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Get Your Asanas Right With These Top Indian Yoga Influencers

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

Before you start reading this blog, have a look at the Beginner's Guide To Types Of Yoga - Beginner's Guide To 10 Types Of Yoga - What Suits You The Most?

Don't know where to begin? Seek the right kind of motivation from these Top 18 Indian Yoga Influencers to master the art of Yoga. Before you get into practicing Yoga, we're here to guide you with the best of fitness enthusiasts who'll help you with the right techniques and skills for some real time motivation.


1. Natasha Noel

"Hi Loves" - Sounds familiar right? Every follower is aware of her love towards her ardent followers who keep up with her workout routines. Natasha makes sure she gets her good vibes through her on point fitness regimes. She preaches the idea of self-growth and healing through the art of yoga - inspiring people to not be harsh their bodies and experiment as much as possible to come out strong. One scroll down through her feed will inspire you to another level as to how one's body can do wonders if hard work is put in.


2. Radhika Bose

This one is an all-rounder when it comes to educating her followers about the right workout techniques, beauty tips, wellness guide and travel diaries. She's been practicing yoga for 9 years and decided to take it as her profession - we just can't deny she's nailing it. Her techniques show tremendous growth and the right postures to start with. It was her road to fitness which made her quit the whole idea of being video-editor which she completed hated. 




3. Suvi Choudhury

Suvi mastered to art of Yoga in the process of recovering from her problem of slipped disc. That one problem led her to start a new journey towards achieving fitness. She accomplished being a professional yoga trainer after training hard each day. She also pursued various Yoga courses to increase her range and get out of the comfort zone to accommodate with more than a single form of yoga. She practiced Pregnancy yoga, Acupressure, Therapeutic yoga, and Face yoga.


4. Prianca Sharma

Through body awareness, mindfulness, and self-introspection, Prianca Sharma started the path of healing around 11 years ago. She is one of the most influential yoga masters in India who motivated you to integrate the beautiful aspect of Yoga into the daily life that makes everything clear and helps you focus too. Her belief about yoga and meditation is to delete skepticism from one's mind will make you believe in her too. Watch out her Instagram handle for everyday yoga motivations.


5. Aishwarya Nigam

Multitasking like a lady boss - Aishwarya Nigam has definitely managed to keep her fitness principles intact along with her job as Physiotherapist. A Yogini, A Yoga Teacher, and a Physiotherapist - what a perfect combination - which shows her dedication towards her fitness and career.  Her Instagram feed is a treat for fitness enthusiasts as her flexibility will leave you amazed. She also does group therapy sessions for the women working at her workplace every once in a while - definitely an inspiration.


6. Deepika Mehta

Get your yoga aesthetics right with Deepika Mehta as her Instagram feed will definitely leave you awestruck by those breath-taking yoga poses. Her feed has the most beautiful pictures of yoga postures which reflect perfect technique and hard work. She's definitely got our attention with the right postures and on point skills defining the real art of Yoga.


7. Ishwari Patil

Ishwari Patil is a Guardian Health Services Athlete - She is a Fitness, Yoga and Gyming Enthusiast. She's also a fitness consultant so you know where to you when planning a fitness routine. Her Instagram feed will definitely motivate you to get out of your bed and begin your journey with Yoga.


8. Sunaina Rekhi

She is a Yoga Instructor, a Health and Lifestyle coach who fits just right in the category of top Yoga influencers in India. She completed her training in Rishikesh as a Yoga Trainer and now teaches in several reputed yoga centers across Mumbai inspiring several people to learn the art of Yoga. Her clients include directors like Anurag Kashyap and Aditya Gaurav who is ahead of Telecom Industry, Google India - It's all about working hard helps you in achieving something great each day. Her Instagram feed is a treat for fitness enthusiasts as her flexibility will leave you amazed.


9. Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi Gupta has set a perfect example of being an inspiring Yoga Influencers by posting the best of pictures reflecting her growth and transformation through Yoga. It's the training and hard work that you put in which helps you reach the ladder of success. Her yearly transformations reflect her focus on technique and flexibility to come out with the best.



10. Nancy Singh

Beginning with your Yoga Journey? Follow Nancy Singh for some real-time motivation. One scroll through her feed will leave you astounded as her skills and technique are totally on point. When in need of inspiration, follow Nancy Singh's account to get out of your comfort zone and gain some confidence. Her skills will leave you amazed!


11. Lilmiss_Malao

If the picture below didn't catch your attention then nothing else would. Miss Malao's technique and skills are the result of her hard work and focus which is evident in her pictures. Follow her on Instagram to begin a fruitful journey of Yoga with the right kind of motivation. We need to learn Yoga is not about pressuring your body into transformation but rather experimenting with your body to what you're capable of through regular practice and a healthy mind.


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12. Namita Chandra

A Yoga Teacher and founder of "Yoganama Wellness" a Yoga center in Bandra West, Mumbai. Join her classes to re-discovers the ancient traditions of India reflecting the real art of Yoga and transform your body in the right way. Follow her blog to know the real benefits and elements of Yoga - you'll be amazed to know the life-changing transformation Yoga has for everybody if one practices it religiously.


13. Preeti Acharya

One scroll through her feed will give you goosebumps as her flexibility is just flawless that it makes every posture seem so easy. Preeti Acharya sets a great example of being one of the top fitness influencers in India inspiring her thousands of followers each day with her beautiful Yoga journey.


14. Trinayana Brahma

A dentist by profession and a Yoga junkie by will, Trinayana Brahma started her Yoga journey in 2016 after going through a lot in her life. For Trinayana, Yoga was the turning point in her life. If looking for motivation to work on that yoga mat, tune into her profile. With the help of Youtube and some books, she now is one of the Yoga Influencer you need to follow for real-time motivation.


15. Nehanomics

A Reebok & ACE Trainer, FLR Pilates Trainer, and a Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger - Neha, a mom of two kids is definitely an inspiration for all the women out there who think a marriage restricts a woman behind the four walls of the house. Her journey is an inspiring one - you've got to follow her to stay motivated every day and follow the art of Yoga on point. Yoga defines her as it gets her a crazy adrenaline rush, for Neha - her life is incomplete without her sports shoes and Yoga mat.


16. Anshuka Parwani

Founder of "Anshuka Yoga" and a celebrity trainer who is one of the most inspiring yoga influencers in India. Anshuka has reached the ladder of success by working hard each day to transform her body. She teaches Yogalates which is a practice that combines Mat Yoga and Mat Pilates together to get the best benefits of Yoga through a combination of core stabilizing and posture enhancing with the dynamics of Pilates. On the other hand, Flyfit is an amalgamation of Aerial Yoga, Aerial Pilates and Aerial Fitness using traditional Mat Yoga with postures with Pilate Techniques. Interesting isn't it?


17. Chandana Bhowmick

Chandana Bhowmick has achieved the Level 2 of Ashtanga Yoga, learned Yoga & Philosophy at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, has a certification in Nutrition and participated in several Dance workshops too - which definitely makes her one of the inspiring fitness influencers in India. Her yoga skills will you awestruck - one scroll down through her Instagram feed will get you motivated. She left her corporate job in Banking for her passion for Yoga setting a perfect example of following your passion.


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Q: Which are some of the famous places Yoga retreats in India?

A: Rishikesh, Kerela, And Goa


Q: What are the benefits of Yoga?

A: Increased Flexibility, Increased Strength, Weight Reduction, Balanced Metabolism, Improved Respiration and Mental Healing through meditation after yoga.

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