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India's First Music Experience Museum is Open! Guess where?!

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Happy, sad, excited, anxious, music is the universal go-to buddy for all kind of moods. If we listen carefully, we are surrounded by all kind of sounds all the time. Melodious music is one of the solutions for your bad mood and even boredom, music also acts as an ice breaker, we can mention endless perks of music but we are here to inform you about country's first and only music museum was to be set up on Namma Bengaluru. 

Officially opened on December 13, 2018, you can look forward to plenty of interactive experiences when you head here! 


Get ready to experience all things MUSIC – discover various genres, explore the stories about iconic songs and music makers, marvel at the beautiful musical instruments and artifacts on display, and create your own music. Traditional or contemporary, young or old, the IME has something for everyone. The Indian Music Experience (IME) is India’s only interactive music museum. The IME is an initiative of the non-profit Indian Music Experience Trust, supported by the Brigade Group. The vision of the museum is to increase the understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary through exhibits, performances and learning activities.


Below are the things that you must know about "The Indian Music Experience" in Bangalore: 

1. The first-of-its-kind museum of 50,000 sft with interactive, permanent and temporary exhibits spread across three floors.

2. 10 exhibits that explore various facets of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary

3. Spaces for performance include: Performance theatre, terrace amphitheater, and seminar hall


Experience Music Live: Sound Garden 

Let us stroll in the sound garden! You will experience all kind of sounds all over the place. Each musical installation here invites you to explore its distinct sound, material, and vibration. These installations have been created with great care, so please treat them gently. A sensitive touch will allow you to have a truly memorable auditory experience.



The phenomenon of full body resonance. Hum into the cave and adjust your pitch up and down until you find full resonance. Feel the vibrations through your body. 



Even stones can vibrate. With wet hands, massage the grooves in the stone to feel and hear the vibrations.



The sound of a storm. Attached to a special membrane, the steel spring’s movement transmits low range frequencies which are amplified to create unexpected sounds of elemental power.



A wind chime without wind Listens to the soothing sounds of a wind chime, in which electromechanics plays the role of the wind.



A mallet-based instrument of diverse materials. Gently tap the bars with a mallet to discover different sounds and create your own tune.



A melodic path. Run your hand along the railing and listen to the sound patterns that emerge.



A vortex of sound



The notes of the scale. Tap the tubes gently in succession and hear the progression of notes through the scale.



A flower of sound. Tap each petal with a mallet. Play this installation with others for a shared experience of pure tones.


Not only do you get to listen to this soothing music but you also have the opportunity to learn! 


Take Up Music Classes

Interested in improving your vocals, they also cater to music classes where they teach Karnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal, Mridangam, Western Keyboard and Veena. Not just that they also teach Bharatanatyam to cultivate your dancing skills.


Other information about Music classes:

1. IME offers regular Karnatic music classes from the beginner level to advanced level The classes are held twice a week.

2. Semesters begin in April and September 



IME holds workshops and seminars on topics that interest musicians, educators, and students who would like to further their knowledge in Indian Music. For the details of an upcoming event, you can visit this website: Workshops and Seminars 


This place is for music lovers of all kinds of genres and will explore the history behind plenty of iconic songs and music makers.


Address: Brigade Millennium Avenue, Opp.Wood Rose Club, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India

Timing: 10am-5pm

Phone Number: 080 4090 8054

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Q. Where can you get the tickets?
Book your tickets here: Tickets


Q. Which all days is the museum open? 
It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is also open on all public holidays.


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