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8 Insta-Worthy Cafes In Bangalore For The Prettiest Pictures-September, 2023

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 15, 2023 4 min read

There is no better feeling than walking into aesthetically pleasing places serving hot brewed coffee, aromatic teas, and fresh-from-the-oven pastries. Bangalore is stacked with such blissful cafes offering delicious eats, drinks, and great spots for Instagram grid-worthy photos that make every content creator jealous.



To help you explore some of the most beautiful cafes in Bangalore, check out the following list — created by someone who lived their good life there.


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A cosy, elegant hub of delicious dishes, Bloomsbury's is tucked away in Whitefield, but well worth the travel. It's a great place to head to when you're craving authentic flavours from around the world. Especially for the health-conscious folks, this one is a must-visit. The soothing rustic interiors, whimsical wooden decor, and pretty lights draped around all over certainly help the cause. You'll be left craving for more as the chefs take care of your hunger pangs, while you get busy clicking gorgeous photos! 


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If you've been on the lookout for great vegan restaurants in Bangalore, well, rest assured and make a beeline for Enerjuvate ASAP. On top of mouthwatering vegan options that hit all the right notes of taste, Enerjuate boasts of refreshing interiors sprinkled with flowering plants and creepers. They also have a store extension right inside their cafe, where you can buy artisan ingredients and handmade decor items from. 


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Do some serious “chai pe charcha” at this gorgeous cafe, with outlets located in both Jayanagar and Church Street. The ambience here is a perfect mix of regal and soothing , with a vibrant splash of teal and plum wherever you turn. It's a great place for hanging out with your gang of friends at, and unwinding over gossip and steaming cups of tea. The dishes all pair seamlessly with their hot beverage options and the flavours leave you smacking your lips! 


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One of our favourite Insta-worthy cafes in Bangalore, Dialogues is the best place to head to when you're looking for some relaxing me-time, but you know, at a public place. We know Bangalore is littered with an array of charming book cafes, but Dialogues takes the cake for being the most whimsical. One step into this Koramangala eatery, and you are transported to a magical world of words, poetry and meaningful solitude. Besides, their unique pay by the hour system, and an abundance of chances to bond with strangers over board games makes us go running back!  


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Exceptionally pretty white and blue interiors, and a serene ambience together make Cafe Pink Pyjamas a must-mention on most lists of Instagrammable cafes in Bangalore. The prices can be a tad towards the steeper side, but the flawless blend of flavours in each preparation is certainly worth every single penny. You can find cutesy frames and posters adorning their Royal Blue walls and creating the perfect backdrop for your latest social media posting! 


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If you like your cafes warm and cosy with a splash of sunshine, Lazy Suzy's interiors will wrap you up in a comforting hug. It's definitely one of the best restaurants in Bangalore for a casual afternoon or evening date with your significant other. Their menu is extremely interesting with an assortment of innovative food preparations. The presentation is also fantastic, so you can get heaps of drool-worthy food pictures along with aesthetic snaps of this well-lit beach cafe. 



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One of the best brunch places in Bangalore city, Lavonne is every bit as elegant as it is refreshing to the eyes. It's a beautiful patisserie that whips up decadent desserts with explosions of sweet, ambrosial flavours. Its super cosy decor and seating arrangements create a very relaxing ambience which you can  enjoy with their delicious sweets. Everything from the attractive art on the walls to the lush greenery in unassuming corners is as picture-perfect as it gets! 


##MerchantWidgeturl= cafe DYU Art final.jpg##

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Rustic charm, a laid-back atmosphere, and a rack full of books to scan through, DYU Art Cafe, nestled in the quaint streets of Koramangala has everything we love, and more. This gorgeous Portuguese style villa converted into an open, vintage cafe, houses some of the most delicious breakfast food in the area. It's one of those places you can enjoy with loved ones or just by yourself in equal measure. 


So, are you ready to flex on your feed? 


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