let's get to know more about them:


1. Typefaced - This collection has big typography screaming out with confidence. The collection uses simple silhouettes and texts to highlight the clothing. It’s all about flaunting your style with confidence. This one is also Jacqueline's favorite collection - you've got to have a look at this one too!



2. Ease - Ease is more on the feminine side but don’t underestimate it’s comfort and balance as it’s made just the right way to not interrupt with your performance or confidence. The floral hues will leave you wanting for more as this collection looks absolutely stunning.



3. Essentials - Don’t assume this one to be any less fashionable or boring as these are the essentials which you need for your everyday fitness wear and Jacqueline has made sure there is no compromise on the style, colors or fit.



4. Opulence - What if we tell you that one can wear this collection to a Saturday night party as well? Yes, you read it right as Jacqueline defines one can wear this collection “From a barre class to a bar” - What else can you ask for? The style speaks for itself as its versatile and stylish.



5. Girlboss - Girlboss caters to the right combination of sporty and stylish together as it has an edgy side to it. This active wear collection focuses on second-skin fits and flaunts feminine cuts to embrace your strength and performance. It centers around focus and function.



6. Tetris - The name itself depicts a fun style which portrays a solid color panel and clever contrasts with sharp lines and an edgy style. This one marks the end of this offbeat collection and we can’t wait to see more.



7. Blanc-noir - This collection screams the best combination of black and white as one can never get enough of basics. These monotones are just what you need is your style is stylish yet basic. It depicts a strong contrast and reinvents the combination of black and white - the classic colors.




There's no way one can escape from this fabulous collection as Jacqueline as made sure it's fit equally well to any body size. This activewear brand is more like a gift for women fond of fitness and fashion. She's got it all covered for you from skin fit yoga pants, fierce sports bras, Joggers, Trendy Jackets, Tank Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Tights, Sweatshirt and the list goes on. We bet you'll be spoilt for choices when it comes to "JUST F". The versatility of their products goes beyond imagination as one can wear them for almost any occasion, we bet you'll switch to fitness wear instead of wearing your everyday casual outfits as they are trendy, comfortable, and fitness oriented as well.



AND GUESS WHAT? Free shipping across India! What are you waiting for?


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Q: Does Just F also have a unisex collection?

A: No, It only caters to activewear for women.


Q: What's the price range for "JUST F" activewear?

A: Starting from Rs.899 to Rs.2500