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Globe – Trotting Indian Female Travel Bloggers Whose Instagram Will Inspire You To Drop Everything & Travel At Once

By Architi Batra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

There's no bigger travel goal than to run out of pages in your passport. Nothing is a barrier when it comes to travelling & there's no better profession which comes from your passion and these Indian Female Travel Bloggers are doing exactly that and much more. Their Instagrams will give you the inspiration to drop everything right now and travel. We promise that their feed will leave you with one serious case of the cliche Wanderlust!


1. Shivya Nath: 'The Shooting Star'

Bright & shooting just like her travel blog 'The Shooting Star', no Indian travel blogger list is complete without her name. At the age of 23, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to travel the world. She leads the best kind of life; the nomadic one! Shivya Nath describes herself as a vegan soul without a home. She has also been featured in renowned shows of BBC, TEDx and Nat Geo among others. That's serious life goals!

Instagram Username: @shivya


2. Neelima Vallangi: 'The Wandering Soul's Wander Tale'

Not only a travel enthusiast but also a prized photographer & writer, Neelima Vallangi had travelled all Indian States & Union Territories by the age of 30. She is obsessed with mountains & nature. A  software engineer who quit her job after a trip to Ladakh to become a full-time traveller. Her blog, 'The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tale’ is as beautiful as it sounds. She was recently featured in The Asian Photography Magazine's cover page!

Instagram Username: @neelimav


3. Sanghita Banerjee

As her Instagram bio says, she lives for the moto, 'Living out of the box' and one look at her Instagram and you know she's living by it. With 16.7K Instagram followers, she is deeply attached to culture & loves to capture every moment of her life. her aesthetics definitely give the vibe of the places she travels. Her page could easily be misunderstood for a professional photographer's profile because she's so good at it. 

Instagram Username: @sanghitabanerjee


4. Akanksha Redhu

With 132K followers, this is not a name that is unheard of. A personal stylist, travel blogger, beauty & luxury enthusiast, Akanksha Redhu is one to look out for. With her superfamous hashtag #Redhutravels, Akanksha gives out some serious wanderlust vibes. This creative soul seems to be the master of all. She lives by the life motto from Titanic, 'king of the world'. 

Instagram Username: @akanksharedhu


5. Preethi: 'Peppy Travel Girl'

This upcoming travel blogger is definitely the one to look for. A chocolate lover, she believes in the real kind of travel i.e. to see the place not as a tourist but through the eyes of a local. Her blog is called the 'Peppy Travel Girl'.Indonesia, Bali to Melbourne; at such a young age she has seen it all. She focuses on keeping an open mind and open to all kinds of experiences she can gather on her way. After all, no rigid schedule is the best kind of schedule!Instagram Username: @peppytravelgirl


6. Shweta B: 'Tripper Journeys'

Founder of the 'Tripper Journeys', this travel blogger channelled her passion in becoming a successful entrepreneur. She wants every traveller like herself to experience the same pleasures in travelling as she does. Her Insta feed is a beautiful sight of Incredible India. She sees beauty in all the little as well as the gigantic thing the world offers and loves clicking them. She is a true wandering spirit at heart.

Instagram Username: @fernweh_shweta


7. Chandni Sehgal & Simone Pardiwalla: 'Grab Your Globe'

Do you want best friend goals and travel goals? Well, I have got that covered in one. These 2 best friends are the ultimate goals of travelling with your bestie. These crazy globe-trotting females have covered 26 countries till now. Yes, you read that right! Their blog 'Grab Your Globe' is quite famous among everyone who loves travelling. We're out of words because these two are just incredible examples of people who follow their dream and passion.
Instagram Username: @grabyourglobe


8. Shraddha: 'The Sassy Pilgrim'

After 27 countries, real pictures & a bag full of experience, we can definitely call Shraddha an adventure lover - travel blogger. This sassy girl loves nothing more than being beautiful, mysterious, wild & free amongst the crowd. She is grateful for to live this life & makes the full use of it. Her Instagram followers may be on the lesser count, but her feed surely looks like a giant feed of love & real emotions and depicts the hard work she has put in being what she is right now in her life.

Instagram Username: @thesassypilgrim


9. Nivi Selvaraj : 'Post Card Chronicles'

Not your average travel blogger, this girl is as unique as her name. A backpacker, Dreamer, Storyteller & apparently a Soup-eater, Nivi started in 2016 and has been unstoppable since then. She believes in travelling one place at a time to get acquainted with a place which can be seen through intricate pictures of each travelling experience on her Instagram feed. Nivi continues to live a life full of travel and all its variations of a lifestyle. 

Instagram Username: @postcardchronicles


10. Banjara Ladki: 'Nomadic Ladkiya'

We swear we tried looking for her real name, but this dedication to 'banjaran' life has to be appreciated. This reminds me of a famous dialogue from the most loved travel loving movie, 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani; "ab to is banjarepan se Ishq ho chla hai." The Banjara Ladki is all about inspiring women of today to get smitten by the travel bug and take a stand for their passion to level up.

Instagram Username: @nomadicladkiya


I don't know about you, but I am getting some serious wanderlust vibes just sitting here. I need to book my tickets to somewhere; ASAP!

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